Ishqbaaz – Nafrat se Pyaar ff by Ashwathy (Episode 2)

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In Rathore Industries
Shivaay comes there and sees Geetha.
Shivaay : gud Morning.
Geetha : gud Morning. Its gud that u came early. Mam is very punctual.
Shivaay : ok. Just Anika comes there and all the staffs stands up and wishes her. Shivaay is facing his back towards Anika.
Geetha : Mam has come. Shivaay turns and sees Anika in a complete official dress. She was wearing a knee off black skirt with cream full sleve top with her hairs in bun model. Shivaay looks at her and smiles.
Shivaay : (thinking) So I’m her PA. I think she is my girl. I liked her at first sight. She is looking so beautiful but y did she tie her hair. I ll remove it. Anika sees him staring at her. Anika comes near but still he is busy staring at her. Geetha sees this and shakes Shivaay.
Geetha : mam, he is ur new PA.
Anika : So wat shud I wish him. Mr.
Shivaay : Shivaay.
Anika : Hmm, Shivaay, don’t u have minimum manners to wish ur boss.
Shivaay : Sorry mam, Gud Morning.
Anika : How irresponsible? I don’t think so u ll work here for one day. Come to my cabin. She shouts at him. Everyone looks on feeling bad for Shivaay. She goes.
Geetha : go faster, today her mood is good so she didn’t say much, don’t be late, go faster.
Shivaay : ok. He goes to the cabin.

In Anika’s Cabin
Shivaay comes there and sees Anika checking files. She notices the bandage in her hand. She sees him.
Anika : shud I invite u Sir, come in. Shivaay comes there and she discuss about a project.
Anika : do this work faster. Finish it today go back to ur home only after I come back. I have some personal work.
Shivaay : ok mam. She goes.
Shivaay : she is like chilli but y do I feel that there is some reason for this. Anyway let me finish my work.

In Geetha’s house
She gets a call.
Security : mam, Anika Madam’s PA is still here. He is saying that he ll go only after mam come.
Geethu : wat, give the phone to him.
Shivaay : hello.
Geethu : hello, Shivaay wat is this, y r u not going to home?
Shivaay : Geetha, mam told me to stay here untill she comes.
Geetha : may be she forgot about this. U go back to home.
Shivaay : untill she come here I won’t go anywhere.

In Rathore Mansion
Anika comes there and sees Gauri. She goes to her and hugs her. She then goes to her room and sits crying and again breaks the glasses. Just then she gets a call.
Anika : hello.
Geethu : hello mam, its me Geetha, mam Shivaay Sir is still in office. He is saying that u told him to wait in the office untill u come.
Anika : wat nonsense, don’t worry Geetha I ll manage this. She cuts the call and immediately goes down. Gauri sees her and tries to stop her but in vain.

In Anika’s Cabin
Shivaay sits there. He feels sleepy. Just then Anika comes there. He was shocked to see her leggings and top of knee length and in bun hair style.
Shivaay : (thinking) so she is not formal always but y is her hair is tied. But y r her eyes so red, did she cry.
Anika : r u mad, I became late so I was not able to come so u shud go back right.
Shivaay : I’m ur PA and its my duty to obey u.
Anika : (thinking) so much honesty or just pretending.
Anika : come with me I ll drop u. They goes.

In Shivaay’s house
Shivaay calls Om and tells him everything and then sleeps thinking about Anika.

In Anika’s room
Gauri : didi, I think ur PA is a honest person and u shud make him stay here so that ur work ll be less. Gauri signs Soumya.
Soumya : yes didi, u said he is doing his job well so I think Gauri didi is correct.
Anika : let me think about this, u both go and sleep now. They both hugs her and goes.

Precap :
Shivaay in Rathore Mansion………Shivaay removes Anika’s hair…….. Anika shocked…………..Gauri and Soumya cups their mouth.

Author’s note :
I know this episode is short sorry for that but I ll make it interesting next time. And guys, good or bad plz comments and if u have any suggestions then plz inform me. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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