Ishqbaaz-Love Makes Us Crazy (Chapter 1)

It was an early morning. I heard the alarm ringing as I woke to shut the alarm off I looked at the time it was 9 O’clock but it was not early morning. “Oh no I am late. How can I get late?” I said to myself. I run in washroom to get ready and I was angry on my brothers that they didn’t try to wake me up. (It’s none other than shivaay) I got ready and went down hurriedly because I don’t want to miss my meeting. I was in hurry but my family stopped me to go.
“Shivaay putter how can you go without eating breakfast come and eat” Dadi said. Everyone were asking questions and ordering me to sit for breakfast but I was not in mood to eat because I have to attend my meeting somehow. “Bhai are you going know for office” rudra said. I looked at him and said “you even didn’t tried to woke me up you know rudra today is my important meeting and I have to crack that deal somehow.

“Don’t worry shivaay you will crack that deal” said my mother proudly. “You will crack the deal don’t worry” said Om. “Okay I have to leave know or I will not be able to crack the deal”. I said it in a worried tone because I was getting late. As I was about to leave Om stopped me and came near to me.
“You know shivaay today Advay is coming from Delhi to Mumbai and you have to finish this meeting soon”.
“Yeah don’t worry I will go to pick him”. As I said I putted my hand on Om’s shoulder and I went out from mansion to reach in my office.

Other side
There was big mansion named Mehta Mansion. A girl was lying on her bed and suddenly she woke up by the noise of her mother. “Maa let me sleep”. I said in a sleepy mood. My mother looked at me “today is your meeting with Oberoi Company and its 9; 00 you are late annika. I woke up and started to run to go in washroom to get ready fast for meeting. I got ready and went down. “Maa why you didn’t wake me up early you know this meeting is so important for me.” My mother smiled at me. “Don’t worry annika you will get this project okay”. I went to my mother and hugged her. “Okay Maa I have to leave or I will get late” I said and started to take my mobile from table but my Maa stopped me and said to eat first breakfast then I can go but I was not going to eat breakfast because I was late and don’t wanted to get late more. I just walked out of my mansion and called my driver to drive the car.
As I reached in oberoi company and then in the meeting room. “So sorry that I am late” as I walked inside the meeting room everyone looked at me. I went sat on a chair and looked at the employs. Meet Mr. shivaay Singh oberoi the CEO of oberoi company “one of the employee told me and I looked at him.
Okay Mrs. Mehta let’s start the meeting said Shivaay. And the meeting started annika and shivaay started to discuss about the project. And they suddenly started to argue because they were giving different opinions on the project. “Mrs. Annika I think your opinion is not right because we will have to bear much loss in this project” I looked at her and said. “Oh hello Mr. shivaay my opinion is right but not yours” while talking to him I stood up because how can he say that I am not giving the right opinion for the project. He looked at me and stood up I went near him.” Mrs. Annika look I know how to handle business and you are a women women’s don’t know how to handle it”. He said with an attitude annika got angry and they started to argue it. It was past hour 11 and still they were fighting. The employees were not able to stop them from arguing so they started to leave from the meeting room. They both were so busy in fighting that they even don’t know that the employees had left.

Om went in rudra’s room to talk with him about shivaay. “Rudra do you know why shivaay didn’t come yet”. Rudra looked at Om “O how I will know because I am not shivaay’s wife”. “Shut up rudra” he replied.
“You know how many times did Advay called me because shivaay is not attending the call and even the meeting had been finished I think”. “I think O we should just go and check shivaay in office”. Om looked at him and smiled “you know what sometimes you talk like you are so intelligent”. Rudra smiled “I know o I am intelligent that’s why all calls me agent Rudy”. As he said he gives a logic wala sign.
They both leave the OM and reached in shivaay’s company. As they entered in meeting room they saw shivaay fighting with annika they were still arguing. OmRu looked at each other in shock
“O please tell someone to bring popcorn for me so that I can enjoy and see there fighting like daily soap saas Bahu fight”. Om looked at him and smiled. “You are right Rudy”. They both grabbed the popcorn and sat on chairs to watch them fighting. Shivika were so concentrating on fighting that even they didn’t know who came and went. “What the whack” said shivaay to annika. Annika looked at him “you don’t know how to speak English it’s what the hell not what the whack”. Shivaay looked and him “for me it’s what the whack okay”.
“You know what Mr.Shivaay my ramu kaka speaks good English than you” annika replied.
“What Ramu Kaka means your kaka right” shivaay give a confusing look at her. “No my servant” said annika
“Oh so modern servant you have in your house”. Annika looked at him “see I told you even you don’t have a modern servant in OM he talks good English than you”. Omru were laughing madly seeing them fighting
Shivaay started to argue with her that he is a good in English speaking. Then some came in room omru looked at the door and smiled looking Advay standing they went and hugged him.
“Advay bhai you came I was missing you so badly you know” rudra said making a cry baby face
Advay smiled and looked at shivika fighting

“What is this omru” he gave a confusing looking to them. “Advay you know that they both are arguing for 2 hours”. Om said
“So it means that’s why shivaay was not answering my call” Advay looked at shivika and they were still fighting
“Right I have to do something to make them stop fighting” agent Rudy said with a smile.
Rudra went near them and fall on annika’s feet holding hands he said “you know what you are bearing my brother for 2 hours you are Mahan you know. Annika smiled and looked at shivaay.
“Rudra stand up you are my brother and you are taking side of her” rudra stood up
Annika looked at shivaay and said” you know what he is taking side of right”
“No he is not taking your side” they both started to argue pointing finger at each other
“You know what you are such a….. kanji ankhoon wala bagar billa. OmRu and Advay cupped there mouth with hands.
“Don’t say this again to me okay” shivaay in anger said
Advay came in between of them.”Shivaay stop it know okay stop fighting know”. “Just because of you I am late Mr. Bagar billu” annika said with anger she started to pick files from the table as she was about to leave shivaay with his SSO style said “I will see know how you will get this project”
Annika turned back “do whatever you want to do okay because I will not do this project with you know” and she went from there

Shivaay: this is too much
Om: shivaay know lets go home
They left from there and reached OM

“Shivaay keep your ego on one side you know this project is how much important for your company” Advay said to shivaay. “ I know but that girl is so irritating” shivaay said in anger.

So sorry for the delay guys and next will be on priveer scenes even if I got time to write more than on ishkara or gaurikara scene even on advika scenes. You know all I didn’t write because of my exams

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