Ishqbaaz by ishqkum ( epi1)

Hi guys I am ishqkum many may know me I think real name is Kavinnilla .I am a big fan of kumkum bhagya and ishqbaaz these two serials are like my to eyes .I am driving crazy of ishqbaazzz .I had thought of writing ff for long time but I am so lazy .but at last i am going to give u a ff / os i have not yet decided .but my sudden briskness for writing ff is bcz of my frnd Shruthi she wrote ff of kkb and gave me surprise I am at cloudnine when she asked me to read that ff that ff name is a new dream.kk now about the writers u are the genius . u rocked I don’t have words . writing a story is not a simple thing u people are awesome and plz bear by story which I am going to write I am not expert like u all and tanq for giving us updates of story tan q so much and enough of my blabbering I know I talked too not too too much .let me pray god and start the story .I am starting this ff from dakhs kidnapped anika and in this ff Tia is exposed.

While shiviya is talking on the phone dhaks kidnapped anika .he tied anika in a dark room .anika is lying in conscious.
Shiviya sensed something is wrong and his heart was restless and when he came to his room he found some emptiness in his room that is absence of his lady love anika.he searched everywhere literally he shaked upside down the whole oberio mansion to find anika at last he left his ego and asked omru about anika they teased him that their brother is unable to stay away from his wife for an hour .shiviya became angry and yelled out them and they understand their bhaiy situation and they too started searching .shiviya started think about their romantic moments and fights .he walked like soulless body ……………..after 4 hours

Shiomru rushed to one banglo the enters the banglo it is fully filled with darkness.
Shi: omru u both Stand outside I will go and see what is happening inside
Om: we both will come with u one for all we will face what ever it happen
Shi : kk come we don’t have time
They entered one Room they shocked to see .shiomru burnt with anger .shiviya was at the peck bcz they saw dakhs trying to Mosley unconscious anika
Shi: shouted dakhs with eyes red ( Sry guys for making his beautiful blue eye into red eye)
Daksh shocked and turned to see them
Anika got conscious an hearing shiviya’ s voice. ( I know this is flimy)

She cried seeing shiviya. Suddenly dakhs holded a knife near to anika’ neck
Shiviya shouted dakhs
Dakhs: shiviya why Ru shouting ha ? Ohh ur wife is at the death peck so ur shouting damnt she is not urs she is mine only mine
Shi: dakhs ur doing wrong leave her what u want I will give u plz leave her .the great SSO cried
Dakhs : sso is crying for a cheap road side girl who can sleep with a man for a night
Anika and shiomru are hell shocked .anika cried seeing shiviya
Shi :dakhs stop it I am a fool to believe ur dirt words about my anika I am really a fool I got to know about u and u r lies just leave her
Dakhs : great that u got to know the truth but it is late bcz I am going to kill her the thing which I can’t get no one should get it.he is about cut her neck .
Shiomru shouted anika and anika shouted shiviya .
At the nick of the time our flimy police appeared and shooted our so called villan dakhs
Shiviya ran and supported anika
Shi : be careful and hold her
Ani: took her back by herself and hold her devars omru
Shi was hurt but he know that deserves it
On car
Shiviya was on the way fully watching anika with guilty and anika is avoiding him


They entered the hall all r hell shocked
Dadi: what happened to anika
Pinky ran and hold anika followed by janvi
Omru explained everything
They all hell shocked. Dad I ask shiviya to take anika to room
Shiviya forward his hand anika bcz of dad I she gave her hand .

In shivika room

Shi: anika carefully sit leg is hurt
Ani: my heart itself hurt this is small she looked shiviya while saying this .
Shi: I am …iamm… I took ….I was…
Ani : I know u can’t tell anything and I know wat ur trying to say
Shi : anika III did wrong by believing that dakhs bcz the evidence all on against u.what can I do?
Ani : stop shiviya I didnt expect this from uu u broken my heart can u think about me that much low I don’t want to talk to u just leave me alone she cried .
Shivya left the place
At night at poolside bros
Om : shiviya I did not expect that u beliebed that dakhs words and hurted anika
Ru: ha bhaiya u hurted us and anika did I more
Shi : omru …..he cried
Omru looks on that great SSO is crying
They console him and ask him to say Sry to anika .

Shiviya apologize to anika

Plz comment me drs even u scold me I will happily get them with full hearted. And today I know I bored u by the storyline in next I truly so u the blossoming of love BTW our pair shivika thank drs for spending time to read my ff bye bye and have great day and Sry for grammatical errors and sentence formation and spelling mistake.and tell me. Whether to continue or not .

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    Hi Ishqkum.. It’s really nice… I really liked the filminess in your ff. ??
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