Ishqbaaz – as I could imagine…. Part 42

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Hi all
This is jara again..
First of all ..
Mrunal samm ur last ff part was awesome..
Precious ff was super..
And sat and nans as usual you rocked it dear
Pri dear read your last part and I it was so nice ..
And last but not the least my darlings my cutie pie and my terrific tulasi u r just awesome…

Actually wanted to give detailed comment..on all ff but time had to put in my ff so sorry guys…plz forgive me..and if I had not mentioned plz forgive coz I remember less..but no worries I make it a point that I read all the ffs coz I am that die hard fan of ishqbaaz!!????
And …
Thanks a ton for supporting me so much…and plz do continue..
Read in a spoiler that shivika are getting married …yipee!!! What I have imagined is gonna happen… haa.. haa.. but in a different perspective… anyways.. shaadi toh hoo rahi hai na.. in the pretext of saving shivaaye from Tia.. I am so excited…
Ok..I won’t blabber is the next part .. hope u enjoy..
Om reaches ishana’s house..
He knocks the door and ishana in her casual wear opens the door…
Om was expecting some words from her like … come in.. but nothing came from her mouth.. she just stood still frozen in shock..

Om waved her hand in front of her face..
Ishana came into her senses.. and said..aaye na and let him in..
While she said those words a millions of thoughts were getting processed in her mind..
Ishana’s mind was just throwing in questions..why has he come here ..?? Was it about the last meet?? What is he gng to say?? Suddenly her mind told .. it’s a pucca no only..
Heart smiled at the thoughts and said so you still expect him to say an yes too you.. her mind’s unacceptance came down as a tear and rolled down her cheek..
Om who was just staring all this time at ishana saw the tear and came near her..
Back at the mansion..
Rudra was doing his usual workouts.. ie push-ups..
When he lifted his head he saw a girls leg..his face was full of smiles..

He lifted his head and saw the girl..
It was soumya..
Soumya: hi rudra surprise kaise laga..?!?
Suddenly rudras mind remembers the last experience where soumya turned to be a illusion and rumi was there ..
He smiled at his own intelligence .. Bewakoof nahi hoon mein..
Once I get cheated but not again…
He stood up and extended his hand saying … hi rumi.. kaise ho??
Soumya was furious.. she just spit her anger out….
Rumi! Rumi! Rumi!! Rumi ke alava tume kuch dhiktha nahi kya haa??
Duffer Singh oberoi…I thought you will be missing me too.. so I came her to give you surprised..tumne toh…
And walks off angrily out of rudras room..
Rudra ..bechara was confused.. he rewinded everything in his mind.. and cupped his face.. oiee their.. soumya ayi thi yeha par.. and runs to get soumya…
Here at ishana’s house..

Om came near ishana..
Ishana sensed it and took a two steps backward..
But om was in no mood of letting go..
He took the steps forward in a great pace and reached ishana before ishana could react he gently with his index finger removed the tear down her cheek.. and asked in slight husky rather romantic voice.. why are you crying…?!?
Ishana was just last in om’s eyes.. without moving her eyeball she replied.. I am not crying..
Om : ok!! But last meet tumne kuch kaha..uske baare mein..
Ishana moves sideways and walks past him and says Uske baare mein..I have to tell something.. uss din mein..
Om goes in front of her holds her by hand and keeps his index finger on her lips shushing.. her..
I don’t want to hear anything from you.. Jo sununtha.. vo sunchuka hoon..
Ab meri baari.. and gently strokes her hair..
Ishana was ready break into tears..

A no which she said to herself bought her such immense pain..
A no now from om’s mouth she prayed good that her ear should become deaf atleast for the moment when om says.. no..
Before she could come out of her thoughts.. she heard om’s voice saying.. mera javab haa hai..
She looked at om.. she was in for a utter shock.. now this was not what she expected.. although her heart wanted it.. she wanted to reconfirm what she had just heard she asked with lot of doubts ..kya..?!
Om smiled at her and gently stroke her hair and said haa I love you .. I ishu..

