Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (Part 17)

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The episode starts with,Anika hugs Shivaay and breaks down infront of him.Shivaay consoles Anika and asks her not to cry and say it to him.Anika looks at Shivaay.
On the other hand Rudra is going on a date with Romi.Rudra is very exited and thanks Romi for coming.Romi says that sowmya insisted so she has to come.Rudra and Romi have a coffee in the cafe.Rudra goes on talking with Romi but Romi looks not intrested.
Here shivaay asks anika what happend and asks y is she not answering.Anika says did u say something anything to me .

No,then y should I say and she pushes him and goes from there.Shivaay asks her to stop but Anika doesnot.He runs behind her but just then Daksh enters the scene and hugs Anika exitedly.Shivaay gets shocked.Anika sees Daksh and ask when did he came.Daksh says today.Anika asks y did u not say to me?Daksh says that he want to give a surprise so he came.Daksh sees Anika red eyes and asks her what happend did any one hurt u?He gets concerned.Shivaay who is behind Anika witness the whole seen but he is still in shock .Daksh asks Anika what happend and cups her face.She says nothing it is just because of dust and she sees Shivaay .

She then introduces Daksh to Shivaay as Daksh kurana and her frnd.Daksh says no,bestest frnd and hugs her from side way.Anika then introduces Shivaay as Billu but stops and says he is Shivaay singh Oberoi.Both of them shake their hands.Daksh drags Anika from there saying that he has much to talk to her and says bye to Shivaay and goes.Shivaay stands there with mixed emotions
Anger,jealous,frustration,sad and a lot and breaks his phone.

Onthe other side Romi and Rudra are on their way back.Romi is driving and she hits a oldman .Rudra is about to get down but Romi stops him saying that nothing happend to him and throws money on him and leaves.Rudra asks what did u do atleast we must have checked him once.Romi talks rubbish that the man is poor and there is no reason for him to live and no one cares if he die.Rudra gets angry and asks her to stop car and gets down saying that he did not see such a poor girl like her and goes from there.He then thinks Sumo is so nice and cute and thinks how she got concerned for a man who she dont know and thinks she is good.

On the other hand Daksh is talking with Anika and is saying her how he got bored in UK without her and how he missed her.But Anika is still thinking of Shivaay and Tia’s engagement and thinks y is she worrying this much for him.Daksh snaps his finger infront of Anika and she comes into sense.He asks where is she?Anika says nothing and says she have headache so she is somewhat stressed and says she will go home as it is evng.Daksh asks should he drop her?Anika says no ,I will go.She sees Shivaay outside the clg waiting for her.Shivaay sees both of them.

Daksh hugs Anika and says bye.Shivaay gets angry .Anika also says bye and sits in car.Shivaay drives the car and asks Anika to keep the seatbelt.She rufuses.shivaay stops the car and forcefully keeps it.They come too close .Shivaay comes close to kiss Anika .Anika closes her eyes.but suddenly someone horns from back.Both come to their senses and feel akward.They drive the car to mansion without talking a word.Anika gets down and runs into her room.Shivaay scolds hisself thinking what he was about to do and thinks that he is about to marry Tia and cant do that to Anika and thinks to distance himself from Anika.even on the other hand Anika thinks to maintain distance from Shivaay.

Rudra comes to home and searches for Sumo.Sumo comes nd asks how is his date.He tells Sumo the whole story and says he dont want to see Romi face again.Soumya says to chill and asks him not to feel bad and says to Rudra that she have a remedy to forgot the sadness and takes him out.She goes to a street side stall and orders golgappe.Rudra says he will not eat.Soumya says atleast to try one.Rudra doesnot know how to eat.Soumya makes him eat it and they both enjoy.

Precap:Shivaay and Anika avoid eachother.Om and Ishaana discuss about this.

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    Amazing dear….. Nice part. No Om’s scene today, why? Waiting for the next part….

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  17. Fantastic ep???????????????????????????? can’t wait for the next one plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz pzl plz post the next asap.

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