Ishqbaaz – as I could imagine…. Part 38

Hi all my dear readers!!!
Wishing you all happy and prosperous Diwali.. may this Diwali .. bring in lots and lots of happiness and success in your life!!!
Wishing u all , the best of life in this auspicious occasion..
For those who have missed last part here is the link!!

Now with the current part..
Ishana turns other side…
Om sees it and says agli baar doubt nahi karungi ishu I promise..
Still shedding tears.. ishana’s pov: why are you not understanding .. I cannot see you as my friend bcoz.. I. I.. and wipes her tears and says to herself moreover I don’t deserve you too..
( Sorry dears last Epi missed don’t )
Ishana still in tears facing the other side.. said.. plz jayiye yaha se!!!
Om was stunned by her reaction.. he staggered..vo..vo..
Ishana still facing that side.. plz chale jao yehan se!!
Om turned and left the place.. after om left.. ishana closed the door and she could hardly take her steps forward.. she was. Crying..
Her heart was so desperately needing om.. but her mind had a clear thought that she doesn’t deserve him not even a bit.. she wiped her tears .. though it hurt she told herself this, you don’t deserve him just don’t.. and it’s the bitter truth.. sooner you accept better will be for you.. and said to herself.. om ka chapter katham.. you don’t know any oberoi .. get it?? And gets back to her normal cores..

Meanwhile at mansion ..
Shivaaye meets anika ..
Shivaaye: mujhe tumse baath karni hai..
Anikas pov:ab kya.. hoo.. ridhima ke liye tks..??? No.. no.. no!! Yeh toh shivaaye Singh oberoi hai.. he will never say tks…
Shivaaye: anikaaaa!!
Anika comes out of her thoughts.. ha kahiye na!?
Shivaaye wanted to say that what she said or thought about him was wrong.. but how to start and from where to he didn’t know!!!
Shivaaye was just searching for words..
Anika interrupted.. kya?? Aap kuch bolenge??
Shivaaye: vo.. vo.. ridhima ..vo..
Anika: thank you kehene ki zarrurath nahi hai.. no need to say thanks that’s ok!!
Shivaaye noded his head.. and an unpleasant silence stood between the two..

Anika breaks the silence..
Anika: aapki kuch kahan tha??Do u want say anything..
Shivaaye stands still searching for words..
Anika sighs and turns to leave..
Shivaaye stops anika taking further steps by calling out her name..
Anika stops and turn backs..
Shivaaye: Jaise tum soch rahi ho vaise nahi hai hum.. I am not what you are thinking..
Anika was confused she said the line herself the line again.. Jaise tum soch rahi ho vaise nahi hai hum.. then she understood that he was not going to say thank you to her..
She smiled sarcastically and said yea I know.. mein jaanthi hoon Mr.shivaaye Singh oberoi ko.. aap Kise hai.. mein jaanthi hoon..
Shivaaye: janthi ho mujhe?? Nahi.. I wanted to tell you something else?
Anika: kya??
Shivaaye: bo.. vo.. ridhima dna..umm..vo.. actually…he wanted to complete the sentence some how..
But words were not just coming in his mouth..
Actually.. mein.. ridhima.. roop…vo..and saw tia coming and said tia..
Anika understood the wrong way and said with so much hatred don’t worry billu ji jaise ridhima ko prove kiya tia ko be kar loongi.. and will leave you forever don’t worry and walks off ..
Shivaaye just then realised what he uttered tia??? What the vaak ?? Why did I even mention her name?? Anika vo mein he turns and anika had already gone..
Shivaaye sighs not again man!!
Tia: cmmon baby leave her na !! Let her go.. shall we go out for dinner baby..
Shivaaye was seeing the way anika went he wished he could say anika that she was wrong..
Tia turned shivaayes face which was glued to the direction anika went and said… baby plz dinner chalthe hai na?? Wrapping her hands on his shoulder.. Shivaaye saw her hands on his shoulders he felt uncomfortable.. many a time tia had hugged him but this time he felt so u comfortable.. he took her hands off with a jerk and moves a little away and says not today tia.. I have work..
Here anika ran to her room and fell on her bed..

