Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (Part 12)

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Hello Guys,
How are you?I hope ur liking my series.But are you liking the original series of Ishqbaaz.Actually i am not likibg it especially the new promo and this mondays

precap.And some one asked me y villians.Because without villians the series cant be extended?.But in my series I dont keep villians for much longer .

So coming to the episode-

Episode starts with Anika laughing at the name Billu and Shivaay controlling her laughter.But anika is still laughing.Shivaay says ok cut it.Anika stops but could not control it and bursts out and runs from there .Shivaay goes back of her by saying to stop.Anika is going to her room and shivaay comes there She asks what happend billuji Shivaay says not to call like that and says only his dadi calls him.Anika says i feel your dadi forgot something.He asks what.She says bhaaghad(Bhagahad billa) door.Shivaay gets irked.Anika opens the door laughing and suddenly gets shocked .Shivaay asks what happend.Anika goes to the photo frame and starts crying.

Shivaay is also shocked.He calls the maid and shouts at her but maid says she did not come here .Shivaay asks then how did it break then.Maid says she dont know .Shivaay ask her to go and he goes near anika.Anika is still crying and she tries to take the glass pieces and get hurt.Shivaay scolds her and gets the first aid box and tends to her wounds.Anika is still crying.He says its Just a photo frame and they can fix it .Anika says its not just a photo frame.It is her mothers memory and cries.Shivaay says sorry and tries to console her.Anika sleeps on shivaay shoulder weeping and goes into sleep.Shivaay sees anika sleeping and make her sleep on the bed and he then take the photoframe and goes from there.

Scence shifts to Ishana house .Ishaana is sitting with her family and is having dinner .She says that Tomorrow she got a invitation to her and bhai for ganesh chaturti.Her mother asks where.Ishana says from Omkara .Randhwana says he has duty.Her mother asks who is Omkara.She says priyankas brother.Randhwana immediatly says he will come.Both are shocked.Randhwana says he actually forgot that he has taken a leave.Both of them look at him wierdly.He asks what.Ishana says nothing and ask him to be ready.
Scene shifts to other place where sundari hiers some goons and say them that target should not miss .They agree and leave.sundari thinks tomorrow oberois will be destroyed and smirks.

Its morning Anika gets up and thinks how she slept on shivaay and how he dressed her wounds.She then searches for her mothers photo and doesnot find it and searches every where.Just the shivaay comes there by holding photo frame and asks are you finding this .Anika sees it .It is good now and even laminated neatly.Anika is so happy and hugs shivaay crying .Shivaay hugs her back .Anika says thankyou .thankyou so much.He says welcome and asks her to get ready fast and goes.

There Randhawan gets ready and is waiting for ishaana .he scolds her for being late.Ishana says cool bhai.still there is a lot of time for pooja.She says i think ur more intrested to go to overoi mansion.whts matter.Rabdhawan says nothing like that and asks her not to ask to many questions and just sit in car.

Goons enter the oberoi mansion in disguise as workers.and merge with other workers .Dadi asks wgo are they.They think before they say shivaay comes an says he hired some workers just for today because of pooja and ask them to go and do work.

Anika comes down in a traditional dress and she looks too good and Shivaay is mesmerised by her beauty and is not able to take his eyes of her.Anika comes infront of him is the dress good.Shivaay says beautiful.Anika looks at him.He says the dress its beautiful.Just then Anika sees and shoUts ishaana.Om turns to see her.Ishaana and Randhawan enter.Om greets her and introduces himnto randhawan then Randhawan and Ishana meets everyone in the house. Randhawan is not able to see prinku.He ask Anika where is Priyanka.Anika says she is inside kitchen.and asks y?.He says nothing and says he want to drink water.Anika says i will get.Randhawan says no he will manage and goes to kitchen.Shivaay is still looking at Anika .Anika sees it blushes.

Precap:Some people comes to oberoi mansion and says they are hierd today for pooja.Shivaay asks but some members already came.They show thier Id .Shivaay thinks then who are the people who came before

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  1. So interesting ur track
    So don’t stop.thank u

  2. Vincy

    I was the one who asked y villians ??…

    I just want my bold Anila back until Shivaye confess his feelings for her in serial

  3. Akshaya

    It’s awesome

  4. Awesome…waiting for d nxt

  5. Update next part soon…suprb

  6. Fabulous

  7. Shivika

    Wowww…..loved it

  8. Lisaaa


  9. Amazing episode…

  10. Pinkyyy

    Awesome update dear
    I read all the parts in one go
    It was just amazing ????loved it ??

    1. M.Harshitha

      Thanks for taking your valuable time to read my ff

  11. Awesome update next

  12. M.Harshitha

    Thank you GuyS .and keep on supporting me

  13. Its awesome…..
    Update nxt part asap…. 🙂

  14. Superbb

  15. Sairan

    Wonderful epi..very emotional ??

  16.’s nice

  17. Gayathri.visu

    Becomes interesting every episode. Its awesome!!!!!

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