Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (Part 3)

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Hello Guys,
Thanks for the support and as most of comments are like om should treat anika as sis so i made it in such way.And here is the next part.

Episode starts with both anika and sowmya taking dadis blessings and om seeing it from far.Then all the famiy members come.Dadi praises them saying that though they are from foreign there culture and respect for elders is so good and praises there mum for giving them such habits.They both get sad.Dadi worries and asks what happend.Tej says that they dont have mum and his dad gave that culture to them.Dadi apoloizes them.Anika says dont say that its not your feels sad . Afterwards both sisters meet all members as prinku introduces them.Everyone leave from there.Just then Om entets and prinku introduces him as Om .Om says Thanks. Both Anika and Sowmya wonder about it and ask why.He says that You dont know but u did me a favour so for that thankyou.Even then Anika and sowmya are cluless and says its fine and goes.

Its night Anika is sleeping and she suddenly gets a dream of a girl crying and she wakes up from sleep.she then trys to drink water but as there is no water in jug she goes to kitchen to get water.Meanwhile shivaay also goes to get water as he needs to take the tablets.As Anika exactly dont know where the kitchen is she roams the whole mansion and shivaay thinks its theif and suddenly goes back of her and she slips and he holds her.Then there is a eyelock between them.
Just then rudy comes and shots bhaiyya.and shivaay drops Anika.Rudy then makes anika getup and asks didi are you ok.She says yes and scolds shivaay for throwing her saying you have such big bhaagad billa eyes and cant you see me.He asks watch with your language.She then says what happend to it I got all these from my frnds before coming to India so that i can speak it well.

shivaay asks how dare you to speak in front of me in my house.then rudy says that she is the new guest about whom dadi is talking about.He asks how do you know .rudy says prinku said.
He then asks both of them to shake hands.and both of them do.Just then soumya comes there and asks what happend .Rudy says who are you sumo.She says how dare you and kicks him saying she knows karate.Rudy says how dare you to beat me and shows his muscles and says come fight.Both anika and Shivaay drag them and ask to stop there fight.He says he dont and sowmya also replys no.and both of them turn away.Anika and shivaay she each other.

Precap: ishana ,Anika,Sowmya meet in the clg.prinku and rudra are also in same clg.Sowmya and rudra fight again.

So guys how is the episode .is it ok (or)bit boring

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  1. Awesome

  2. Awesome

  3. Hello!
    Ur story is really nice. Loved it from the start. One request… u see.. I was going thru through the comments of the previous shot and I really liked the idea of making it a love triangle bet shivay, anika and om.. and then ending with shivika. If possible…. cud u also include that in the story? Just a fresh idea sort of,… it’s up to u anyways 🙂
    One more thing.. if possible make the entries a bit longer… otherwise it’s awesome!! Waiting for more to come… 😀

  4. Nice one..and please no omika..please

  5. Superb….

  6. Lisaaa


  7. Yashu


  8. Nice episode…

  9. Ha ha really nice. Loved it.

  10. Its nice….. 🙂

  11. If possible plz make a love triangle between shivikara ????????otherwise it was amazing dear love it.?

  12. Shivika


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