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Om and Ishana were sitting in a park talking about something.
Ishana: Om, are you sure you want to this?
Omkara: Yes I am 100% sure. But what happened to you (he went closer to her) darr lag raha hai?
Ishana (moving closer to him and with equal attitude): Ishana, my name is Ishana and remember one thing that I am not afraid of anything. Bas I am afraid for you.
Omkara: Afraid for me, wo kyu?
Ishana: Kahi aise na ho ki natak karte karte tumhe sach mein mujhse pyaar ho jaye.
Omkara: Pyaar…that to you…highly impossible. In fact I should be worried for you, after all I am so handsome, how will you control yourself.
Ishana: Oh hello Mr. Artist, handsome and you, never, you are just a long haired-creature.
Omkara (getting a little angry): Ishu
Ishana: Om
Omkara: Now you are gone
Saying so he was about to hold her hand but before that Ishana escaped his grip.
Ishana (standing a little away): Concentrate on the plan, not on me.
Omkara: Same advice applies to you also.
Ishana gave him a whatever-wala look.
Ishana: I think I should leave now. Di must be waiting and we also have to execute the plan. Bye.
Omkara: Ishu (Ishana turned around) I’ll drop you.
Ishana: Its ok Om, I’ll go. And what if Di or Jiju see you, problem ho jayegi.
Omkara: Nothing will happen, I’ll drop you. No more arguments. Let’s go.
Ishana was surprised by his behavior, she quietly followed him and sat in the car.
Outside Ishana’s house,
Ishana got down and was about to go when Om called her and she turned back,
Omkara: All the best.
Ishana smiled at him, Ishana: Same to you. Good night.
Om waved her a bye and left. Ishana stood there for a while.
Ishana (thinking): I just hope that everything works according to our plan. After all this is our last hope.
She prayed to God and went in.
Oberoi Mansion,
Om entered and was going to his room when Jhanvi called him,
Jhanvi: Om, you came, freshen up and come, dinner is ready.
Omkara: Yes mom, I’ll come in five minutes.
At the dining table,
Everybody was quietly having dinner, Om thought this as the best time to talk as everybody was present,
Omkara: I have an announcement to make.
All looked at him.
Rudra: What happened O?
Dadi: What announcement puttar?
Omkara: Dadi, there is a girl whom I love a lot and I want to get married to her.
All were shocked to hear this that too from Om.
Tej: Do you know what you are saying?
Omkara: I very well know what I am saying, Mr. Oberoi.
Tej: Stop calling me that.
Omkara: I won’t.
Jhanvi: Stop it both of you. (She turned to Om) Om, who is the girl?
Tej: Jhanvi… (But Jhanvi signaled him to stop and he kept silent)
Priyanka: Haa Bhaiya, who is my would-be Bhabhi?
Omkara: All that you will know tomorrow. We are going to meet her.
Rudra: Very good O, you have already planned everything.
Omkara: So you all be ready. I’ll tell you the time. And those who don’t want to come, may not. (He said eyeing Tej who ignored him)
After dinner, they all retired to their rooms.
Tej and Jhanvi’s room,
Tej: I just hope Om has chosen a girl who is suitable to be an Oberoi bride.
Jhanvi: C’mon Tej, when will you change. Stop thinking like an Oberoi and for once think like a father. Already we have lost so much because of your attitude. (She wiped her tears and went to sleep)
Tej stood there looking at the night sky.
Tej (thinking): I know Jhanvi, you have lost so much because of me but I couldn’t help that. That time the situation was like that, I couldn’t help it. I wish I could change the past.
He also went and slept.
Ishana’s house,
Ishana slowly entered the house and was going to her room when a voice stopped her,
Voice: Ishu
She turned around and saw her Di staring at her.
Ishana: Di…wo…
Anika: Chup…I know what you’ll say, that you had extra class, right?
Ishana: Haa Di, you have become so smart staying with me. (She smiled proudly)
Anika: Chup
Ishana: Oh ho Di, you also naa. Jiju, you only tell her.
Anika: No…not at all. Shivaay, you won’t say anything. Tumhare laad-pyaar ka hi result hai that she has become like this.