Anika’s pov: why billu ji why do you want me to prove tia wrong.??why do you want me to leave?? Why??
Jk just then her mind bet her head with this thought..why are taking it personal dammit?? He can never love!!Love tho dhoor!!vo tume ek tks bi nahi bol patha.. and you stupid are wanting him to say anything NYC about you!!? Waah!! Let me tell you one thing straight prove tia wrong and move out from his life …
But her heart cried saying.. par.. I love him..
Her mind gave a week smile and said.. aaj thak tum jo chathi hai vo Mila hai zindaki mein?? Till now did you get whatever you wanted in life??
She wiped her tears and her heart said no!! Kabhi nahi…
Her mind gave a weak smile and said tho??ab kya nayi soch rahi ho!!
His heart was convinced now yes I will not expect anything from now.. even if I expect nothing is gonna happen then why expect and get sad.. and gets determined..and leaves out of the room..
She sees om walking to and fro in tension..she goes near om.. and calls out om?? Kya huva??
Om with tears shedding out of his eyes tells everything.. anikas pov: what ?? Why did ishaan do like that ?? How could she hurt a pure soul..?? How??

Here at ridhima’s house..
She is still crying..
Roop: you failed me!!? I raised you for this and you??Chi…
Tia: mom.. relax humare pass Abhi bhi Shivaaye hai…
Roop: haa.. shiiivaaayeee hai.. kya karogi uske saath??
Tia: mom anika…
Roop: haa anika ko hum kitne bar hurt karne ki koshish karen yeh shivaaye usse bacha Letha hai ??!!!
Tia smiles and says mom this time even anika cannot help her…
Roop: kyon??
Tia: sahil.. uski Bhai…
Roop tia and ridhima smile..

Precap: I cannot b a fiend bcoz I love om says ishana… Anika gets an idea to expose Tia.. and soumya returns..

That’s all for today dears do let me know and yea have a happy and safe Diwali..
Wishing you all a happy Diwali again!!

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  1. Ishqkum

    Nice Dr but i expecteexpected more shivika scene

  2. ❤❤❤

  3. Tulasi

    Nice one diii….i luvd it…damn y dnt shivaay tell anythng….i m waitng for his confession…..waitmg for next di…post it soon…….happy diwali to u toooo…??

  4. Nansshivika

    Superb like always. Mind heart war is so emotional. Post next one asap

  5. Nice jara

  6. Vincy

    Nice episode

  7. It was awesome but u should accelerate the proceeding like , either make shivaay realise his love for anika or get ishkara done with eo.
    Dont take it as slow like a daily soap

  8. Nice….happy diwali to you too….

  9. Nida

    It was great great ?… i am a muslim so I don’t know how to wish a diwali to any hindu .. so just HAPPY ? DIWALI

  10. Very nice I loved it waiting for the next episode

  11. Happy diwali my blockbuster Queen as usual epi was gripping I mean so interesting reading it I felt like man !! I have to learn more and I am still at step 1 a beginner and I felt like u should give me tips for dialogues ….

  12. Samm

    Happy Diwali ?

  13. Sat

    Happy diwali jara di, sorry for the late comment first of all
    I am really sorry please forgive me
    And coming to the episode, I just loved it
    I really loved annika’s monologue and shivaay thinking about her
    Their scene was simply superb nd perfectly portrayed
    And ishkara couple were picture perfect.
    I loved this episode to the core.
    Include more romance next time.
    And please update the next epi ASAP??????

  14. Ayath

    woww dear awesome epiiii

  15. Wow nice episode plz post next one soon

  16. Ketaki19

    oh no… actually me yahi soch rahi thi ki abhi tak tiake dimagme sahil kaise nahi aaya lekin aa gaya… it’s very interesting now… plz update jaldi jaldi

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