Ishqbaaz – Nafrat Se Pyaar by Ashwathy Episode 21

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In Oberoi Mansion

Anika was waiting for Shivaay. She calmed her mind thinking that he may had some work.

Later Shivaay comes there but ignores Anika completely. He freshens and come out from the washroom in this casuals.

Anika was staring at him. She closed the door. He sees her looking at him but he ignores it completely.

He goes to the couch and sits with his laptop.

Tears formed in her eyes seeing her husband’s ignorance. She went to him and sat beside him.

She waited for him to finish his work. Shivaay finished his work and went to the bed to sleep but was stopped by Anika.

She ran and hugged Shivaay from back. She cried.

Shivaay turned towards her and hugged her back but he broke it very soon.

He wiped Anika’s tears and went to the bed to sleep. Anika was confused. She slept beside with many thoughts.


Anika, get ready we have to go for a party…..said Shivaay giving her a red saree.

Party at morning, anyway I’m not coming, u go….said Anika.

Its a party, and I want u to be there, won’t u listen to me…..said Shivaay being angry.


Just go and get ready…….shouted Shivaay which made Anika in a shock.

He held her tightly and asked her to wear this saree. She went to washroom and came out wearing the saree which Shivaay gave her.

Shivaay was wearing a red three piece suit matching to Anika’s saree.

He goes to her and holds her hand tightly and takes her to the car.

They reached at a temple. Anika was totally confused. Before she could say something, Shivaay took her inside.

When she went inside, she saw a mantap. Shivaay took her to the mantap.

Before taking our relation to next step, I want our marriage to get completed by all rituals…..said Shivaay which made Anika very happy.

R u ready….asked Shivaay.

Yes….said Anika.

They exchange garlands and takes seven pheras giving promises to each other.

He then dorns the mangalsutra in her neck which he broke that day.

He then applies sindhoor in her maang.

At last the marriage gets completed by all rituals.

In car

U r really looking very beautiful….said Shivaay which made Anika blush.

Shivaay, u could have said me everything, u know how much I cried…..said Anika.

Surprise is surprise and yesterday u asked me something before I was going to office. Do you want it now…..asked Shivaay.

Anika remembered about asking a kiss and blushed.

Shivaay cups her face and moves towards her lips. Anika closes her eyes.

But seeing no action, she opened her eyes and saw Shivaay was smiling at her. He moved back.

Anika moved forward to kiss him but he again moved back.

Not so soon baby…..said Shivaay making Anika angry.

Wait for some time…..said Shivaay.

They reached Oberoi Mansion.

In Oberoi Mansion

In hall

Everyone was very happy seeing Shivaay and Anika married once again.

Mom, won’t u welcome your son and daughter in law inside…..said Shivaay with a smile making everyone surprised.

Shivaay called Pinky again mom from Mrs. Oberoi. She was so happy. They all does the Aarti and welcomes the groom and bride.

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