Ishana suppressed her laugh while Shivaay made a “What-did-I-do” look.
Anika: You don’t laugh. (Ishana became quiet)
Shivaay: Ishu, go and change, and come quickly for dinner.
Ishana: Yes jiju.
Before Anika could say anything, Ishana went from there.
Anika: Shivaay, you are spoiling her.
Shivaay: Oh ho Anika, you think too much. Leave it. Now come, let’s have dinner. I am really hungry. (He made a cute face)
Anika (smiled at his antics): You are an expert at changing topics.
Shivaay: Wo to hai.
At the dining table,
Ishana thought this was the best time to talk,
Ishana: Di, Jiju, I have to tell you both something.
Anika: Now what did you do?
Ishana: Jiju…
Shivaay: C’mon Anika, let her speak. Ishu, you say.
Ishana: Actually, there is a guy whom I love a lot and I want to marry him.
Shivika (shocked): What!!
Shivaay: Who is he? What does he do? From how long you know him? Where did you meet him? When did you fall in love?
Anika: Relax Shivaay, take a breath.
Shivaay: How can I relax Anika, did you hear what she said?
Ishana: Oh ho Jiju, don’t react like this.
Shivaay: Then how should I react.
Ishana: First meet him at least, please.
Anika: But at least tell us who is he?
Ishana: That you’ll know tomorrow when we’ll meet him and his family.
Shivaay: Ok, but I am meeting him only for you.
Ishana: Oh Jiju, you are the best. (Ishu hugged him and went to her room)
Anika: I just hope, what happened with me, shouldn’t happen with her.
Anika had tears in her eyes, Shivaay held her hand and wiped her tears.
Shivaay: I won’t ever let anything like that happen with our Ishu.
Anika: I trust you Shivaay, I know you’ll never let anything hurt her.
Shivika smiled and retired to their room.
Ishana’s room,
Ishana was reading a novel when her phone rang, she picked up the call,
Ishana: What happened Mr. Artist, missing me a lot?
Omkara: Oh please, I wasn’t missing you or anything. I just wanted to know if it worked or not.
Ishana: Oh ho Om, you worry a lot. Don’t take so much tension. I told Di and jiju and they agreed.
Omkara: Thank God, here also everyone agreed.
Ishana: Good, so tomorrow we can execute the next part without worries.
Omkara: I just hope that everything works according to our plan.
Ishana: Don’t worry Om, I trust you, everything will be fine.
Ishana realized what she said, both of them kept quiet for a moment.
Omkara: See you tomorrow. Good night.
Ishana: Haa, good night.
She disconnected the call.
Ishana (thinking): You also naa Ishu, why don’t you think before saying anything. Now I don’t know what Om will think about me. But wait why I am thinking about all this. Let him think whatever he wants, I don’t care.
Om’s room,
He put his phone down.
Omkara (thinking): Ishana, she speaks anything but why did she say it, does she really trust me so much? But why I am thinking about all this. This girl will make me also mad like her.
Both of them went to sleep.
The next day,
Hotel Blue Star,
The Oberois were sitting waiting for the girl and her family to come.
Rudra: O, when will Bhabhi come? I can’t wait anymore.
Soumya: Rudra, have some patience. They’ll come.
Omkara: I’ll just call her and ask.
Priyanka: One more excuse to talk to Bhabhi.
Omkara: Prinku
Jhanvi: Ok stop it all of you. Om, you call her.
Om walked a little away towards the entrance and dialed Ishana’s number. Ishana picked up the call.
Omkara: Ishana, where are you? We all are waiting for you.
Ishana: We have reached, look ahead.
Om looked ahead and saw Ishana entering, she was wearing a peach coloured anarkali, her jhumkas swinging as she was walking and her hair left loose with soft curls. Om was lost for moment in her.
Omkara (thinking): She is beautiful.
Ishana signaled him to go before anyone saw him.
Om went back to his family.
Rudra: O, where is Bhabhi?
Ishana: Here
All looked at her and were happy seeing her. Ishana took blessings from Dadi and TejVi.
Dadi: Kitni soni kudi hai
Rudra: Not bad O, staying with me your choice has improved a lot.
Ishana chuckled at this.
