Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (Part 9)

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How are you?And thanks for all the comments and the love.I know my episodes are So short but while writing i dont understand what to write next so i think for some time and then write it in next episode.So coming to the story-

Episode starts with Anika following Shivaay .Anika shouting Mr.Sso stop.Listen to me.But shivaay is avoiding her and going so fast.And anika running behind him.She comes so fast infront of him and she slips due to that and Shivaay Holds her at correct time(O jaana song plays ).They break the eyelock and he makes her stand and asks Are u ok?Anika is shocked and touches his forehead and asks are u ok?.He says ofcourse .She says she was asking him that did he forgot anything to give her or not .Shivaay then remembers Om hugging Anika and then angrily says no.She tries to make him remember but shivaay gets angry rembeing it and holds her hand so tight and she gets hurt.Shivaay realises it and leaves it and goes from there.Anika gets teary eyed and goes from there.

Here rudra is going to Sowmya who is in hospital .Prinku stops him and asks whre are you going.Rudra says he is going to hospital and says the whole story to her.And says that he cant drop her home and asks if she can manage to go.Prinku says she can and ask him to leave.After Rudra leaves Ishana comes there and ask what happend Prinku says Ishana that Rudy left as sowmya is in hospital and she has to go alone.Just then Randhawan comes and says he will drop.Prinku sees him and smiles .Ishana coughs and Randhwan says i actually thought how can she go alone .Ishana says yes yes how can she go alone.My bhai is there to drop her and says him to drop prinku and she will manage to go to dance class.Priyanka Hesitates But goes.Ishana smiles seeing them leaving.
Scene shifts to hospital Rudy comes and gives parathas to soumya and says eat sumo otherwise u will eat me.and asks how is he .Sumo says he is fine and says thanks to rudra.
Rudra asks y?She says that for staying with her.
Rudra praises sowmya saying that now a days no one will do this much for a unknown man.Sowmya says My father said that her mother died in an accident and no one helped her .If some one had helped her both my mother and sister would be alive.He asks sister.

She shifts the topic and asks shall we ga.He says ok.
Here Anika is sitting in the pool side and is crying And is scholding Shivaay.and there even shivaay is feeling as he had hurt anika and tries to search her.while anika is scholding Shivaay and just then Om enters and ask whom is she scholding .Anika says bhaagad billa.Om asks what happend.She says nothing.He sees her hands and asks what happend?Anika says nothing and covers it.Om tends to it and applies ointment.Anika says you are so good not like Mr.sso.and asks how is he bearing him from childhood.Om says Shivaay is so good and says she will take time to understand him.Both of them are laughing while talking and shivaay who is searching anika sees this and hurts.
He goes to his room and just then tia calls in anger he breaks it .He then thinks y is he this much frustrated.why is he not able to see anika with anyone.And thinks he got engaged to tia and even if she is close with his brothers it didnt matter him but y anika…

Rndhawan drops prinku and says bye.prinku says bye and is leaving and randhawan asks when can they meet next time.prinku just leave s smiling.
Its night rudra and sowmya come home and both of them are leaving to there rooms.But they again come back and say friends.both shake hands and leave.
Abd night all trio obros meet.Every one are sitting at poolside.Rudra says that he and moti became frnds today and says how they saved a life.Om says really thats so good.Om then speaks of anika and says that she is innocent but talks too much.He then asks shivaay y did he behave so rude to her.Shivaay thinks abot the closness of anika and om and asks home do u like her.

Precap:Villian entry

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