Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (Part 21)

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Hello guys,

I know so many guys are exited for todays episode.So lets start –
Episode starts with Anika thanking Shivaay for making her family a happy family.He comes so close to her ,caresses her face and say that he will always be there to make her happy.Anika feels akward and goes from there.Shivaay smiles.

Omru come to Shivaay’s room and see him smiling.Rudra says these days Shivaay bhaiyya is smiling a lot what’s the matter Om. Om says love.Shivaay says them to shutup.
They then sit at the pool side .Om sees Shivaay worried and asks him what happend.Shivaay says nothing. Rudra asks him to say what is bothering him and they all can deal with it.Shivaay says that he broke off his engagement with Tia but he doesn’t know whether Anika loves him or not. Om says to Shivaay that he can know it only when he proposes to Annika. Shivaay says he can’t do that and what if she say no. I can’t bare that pain. Rudra asks him to atleast try once ,what if bhabi says yes. Shivaay shouts bhabi?

Rudra says if you marry her she will then be my bhabhi. Shivaay says that he didn’t even propose her and he is talking about marriage. Om says to Shivaay that he is Shivaay singh oberoi.Rudra jokes that he is just bhaaghad billa infront of bhabi.Om says shut up rudra and he then turns to Shivaay and say him that if he be late to propose then someone will do it and says him to think fast about it and takes rudra from there.

  On the other hand  Tia’s mother is talking to Tia and says her that today she got insulted and scolds Tia for babbling, she then says that she will take revenge from the Oberois at any cost for the way they treated them.She just then gets a call which is made by Sundari and laughs that Oberois will be destroyed.
Night,,,Shivaay is thinking of Om words that if he dont propose then someone will do it.He then thinks of Daksh and thinks of Anika and Daksh closeness. He thinks to propose to Anika the next day.

Next Morning,Anika is going to college. Shivaay comes in her way and says good morning Miss.Anika Agarwal  .Anika is surprised and says good morning Billu ji. Shivaay tries to say something but Anika’s dad come in middle and greets Shivaay. Shivaay greets him and says uncle are you going anywhere? Lalit says he is going to see his office branch and will be late. Lalit kisses Anika on forehead and goes from there. Shivaay again tries to say something but Rudy comes and says good morning bhabhi. Anika is shocked , Shivaay tries to handle the situation and closes Rudy’s mouth ,he then turns to Anika and says Rudy is mad and says he will talk to her later and goes from there taking Rudy.Anika stands there like a insane.

  On the other hand Daksh thinks to propose Anika. Anika comes to the college and asks Daksh what is he thinking about. Daksh says nothing . They both go to class.
In the evening both Om and Ishaana meet at the gallery. Ishaana asks did u find about Shivaay and Anika ? Om tries to not say. Ishaana sees him embaressed and says him not to worry it may be, no problem. Om says nothing like that  and he says that Shivaay is in love with Anika and he even brokeoff his engagement with Tia. Ishaana is happyy and shouts what? Did he say it to her? Did she said ok? Anika didn’t said me anything and tries to call her. Om stops her and says that still Shivaay didnot propose to Anika and says that Anika dont even know about it and asks Ishaana not to say. Ishaana agrees and both of them have coffee.

Rudra, soumya and dadi are also discussing about the same. Both Dadi and Sowmya are happy to know about this. Sowmya says she finally got a handsome jiju and starts dancing. Rudra says cooldown Sumo still my bhabi didnot accept your jiju’s proposal and they both start fighting with eachother.

  On the other hand Randhwana is interrogating the culprits that attacked the Oberoi Mansion and is trying to know the name of the one who is behind it.
  In the evening Anika comes to the Oberoi Mansion .Sowmya and Rudra come to her . Sowmya says her that today  they planned dinner at the poolside for all youngsters.Rudra says and bhayya. They both say her to go to the poolside and wait for them and they will get food their. She says ok and goes. Rudra and Sowmya do hi-fi.
Anika goes there and see the place decorated and is surprised. She feels someone at the back and turns. She finds Shivaay.Shivaay comes and stands infront of her and says that Anika, I dont know what is love and I really dont know whether it exists or not but I miss you when you are not around; I want you when you are miles away; my heart aches for you; I feel jealous when you are with someone.

I feel pain when you are hurt I dont know what is this called but I can say that I cant live without you. Will you marry me? Shivvay kneeled down on his legs with a ring in his hand. By this time Anika’s was crying because she got her love.They are happy tears and she is not able to understand what to say. Shivaay once again asked will u marry me Miss.Anika Agarwal? Anika came to her senses and said yes Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi and hugged him so tightly. Shivaay was so happy and even he had tears in his eyes. He cupped her face and kissed on her forehead. All the youngsters come there clapping and all have a group hug.

Precap:Anika says about the proposal to Daksh.

Guys how is it. And it’s time to get another suggestion from you.
That Daksh should be positive or negative. But plzz dont confuse me like last time. There are already three villians by now. If daksh joins it will be 4. So think and say

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  1. Shrutika

    How romantic! Daksh ka expression dekhne me mazaa aayega… the next part soon!?

  2. plzz, daksh ko accha hi rahne do aur uski story khtm kro, already 3 vln kaafi h,,,by the way awsm episode

  3. Its superbbbb….. 🙂

  4. Don’t want more villians that to college one sided love can be forgotten .

  5. lovely… was waiting for it.. plz dont make daksh negative

  6. I want daksh to play a positive role…enough of villans

  7. Awesome…just superb…

  8. Sairan

    Make daksh positive..No more villains required..Let daksh confess his feelings but Anika shud tell that she loves shivay only

  9. M.Harshitha

    so guys, tell me ur opinion.

  10. Shivika

    Superbbb…..daksh in positive role is awesome ……don’t add more villians to it……loved it yr….posts soon eagerly waiting for the nxt …..

  11. Lovely episode ? . Pls keep daksh as positive. Waiting for the next one ?

  12. Loved it …. Awesome

  13. Gangu

    Ohh loved it yaar and pls daksh in positive role

  14. I want to know daksh’s reaction soon

  15. Gayathri.visu

    Amazing Harshitha…! Please make Daksh in positive role, because enough of the villans…

  16. Daksh better be positive

  17. superb make daksh positive…..and plz post next asap……

  18. Thank God finally Shivaay proposed her and she accepted. But what about Daksh??? Mmmmmmmmmm
    I got an idea that I think when Anika would say everything to daksh about the proposal first he will be shocked but I think he should accept it. As she is in love with Shivaay. That’s why she accepted the proposal.

    1. M.Harshitha

      R U the same one from whattpad.

  19. Vincy

    Wow… So happy
    Let’s wait whts this daksh plan n sundari bua

  20. Ruksy

    Amazing update. I think daksh should be positive.

  21. Awesome.. make daksh positive…. Waiting for next episode…

  22. Mrunal


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