Omkara: Shut up Rudra
Rudra: What did I say?
Jhanvi: Aree Beta, you are alone, where is your family?
Ishana: They are coming. Look here they come.
All looked in the direction Ishana pointed and were shocked to see Shivika. Here Shivika were also shocked to see the Oberois.
Tej (shouted angrily): What are you both doing here?
Jhanvi: Calm down Tej.
Shivaay was about to answer back but Anika stopped him.
Anika: Ishu, what is all this?
Jhanvi: Om, what is happening here?
Omkara: Mom, Ishana is the girl whom I love a lot and I want to marry her.
Tej: Have you lost it, do you know what you are saying?
Omkara: Please Mr. Oberoi, stay out of my life.
Tej: Om
Ishana: Di-Jiju, Om is the one I love and I want to marry him.
Anika: Ishu, are you mad? What are you saying?
Shivaay: Anika, Please calm down.
Ishana: Di, my decision is final, I’ll marry Om or no one.
Anika: Ok then, its better you stay unmarried forever.
All were shocked hearing to what Anika said.
Dadi: Anika puttar, what are you saying?
Anika: Please Dadi, I respect you a lot but this is about my sister.
Omkara: Bhabhi, but we love each other a lot.
Anika: No Om, please.
Ishana: Ok Di, if this is your final decision then even I am your sister, I won’t back off.
Jhanvi: Anika, beta…
Tej: Stop it Jhanvi, no need to say anything, for once she has taken a correct decision, let it be. C’mon lets go from here.
Tej leaves from there.
Omkara: Bhabhi…
Before he could say anything, Anika held Ishana’s hand and took her away, Shivaay looked at his family once and followed Anika.
Omkara: Whatever happens, I’ll marry Ishana.
Om also leaves from there. Others follow him.
Ishana’s house,
Ishana and Anika were sitting facing in opposite directions, none of them was in a mood to back-off, and Shivaay was standing in the center, not knowing whom to persuade first.
Shivaay: Will you both stop behaving like kids and talk?
Ishana: Jiju, ask your wife to change her decision.
Shivaay: Anika…
Anika: No Shivaay, I won’t listen to anything, ask her to agree to my decision.
Shivaay: Ishu…
Ishana: No Jiju, I won’t agree, never ever.
Saying so Ishana went to her room and locked the door.
Shivaay: Anika, I think we should talk to her calmly and she’ll definitely understand.
Anika: I don’t think so Shivaay. I know her very well, she is too adamant, she won’t understand.
Shivaay: Then what will you do?
Anika: I’ll talk to Om and make him understand. He won’t say no to me.
Shivaay: But Anika…
Anika: Shivaay, I know what you are thinking but don’t worry, I’ll do it.
Shivaay nodded and they went to their room.
Oberoi Mansion, Om’s room,
Om had been calling Ishana ever since he had returned but she didn’t answer any of his calls nor replied to any of his messages.
He was getting worried as to what was happening there, he was lost in thoughts when his phone rang and he immediately picked the call,
Omkara: Where were you and why were you not picking up my calls? You didn’t reply to my messages also, do you know how much worried I was getting? Now will you say something, Ishana say something. What happened there? What did Shivaay and Bhabhi say? Ishana, say something.
Ishana: Om, if you stop talking and give me a chance, I’ll say something.
Om realized that he was speaking,
Omkara: Sorry, bolo.
Ishana: Jiju didn’t say anything but Di, she is adamant that she won’t let this happen. (Her tone changed to a sadder one) Om, I am so sorry (Even Om could feel the change in her tone) I know this was your last hope and I am sorry, I couldn’t do anything (This time tears were flowing from her eyes) I am sorry…
Om was really worried for her, he didn’t understand what to say.
Omkara: Ishu, I am coming in ten minutes, meet me at the park near your house.
Ishana was surprised by this.
Ishana: Hmm.
They disconnected the call.
Park near Ishana’s house,
Ishana was waiting for Om to come when he arrived. By looking into Ishana’s eyes, he could understand that she had cried after finishing the call.
Omkara: Ishana…
But before he could say anything Ishana hugged Om tightly, he was surprised by her behavior, he didn’t say anything and just caressed her back.
