Ishqbaaz – Love after Marriage episode 9

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Haii guys really sorry for being late and thanks a lot for ur comments.

Here goes the next episode

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay pulls Anika closer.

Shivaay : Is ur cheeks paining??
Anika : no its so nice.
Shivaay : I’m sorry.
Anika : stay away from me. Don’t touch me. Shivaay smiles and moves closer to her. She looks at him angrily. Rudra comes there and sees this.
Rudra : plz stop don’t move more closer. Shivaay moves back.
Rudra : bhaiya, plz do the arrangements for ur brother’s marriage then continue ur romance. Everyone are waiting for u. He giggles and goes.
Shivaay : Get ready faster we are going for shopping.
Anika : I won’t come.
Shivaay : u ll come. He moves closer to her and blows near her neck. She smiles.
Shivaay : I was waiting to see this smile. I don’t like angry and sad Anika, I like tadibaaz Anika. So shall we be friends. Anika thinks of his parents words. Anika smiles.

Anika : ok………. But I still love u. She kisses his cheeks and runs.
Shivaay : she is always naughty, I’m falling for u Anika, I want u.

In hall
Shivaay and Anika comes there.
Dadi : where r u both going?
Shivaay : for shopping.
Pinky : ok but don’t forget that tmrw is engagement day of ur brothers.
Shivaay : ma, How ll I forget that?
Rudra : bhaiya, I know u r waiting for honeymoon trip but after our marriage we can go together so plz don’t be in q hurry. Anika blushes.
Rudra : bhaiya, from u I learnt a important lesson that we should close the door while doing romance, if no then our romance ll be spoiled like ur romance.
Om : rudra wat nonsense.

Rudra : Om, this is not nonsense I’m saying the truth. When I went to bhaiya’s room door was open so I entered inside then I saw them………
All : u saw them……..

Rudra : being so close and about to kiss but it did not happen becoz I reached there and disturbed them. So I understood that we should always close door while romancing.
All : duffer….. Y did u break that moment. Anika bends her head down and closes her eyes.
Rudra : And bhabhi plz reduce ur lipstick while kissing rudra, see how u made my bhaiya’s cheek. Anika sees lipstick mark on Shivaay’s face. She bits her lips. Shivaay gets confused. She goes to him and wipes it. He understands wat Rudra said. He looks at Anika angrily. Anika looks at him smilingly. Everyone giggles.

Om : Shivaay, u becoming romantic day by day.
Dadi : now enough, u both go for shopping.
Shivaay : ok.

In Shopping Mall
Anika searches for blue saree but in vain. She gets sad and at last chooses a green saree. Shivaay sees this and smiles. They both selects their dresses. While parking the dresses Anika saw a dress selected by Shivaay.
Anika : (thinking) y did he buy saree. Is that for mom or prinku….. But mom and prinku doesn’t wear saree. Is he buying it for some other girl……. Nooooooo.
Anika : Shivaay…….. Y did u buy saree and for whom, can I see that.
Shivaay : thats is for my girl friend and I want her to see it first. Hearing his words Anika gets angry and fumes. Later they go to a park on Anika’s insist.

In park
Anika sits in a bench and sees a small kid playing and looks at it lovingly. Shivaay sees this. He goes to her and sits beside her.

Shivaay : Anika wat happened?
Anika : nothing my head is paining slightly.
Shivaay : then lets go home.
Anika : ok.

In car
Shivaay is driving the car and sees Anika upset.
Shivaay : I said u once I don’t like sad and angry Anika.
Anika : Shivaay, my mood is not good.
Shivaay : ok then I know how to make ur mood good. He moves closer to her. She gets nervous.
Anika : Shi….. Shi…… Shivaay wat r u doing? He moves more closer to her makes her wear the seat belt, he then drives the car. Anika gets relieved.

Shivaay : I thought that u like doing romance but today I understood that u r tensed.
Anika : its nothing like that. She smiles.

In Oberoi Mansion
In Shivika’s room
Anika checks all her dresses. She gets sad thinking about the saree which Shivaay bought. She was thinking who is that girl friend of Shivaay who is lucky than her becoz she didn’t get any gift from him till now. She was also sad as she didn’t get her favourite colour saree. She stands near the window. Shivaay comes there and closes the door.
Shivaay : Anika….. Turn this side.
Anika : No….
Shivaay : plz just once. She turns and sees Shivaay’s hands with her favourite blue saree.
Shivaay : how is this saree?

Anika : its beautiful…. This is for whom?
Shivaay : I said u from mall, this is for my girl friend. Anika gets sad.
Anika : ok, can u say her name.
Shivaay : y do u want her name, to slap her. He keeps the saree in bed.
Anika : no I just asked.

Shivaay : ok, she is so beautiful, my best friend forever and may be something more than that. Her name is……. Anika has tears in her eyes.
Shivaay : Anika…… Anika looks at him shockingly. She runs to Shivaay and kisses on his lips. He was shocked but happy. He reciprocated. Music…………. Plays………….. Later Anika realises wat she has done and comes out of it. She turns her face. She blushes. Shivaay pulls her and lifts her chin. She hugs him.
Shivaay : I understood that u liked the saree so I got a gift. She blushes. Just then Anika sees one more black saree which is simple and elegant.
Anika : y did u buy this saree?

Shivaay : I just liked this saree so I just bought it for u. Ok, I have some work so I’m going.

Later Omrupririya comes there and she tells them everything.
Rudra : OOo bhabhi u r so fast, Sumo after marriage even u shud be faster like bhabhi.
All : shut up Rudra.
Anika : I want him to propose me and I hope he ll do it soon.
Rudra : bhabhi, bhaiya proposed Malika didi in a unique way.

Prinku : ya, he took her to a beautiful place and proposed her.
Anika : but I dont want all those arrangements.
Om : y?
Anika : I don’t like all this arrangements. I just want to hear three magical words from his mouth. Gauri looks at Om and he sees this. Shivaay comes there and hears them. He smiles.

In Shivika’s room
Anika sits on bed and Shivaay comes there. He goes to her and hugs her.
Shivaay : u got ur hug so go and sleep.
Anika : ok, Gud night. They both lie down on bed. But Anika gets up. Shivaay sees this and sits near her.
Shivaay : wat do u want?
Anika : ll u kiss me?

Shivaay : wat, r u mad.
Anika : plz, I want a kiss. He kisses her cheeks.
Shivaay : sleep now.
Anika : Shivaay….
Shivaay : wat?

Anika : I’m not able to sleep. Shivaay moves closer to her and pecks on her lips. She looks at him. He makes her lie down on the bed and hugs her. She smiles. Anika looks at him.
Anika : I LOVE YOU. Shivaay smiles. She expected a reply from him. She gets sad. Shivaay sees this.
Shivaay : u r looking beautiful while u r in my arms. I want u to stay near me the whole life. Anika wanted those three magical words but now she is is happy that Shivaay understands her. Now she has a hope. She hugs him tightly and goes to sleep. They sleep in each other’s arms.

Precap :
Omri confession……. Shivika confession……..

Author’s note :
Really sorry guys for the delay. I was in hospital as I got a leg fracture. So I won’t be able to walk for more two months. Its difficult for me to type so may be next episode ll be late. Really sorry for that. Hope u all liked it. And sorry for Short update. And thanks a lot for ur comments. I was missing all u guys and I hope that u all ll like this. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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