The moment she heard the word I love you..from his mouth..her entire emotion that was battling inside came out of in form of tears..
She hugged him as tight as possible and cried her heart out.. coz keeping in such emotions and living all day long with it.. without even discussing to anyone not even to Mona.. was so terrible …
It seemed all her emotions were just waiting for a breaking point and it came now when om spoke his heart..
Om was stroking her hair and was consoling in the best possible way he could..
When her crying was beginning to get subtle.. om broke the hug.. wiped her eyes and asked her tume kya laga?? H mm??
Ishana : u Ll say no
Om: kyon??
Ishana: kyon ki.. vo.. mein apke liye sahi nahi hoon..
Om was not getting her statement sahi nahi hoon?? What nonsense.. hoo.. tume aisa lagtha hai.. ok answer me..who helped to kidnap Robin??
Ishana: me!!
Om: who got ridhima’s sample and saved me and my family out of danger again??.
Ishana: me!!
Om: who pranked with anika as ishan to help shivaaye and anikas relationship..??
Ishana was now dumbstruck he was so good her eyes were just shedding tears she wasn’t able to speak something choked her throat…
She said with great Difficulty me…
Om gave a sigh..
Jo ladki…bina mere pyaar ke mere liye mere parivaar ke liye Tina kar sakthi hai..vo meri liye galath kaise ho sakthi hai??…
( The girl who could do so much for me and my family not even knowing I love her or not.. what wrong could I find in that girl)

Ishanas heart nearly could bear those words… she has never heard anyone say so much good about her.. and this was so much special..her om..her love had said those words and it meant anything and everything to her..
She said I love you om and hugged om.. om too reciprocated the hug and with a smile still stroking and inhaling the fragrance of her hair said.. I love you too ishu..
Here back at the mansion…
Anika was searching for sahil..
Anika: dadi.. apne sahil ko deka??
Dadi: puttar this is afternoon he will be in school!!
Anika: no dadi his school left today early due to some crisis in their area..
Dadi: kya?? Par sahil aaye nahi ab thak..
Anika: haa dadi.. mein jaakar check karthi hoon..
Shivaaye stops her I will also come with you…
Anika : mera Bhai hai mein chalti hoon..
Shivaaye: mera sala hai mein jaanthi hoon.

Dadi was laughing at their conversation and made a conclusion ok !! Ok!! Tum dono jao..
So shivika sit in the car and goes to find out sahil…

Precap: roumya romantic moments.. sahil’s state..and if I could write some ishkara moments..

Do let me know dears..
And plz ignore my mistakes..

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  4. Blockbuster ? uff the genius who invented this word na if he sees the history then he will get to know that you are the one who write and get blockbuster comments which she actually deserves

    1. Jara

      Haha enough dear .. your just making me go on cloud nine again and again and it’s very risky to climb up there so plz Tina target maaf kar yaar

    1. Jara

      Tarref maat kar yaar*

  5. Amazing!!

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  6. That shivaye’s statement.. Mera sala h mein janta hu was hilarious ? ?.. I loved it

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  7. Nida

    No words ? to describe how great you are writing the ff … it’s great ? .. and its lengthy also ?..

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      Tks a lot dear glad you are satisfied..

  8. Pri_24

    This one is amazing update Jara.

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  9. Samm

    wow! ishkara are together now! yippee! 😀

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      Haha yes Dr.. and tks for commenting

  10. Fama

    Hi…you don’t update regularly but when you update it becomes a super hit
    I was just speechless when I read Ishkara moments

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      Awww I was on cloud nine when I read ur comment tks a lot dr

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    Amazing. Ishkara r now together ??

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  12. Akshaya

    Rudra always get caught by his thoughts on girls. Shivika was nice dear. Ishkara omg I loved it???you nailed it dear. Waiting for rumya moments?❤

    1. Jara

      Thanks dr glad u liked it.. and roumya scenes are in the writing u Ll get to read soon

  13. dear jara ,sorry for late comments this episode was damn cool, i really like Om scenes….next asap….
    plz also read my ff dr……

  14. y u r not uploading next part …. we are waiting …plz upload

  15. Mrunal

    hey jara sorry for late comment dear
    i have read each and every part of ur ff but never commented bcoz i was in hurry to read all ff….

    u r just amazing…. the way u write about shivika is just mind blowing….

    coming to this part it was fab…poor rudy…lol and the way om confessed his feeling was like awwww…
    and our shivika they always Rock still it was small scene of shivika but it brought smile on my face….

    and thank u for mentioning me in ur appreciation list…
    don’t be sorry for not commenting dear….
    and now i am free so I’ll comment regularly…

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