(“Jo naa keh sake tum
Jo naa keh sake hum
Kehne lagi dono se wo
Khamoshiyan O Saathiya
Kehne lagi dono se wo
Khamoshiyan O Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya……..” Plays in BG)
After sometime Ishana realized what she did and moved away, Om also moved back.
Ishana: Sorry, wo…
Omkara: Its ok, I understand. (He gently wiped the tears from her eyes, Ishana was surprised by his move but didn’t say anything) and one more thing, I don’t like this crying Ishana, I to only love my fighting, brave Ishana.
Ishana: What!
Om realized what he had said.
Omkara: I mean it’s better that you stop crying and concentrate on what we should do next.
Ishana: But what will we do?
Omkara: I don’t know but we’ll definitely think of something. For now, its late, you should go back.
As Om and Ishana turned to go, they were shocked seeing Shivaay standing there with folded arms.
Ishana: Jiju…wo…
Shivaay: Ishu, go home, Anika is waiting for you.
Ishana just nodded, looked at Om and left.
Shivaay also turned to go.
Omkara: Shivaay…
Shivaay: Om, it’s too late, I think you should also go home, Badi maa must be worried for you.
Shivaay also leaves from there.
Shivika’s room,
Anika was sleeping but Shivaay couldn’t sleep, he was thinking about something,
Shivaay (thinking): Om and Ishu really love each other. I don’t think that by us stopping them, they would listen to us. Before they do anything that hurts both the families it’s better that I do something.
He thinks something and sleeps.
The Next Day, Oberoi Mansion,
Jhanvi was going to the temple when the plate fell from her hand as she looked at the entrance to see Shivaay and Anika standing there, hearing the noise others also gathered including Om, all were equally shocked.
All remembered what had happened three years ago.
Shivaay had married Anika without anyone’s consent, everyone except for Tej accepted the marriage.
Shivaay and Anika had come to Oberoi Mansion, Jhanvi was about to do the aarti when Tej came there and shouted,
Tej: How dare you come here, that too with this girl, who has no name, bloodline or lineage, how did you ever think that I would accept this? She cannot be an Oberoi bride, she won’t keep a single step in this mansion.
Dadi: Tej, do you know what you are saying?
Tej: Maa, please, no one will say anything.
All were shocked.
Rudra: Papa, what are you saying?
Tej: Shivaay, you have only two options, either you choose us and stay here or you choose her and leave Oberoi Mansion forever.
Jhanvi: Tej, do you even think before saying anything?
Tej: No one will say anything, I repeat no one.
Shivaay: Ok Bade Papa, as you say, this house and this family has done a lot for me. After mom-dad left us, you and Badi maa have raised me like your own son, you never differentiated between Om and me, you gave me the same love you gave Om, Rudra or Prinku. I will never forget this. I can never do anything that hurts you all… (All looked at Shivaay with shock, Tej smiled) But… (He held Anika’s hand) I have married Anika, I have promised her that I won’t leave her, I’ll be by her side always whatever the situation maybe (He took a pause) so I am sorry Bade Papa, I can’t leave her so it’s better that I leave this house.
All looked at Shivaay with shock.
Anika: Shivaay…
Jhanvi: No Anika, he is right.
Shivika took blessings from Dadi and Jhanvi, Rudra and Prinku cried hugging Shivaay, he explained them. Shivika left.
After Om returned from London, he got to know everything, he was angry on Tej but couldn’t do anything, however one day by chance he met Ishana and he got to know that she is Anika’s sister (No one had ever meet Ishana from Oberoi family). He decided that he’ll take her help. Over time, Om and Ishu became good friends, who would tease each other, have fun and share their problems with each other.
All were shocked seeing Shivaay and Anika.
Tej: What are you doing here? I had told you not to come back here ever.
Shivaay: I know Bade Papa, I had decided never to return but after whatever happened yesterday, I had to come.
Jhanvi: Why are you both standing there, first come in and sit?
Tej: Jhanvi…
Dadi: Chup kar Tej, let them come.
All sit down.
Shivaay: Whatever happened yesterday was unexpected for both the families, even we didn’t know that Ishu would make us meet you all or that Om is the person she loves.
