Ishqbaaz – Love after Marriage episode 8

Haii guys really thanks a lot for ur comments. In last precap Shivika confession is cancelled becoz I felt that is better. Sorry for giving u much hope. Forgive me, plz.

Here goes the next episode

In pool area
Tears rolled down his cheeks. Anika was not able to see this.
Rudra : say ur reply.
Anika : Abhay, I can’t accept ur proposal becoz I’m married. I’m Mrs. Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Shivaay looks at her lovingly. Others in a shock.
Om : but bhabhi….
Anika : no Om stop this drama…..
Shivaay : drama……
Anika : Shivaay, we were doing this drama to make u confess ur feelings. I know Shivaay, u can’t do it becoz u hate me so its better we get divorced. She goes crying.
Om : Shivaay confess ur feelings.
Rudra : bhaiya, I want my bhabhi.
Gauri : jiju call didi back.
Soumya : jiju plz.
Abhay : Shivaay, she loves u.
Prinku : bhaiya, we want our bhabhi.

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay comes there and sees Anika packing her things.
Shivaay : Anika….
Anika : Shivaay, plz not a word more. I’m a fool who was behind u. I ll never back to ur life again.
Shivaay : Anika listen to me….
Anika : wat is there now to say. Even after this much drama u didn’t say anything, this shows that u just considered me as a girl who slept with u. In fact wat is the difference they were behind u for ur money and I was behind u for ur love but no use. U r a stranger to me. Today I understood that even I’m cheap girl who can stay with any stranger. He slaps her. She falls on the bed. He holds her closer by shoulder.
Shivaay : do u think that I’m stranger for u. U know very well how important u r to me. I can’t hear anything bad about u even from ur mouth. Try to understand my condition. Its not easy for me to confess something. At least till the divorce stay here. He goes but comes back again. He goes to her and hugs her.
Shivaay : I know u can’t sleep without a hug so sleep peacefully. I ll sleep in Rudy’s room. He goes. Anika sits crying.

In hall
Everyone are sitting there. Niranjan and Anjali comes there.
Ni : I’m here to fix a marriage.
Tej : Ranveer’s and Prinku’s marriage is already fixed.
Ni : I’m saying about Om and Rudra’s marriage with Gauri and Soumya. Omri looks at each other.
Anjali : Actually Rumya love each other. Yesterday Rudra called us and said this so we thought that we do Om’s and Gauri’s marriage too. Everyone looks at Rumya.
Rudy : y all of u r looking at me. Even we r humans, can’t we fall in love.
All : of course, u can.
Ni : Shivaay, I want to talk to u. Shivaay looks at him.

In lawn
Ni : Shivaay, did u slap Anika, I saw mark in her face.
Shivaay : uncle I’m sorry, when I heard something bad about her from her mouth, I was not able to control myself.
Anjali : Shivaay, we know that u won’t hurt her without a reason. U r our son and we trust u.
Ni : Shivaay, we know the problems between u both. I know its difficult for u to confess ur feelings so take ur own time. At first even said that she is ready to wait but I think she expected it a bit faster and she didn’t get it so she is very angry.
Shivaay : I know I hurt her becoz my situation was like that. She is still angry on me.
Anjali : just behave in a funny and naughty way to her, that is the only way to make her calm.
Ni : we believe u Shivaay, we know that u ll take care of her. U r our son. They goes.

In Shivika’s room
Niranjan and Anjali comes there.
Ni : Anika, I want to talk to u.
Anika : papa…..
Ni : Anika, u know Shivaay’s character so u shud not be in a hurry.
Anika : but papa he is ready to confess then y shud I live here.
Anjali : Anika, u were not a possessive girl but now u r possessive. Shivaay suffered a lot in his life. He don’t have the confidence to believe anyone rather than his family. And he is not ready to consider u as his family……
Anika : that is my problem. For him u, papa, gauri, Soumya, veer and everybody is his family except me.
Ni : Anika, u r just thinking ur side. Its just one week after ur marriage and u want him to confess. This is called nonsense. U know very well Shivaay don’t like this marriage so its difficult for him to confess. Anika actually u r a fool becoz u know Shivaay started loving u but still u r trying to provoke him. Just calm down and think about his condition. Now if u go out from his life then its means that u r going to prove that he can’t live a happy life with anybody. It shows that u lose.
Anjali : Anika, just calm down, u have to prove him that he can live a happy life. Give him some time, there is more 6 months in front of u.
Anika : ok, I ll stay here and I won’t fight with him but still my anger is not going.
Ni : thats ok, Shivaay ll make ur anger so away.
Anika : wat? Nirajli giggles. They goes. Later Shivaay comes there and sees her there. He smiles and goes to her. Shivaay pulls her closer.

Precap :
Shivika romance……. Omri confession……. Rumya romance…….

Author’s note :
Guys sorry for being late. Hope that u all ll continue commenting. Thanks a lot for ur support. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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