Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (Part 16)

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Hello Guys,

Enjoying the show or not.I started the same show on whattpad and you can follow me there too.So coming to the show.
The episode starts with Tia comes to Oberoi Mansion and hugs Shivaay.Anika gets shocked and thinks who is she?Tia says Shivaay baby ,how are u?I miss you alot.what happend to you.You are not picking up my phone ,not calling me.Dont u miss me?.Shivaay stays silent.Tia sees Anika and asks Shivaay who is she?Shivaay says she is Anika Agarwal,Bade papas frnds daughter.Tia then introduces herself to Tia and says she is Tia kapoor.She is about to tell who she is.Just then Shivaay diverts topic saying that Anika is late to college I will drop her and come and is about to go from there but Tia says she need to talk about there marriage.Anika is totally stunned and ask marriage?Tia says yes Shivaay and I are getting married.20 days before we got engaged .and asks her Didnt Shivaay say it to u?Anika looks at Shivaay with a deep pain .Shivaay is not able to look into her eyes with the guilty.Tia says to Shivaay that a pandit said that they should get married within one month otherwise Universe destroys our future.Just then Pinky enters and says what?O my mata,No this cant happen with my Shivaay .Anika is looking at Shivaay for answer but Shivaay dont know what to say and is just standing like a statue.

Slowly Anika is getting teary eyed but is controlling it.Every one in the family come.Pinky is still worrying for Shivaay.Jahnavi says Pinky that all these are just superstitions dont worry.Tia says no Aunty the pandit is very powerful we must get married as soon as possible.Anika is not able to stand there anymore ,she cant control her emotions and says to Om to drop her as she is getting late.Om agrees .Shivaay is so hurt by seeing her going.Anika and Om go.Om asks Anika is she ok?Anika says yes.Om thinks something is wrong.He drops her.She goes and is sitting on the bench outside the university.

Daksh lands in India.He is so exited and says I am finally here Anika .I am coming for you.
Here in the mansion Shivaay shouts just stop it Tia.Just stop it.End this mattet now.I dont believe in all this..Tia says but she believes.Shivaay shouts her saying if you belive its not my my problem and says dont make me angry I can cancel our engagement even now and goes from there.Tia gets shocked and thinks plan got flopped and thinks what to do.Pinky asks Tia to not worry and says she will make Shivaay agree and goes.
Shivaay calls Om and asks where is Anika?Om says I dropped her she is looking sad and asks did u hurt her?Shivaay says yes thinking Tia matter.

Anika is still sitting on the bench and is crying thinking of Shivaay and her moments there dance,Shivaay sleeping behind her, and all these.(O jaana sad version).Shivaay reaches Anikas College and starts searching her.He sees her crying and goes towards her.Anika feels him and looks at his direction and angrily leaves but someone holds her hand and its Shivaay.Anika asks him to leave her hand.Shivaay says he wont.Anika says she will shout.He asks her to do it.Anika is abou to shout but Shivaay drags her to him and closes her mouth.Anika bites his hand and is still in teary eyed.Shivaay asks her why is she crying?Anika says she is not and bends her head down.Shivaay lifts her head and ask her to say it now.Anika is not able to hide it and breaksdown infront of Shivaay.

Precap:Rudra and Romi go for a date.Daksh comes to university.

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