Rudra: Haa Bhaiya, you are right, even O didn’t tell us anything before.
Priyanka: Maybe because they knew that some people wouldn’t understand their love. (She looked at Tej who just ignored her) it was better to hide it.
Shivaay: But now that we all know everything, we should talk about it.
Tej: There is nothing to talk, my decision is final.
Anika was about to say something but Shivaay signaled her to be quiet. Anika was taken aback by this but remained quiet.
Shivaay: Bade papa, I have also taken this decision after thinking about everything, and that’s why I think we should get Om and Ishana married.
All were shocked but the ones who was most shocked was Anika, she looked at Shivaay in disbelief but he chose to ignore her as of now.
Tej: And why do you think I would agree to this?
Shivaay: I know you would agree because you love Om more than anything and you can do anything for his happiness.
All were even more shocked especially Om. Tej was speechless, he always knew Shivaay had a sharp brain and winning over him in situations like this was hard.
Jhanvi: I think Shivaay is right. (She turned towards Tej) Please Tej, don’t repeat the same mistake. We have already lost one son, I don’t wish to lose the other one also.
Rudra: Please Papa, please agree to this.
Rudra and Jhanvi, both had tears in their eyes, Soumya and Prinku supported them.
Dadi: Tej, ab to sharam kar, after all that you did to Shivaay, he is still thinking about your son’s happiness. Now at least your ego and think about Om.
All this while Om and Anika were quiet. Om walked upto Anika, she had tears in her eyes.
Omkara: Bhabhi (Anika looked at him, he wiped her tears) Bhabhi, just like Mr. Oberoi’s consent in important, so is yours. Please Bhabhi, you also agree. I promise you that I will always keep Ishana happy and safe, I wouldn’t let any problem near her, her happiness would be my first priority, I wouldn’t only give her love but I’ll give her the respect she deserves. So, please Bhabhi, you also agree. (Jhanvi was proud of her son)
After a moment of silence.
Anika and Tej together: Ok, we are ready.
All were happy, especially Om that his plan would now succeed.
Shivaay: I think we should leave now.
Jhanvi: But Shivaay…
Shivaay: No Badi maa, not today.
Shivika leave from there.
Om immediately goes to his room.
Om’s room,
He went to his room, took out his phone and dialed Ishana’s number. Ishana was sitting lost in thoughts when her phone rang, she saw Om calling her and picked up the call.
Ishana: Hello
Omkara: You won’t believe this (Ishana was surprised by his cheerful voice)
Ishana: What happened Om?
Omkara: Ishu, everyone agreed for our marriage.
Ishana: What!! Om, really, when did this happen?
He tells her everything.
Ishana: I can’t believe that they all agreed only for us. Now everything will be fine. I am so happy.
Omkara: Even I couldn’t believe at first. Finally it worked out. Now our plan will definitely succeed. Ok, Ishana, I’ll talk to you later about the further plan. Bye.
Ishana disconnected the call, although she was happy that their plan had worked but she was unhappy that they were lying to their family.
Ishana (thinking): I just hope that things become better rather than getting worse. I don’t know but why I feel that something is not right. Why I am thinking like this….is it only about lying to our family or about Om also…but why about Om…what is happening to me…I have to do something….but what?
She sits down thinking something.
Her thoughts were disturbed by a knock on the door, she looked up and saw Shivika standing there.
Ishana: Di-Jiju, come naa.
Shivaay: Ishu, we need to tell you something.
Ishana: I know Jiju, what you want to tell.
Anika: Oh so Om already told you (She said teasing her) Dekha Shivaay, they both can’t stay away telling each other.
Ishana: Di, you also naa.
Shivaay: Ok enough of teasing my Ishu.
Anika: Your Ishu, that’s not fair.
Ishana: Di-Jiju, thank you so much for doing this for me.
She hugged them and they both caressed her hair. They broke their hug after sometime.
Over the next few days, the rituals for Om and Ishana’s wedding happened. All were enjoying a lot. Om and Ishu were happy that things were changing. On Dadi’s request Shivika had decided to stay at Oberoi Mansion till the wedding. The tension between Tej and Shivaay had also lessened.
