Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (Part 20)

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Its morning,both Tia and her mother come to Oberoi Mansion.Pinky comes and greets them.Everyone come there.

Tia’s mother say that she actually came to talk to Shivaay about the marriagr.Anika and Shivaay look at eachother.Tia’s mother says them that she is very much worried about Tia’s future because she believes in what Pandit said.
Omru go to Shivaay and asks him to say what he is thinking and not to fear about anyone. Shivaay speaks up. He says that he is not interested in marring Tia and wants to break off their engagement. Everyone is shocked.Even Anika but she has a hidden happiness. Omru are happy.

Pinky shouts at Shivaay saying that what is he talking and is he in senses or not. Shivaay says he knows what he is talking and say that Tia and her mother are doing this Pandit drama as now Mrs. Kappors are having 0% creditibility and they are thinking that if I marry Tia all there loans will be cleared .Tia and Tia mother are shocked. Shivaay also say to Pinky that Tia is not actually what they think and is just behind there property and also shows some pics to Pinky where Tia is enjoying in the pub with her frnds and confessing about it.Pinky is shocked seeing them and ask them to get out. Tia and her mother leave from there humiliated.

After all leave Omru ask Shivaay how Did he know about all this. Shivaay says after he thought to break engagement he wanted a reason to break it so he hired a detective and gatherd all the information. Both of them praise Shivaay saying he is genius.
On the other hand Anika is very happy and is not able to express it. Daksh calls her and asks her y she happy? Anika says Billuji’s cancelled his marriage with Tia. Daksh asks then y are u happy? Anika thinks and says she will call him later and cuts the call. She then thinks y is she happy when Shivaay’s marriage is cancelled and then thinks y did she cry when she heard of his engagement. What is happening to her? All these things are at a time running in her head .

Just then Shivaay  knocks the door and Anika turns. She asks what he want. Shivaay says her that he want to show something and takes her  down .
Everyone are already there and they ask Shivaay y he gathered them there? Shivaay says he want them to show something and points towards the entrance.
Anika’s father enters from the main door.Tej shouts Lalit Agarwal.Anika and Sowmya are still in shock ,they are not understanding what’s going on around them.Lalit comes and hugs both Anika and Sowmya .He then meets all of the family members as Tej introduces him.

All the family members praise Anika and Sowmya of there respect and culture.Lalit then says Sorry to both Anika and Sowmya.Both are surprised.Lalit said that he loved his wife so much but she left him ,from then onwards both Anika and Sowmya are his life but he didnot said them because he thought he would lose them even.Both Anika and Sowmya have tears in their eyes .They both come and hug him.They have a family hug.All the others are happy for them. Lalit then thanks Shivaay for making him realise his mistake .Anika looks at him surprised. Shivaay looks at her.All of them leave to their respective rooms.

Both Anika and Sowmya spend lovely time with their father.Anika then goes to Shivaay’s room.Shivaay is working in his laptop ,he sees Anika and gets up.Anika comes running to him and hugs him so tightly.Shivaay hugs her back .She thanks him for making her family a happy family.

Precap: Shivaay proposes Anika

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