Ishana’s room,
Ishana was sitting near the window looking at her mehendi, how Om’s name was written on her hand.
Ishana (thinking): What I am doing….this is not right….what will happen when everyone will come to know the truth….marriage is the most important decision of a person’s life….it is the most important relation in one’s life…and we are taking support of it to complete our work…we want the entire family to come together…but this is not the right way….one day the truth will come out and all would be shattered….I can’t let this happen….but…is it only about the family or about me….I cannot act like this anymore….no I can’t….I love him…I really love him….I never thought that this will ever happen but I have fallen in love with Om….and now I can’t act like it doesn’t matter to me….no I can’t…
She was lost in thoughts when Om came there.
Omkara: Ishana, you are sitting here. Come with me I have to show you something, you missed something really important.
Ishana: Om, I have to tell you something, it’s important.
Omkara: Not now Ishana, first come with me.
Before Ishana could say anything, Om held her hand and took her to the hall. She was shocked to see Shivaay and Anika hugging Tej, she looked at Om in disbelief who just smiled.
Omkara (whispered in Ishana’s ears): Look, our plan worked.
Ishana was happy that her Di and Jiju got back everything that they had lost but she was sad that now Om would tell everyone the truth and then this would end forever.
Ishana: But how did this happen?
Om tells her.
Everybody was busy preparing for the wedding, when Tej came there, he called everybody and they gathered around him.
Jhanvi: What happened Tej?
Tej: I have an important announcement to make.
Rudra: What Papa?
Tej: We have to prepare for one more wedding.
All were surprised.
Soumya: Whose wedding Papa?
Tej: Shivaay and Anika’s wedding
All were even more shocked.
Shivaay: What are you saying Bade Papa?
Tej: You both have missed so much because of me, but now I have realized my mistake and I wish to give you both your lost happiness back. If possible, you both please forgive me. (He folded his hands and started crying)
Shivika looked at each other and then hugged Tej tightly. All were happy seeing this.
Omkara: I think Ishana, we should tell them the truth.
Om was about to go when Ishana held his hand, he looked at her confused, she had tears in her eyes, Om was shocked.
Ishana left his hand and went from there. Om looked at his family and then went behind Ishana.
Ishana was crying sitting in her room, when Om came there. He went to her.
Omkara: Ishana, what happened? Why are you crying?
Ishana: Kuch nahi Om, I am so happy for Di and Jiju that I became emotional, nothing.
Ishana was about to go when Om held her hand and Ishana looked at him surprised.
Ishana: Om, let me go.
Omkara: Why are you lying to me?
Ishana: When did I lie?
Omkara: You were crying because of Shivaay and Bhabhi, really?
Ishana looked away, Ishana: Haa Om, aur nahi to kya.
Om stood behind her, twisted her hand and she landed on him,
Omkara: Then say this looking into my eyes.
Ishana looked at Om, she couldn’t control her tears and they started flowing from her eyes.
Ishana: Haa, you are right…I am crying because of you (Om was shocked)….yes I am crying because of you but you won’t understand, leave it.
She freed herself from his grip and was about to go when Om held her hand and pinned her to the wall.
Ishana: Om, leave me…
Omkara: No I won’t leave, until you tell me what has happened? (He tightened his grip on her)
Ishana: Why are you doing this to me? Om….I….love you….I love you Om… and I also know that you don’t love me. But still I couldn’t stop myself, I don’t know how and when but now I know…I love you a lot….
Tears were flowing from her eyes.
Omkara: But how do you know whether I love you or not?
Ishana looked at Om in shock and Om just smiled.
Ishana: Matlab…
Omkara: I love you too Ishu
Ishana just hugged Om tightly, they were lost in each other. Ishana broke the hug and looked at Om,
Omkara: What happened?
Ishana: You (She hit him) why didn’t you tell me earlier (she again hits him) you know how much worried I was.
Omkara: Sorry Ishu, but what could I do. I didn’t know what you felt and I didn’t wish to let my love affect our friendship.
Ishana hugged him, Ishana: I love you Om
He hugged her back, Omkara: I love you too Ishu.
The next day Shivika and Ishkara marriages took place. Om and Ishu decided to keep their secret, a secret forever for their family’s happiness.

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