Ishqbaaz- GAURI Aur OMKARA (Rikara ff) episode 9

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Haiiiii friends.I am back with the 9th Episode.Sorry for the delay.Thank you all for your comments…????
I am concentrating on my next FF which is going to be sensational…(The leads-suspense).
If anybody missed the previous episode,then have a look at it…???

Episode 8 here

PREVIOUS EPISODE: Omkara and Gauri share some romantic moments..Anshi,Lavanya,Mitali to cause trouble to Gauri????

Rohit holds Gauri’s hand and she gets shocked..Anshi,lavanya and mitali smiled deadly…???

Gauri: Hey blo*dy,leave my hand.??

Rohit:I want to talk to you Gauri…I am in love with you…

Gauri: Are you mad, we are here to get a degree. Not to fall in love…

Rohit: I know gauri..We are here to get a degree..But we can concentrate in studies ,even after commited. We can marry after getting settled..

Gauri:For your kind information,My parents had already planned my marriage with second grandson of oberoi family.. We just like each other.
Nobody can have that place in my life except omkara singh oberoi..???

(Omkara was watching and hearing all this…Gauri forcefully pushed rohit and walked fastly to the college…Rohit followed her and omkara followed him angrily….)

@College…Gauri was in the ground floor..Rohit pulled her hand and hugged her…Lavanya ,who was in the left side of first floor suddenly captured it in her phone???When she
was about to post it in Facebook,one hand grabbed her phone from her hand and thrown it forcefully towards groundfloor..It was none other than omkara…Lavanya’s phone broked into pieces like her plan….

Omkara(To Lavanya,Mitali,Anshi): I am warning you three..If you plan against Gauri next time,i will throw you three from third floor….

Lavanya,Anshi,Mitali leaves from there in heavy anger….Omkara runs towards rohit and grabbed his collar…
Omkara started beating him Black and Blue…Rohit apologises to gauri and was about to live..Omkara shouted “LISTEN EVERYONE”
Gauri secretly takes the Memory card of Lavanya’s phone and keeps it in her bag.Then she came near to omkara and thinks about what he is upto…
All the students gathered around Gauri and Omkara…Omkara holded gauri’s shoulder and said,

Omkara: Dont mess with gauri..She is mine…If anybody troubles her,i will not keep quiet..I will never mind to kill them..

Tears fell down from Gauri’s eyes like Pearl Drops??She looked at him….



Then everybody left….Lavanya,anshi,mitali fumed in anger and left…

Omkara: Are you ok now darling..

Gauri: I am not in a mood to attend the classes omkara..I decided to go to my home..

Omkara: Why to home? Why cant we go to Dhaba,Food corner,Mandir,Beach,etc….

Gauri: Take me to somewhere you want…??

She sat in his bike…He started driving and they left college..


Sharmila(Mother of anika,bhavya,gauri): Anika baby,Have you completed the arrangements for Bhavi’s Birthday?

Anika: Yes ma..Almost..I have done the lightings,Purchased all ingredients for cake..Gauri asked her friend subha to decorate the greeting cards…

Sharmila: I am very lucky to have daughters like you three…Really you 3 are god’s blessings to me….Your coordination will break all the obstacles…How nice it would
be if aswini didnt had died that day?!!!!!!!?????(Sharmila burst out in tears suddenly thinking about her fourth daughter)

Anika: Ma,i told you na,please try to forget that incident…Already you had undergone many Phsychiatric treatment after that incident…She will be always around us ma..

Sharmila hugged anika and anika consoled her mother..

Sharmila: Where is birthday baby?

Anika: Gauri locked her in my room,so that she can surprise bhavya..

Sharmila: Oh my god,what will bhavi do if she feels hungry??

Prithvi roy sharma:(Father of anika,bhavya,gauri): Dont worry,i am here na…I will take bhavya toBajrang Dhaba…

Anika: Ok,no problem..I will complete the remaining works for the party….

Sharmila: i will accompany anika…

(Prithvi unlocks the room and goes inside..)

Prithvi: Happy birthday bhavi dear…(he hugs her and kisses her in forehead)?????

Bhavya: Thank you so much papa..I thought that you forgot my birthday…

Prithv: Sorry bhavi, i had to go for urgent meeting with Oberois ,to discuss about the upcoming business deal..So Till 12:00 pm i was fed up with it!!!??I reached home only now(01:30).Thank god..You are ready.Come on..Lets go.

Bhavya: Where papa??

Prithvi: To Bajrang dhaba..

(Both of them departed from Sharma Mansion,heading towards Bajrang Dhaba)

Anika: Mom,I am leaving to the Besharam’s bakery to see the model…
Sharmila: Bye dear..Please come soon…

@Oberoi Mansion

Dadi: Billu, will you do me one favour??
Shivaay: Tell me my dear dadi..????

Dadi: I have to go to my friend’s grandson’s reception today…He loves the cakes to the core…Especially black forest,black currant…
This naughty rudra emptied the fridge..Can you please buy me some cake from Besharam,s Bakery?

Shivaay:Why not?? Suree Dadi…I will be back soon…


Meanwhile, Rikara

Gauri: Omkara,where we are going?

Omkara:To Bajrang Dhaba…


I am sorrrryyyyyyy friends……I said it will be mahaepisode…Sorryy…What happens next?

Will Shivika meet??
Who is Aswini?
How she died?
When She died?
Why gauri takes lavanya’s memory card and hides it?
Will prithvi see omkara and gauri?
Will rikara get caught?

Stay tuned for next update….Do you all liked it?Please leave your comment dears…Happy GANESH CHATHURTHI TO ALL READERS.MAY LORD GANESHA BLESS YOU ALL AND YOUR FAMILY WITH HAPPINESS…

PRECAP: Suspense….

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  1. Kavinda1234

    Super?????loved it…..

    1. Logesh.M

      Tq soooo much kavinda….Happy ganesh chathurthi to u nd ur family…keeep reading..keep commenting ??

  2. Bubblu

    Hi bro..nice episode…Luved the Omi stood for my cutipie…Gud work…keep going

    1. Logesh.M

      Tq sooo much bubblu???Happy ganesh chathurthi to u nd ur family..??keep reading..keep commenting..

  3. Lauren

    Amazing bhai… loved it.. fantastic…. plz post nxt asap without delaying……

    1. Logesh.M

      Tq sooo much lauren???Happy ganesh chathurthi to u nd ur family ???keep reading..keep commenting..

    2. Lauren

      Happy Ganesha chaturthi to you n ur family too..

  4. Sagithya

    Awesome yaar… So excited for the suspense…. Post the next part soon….

    1. Logesh.M

      Tq soooo much sagithya????Happy ganesh chathurthi to u nd ur family ???keep reading..keep commenting..

  5. ShailajaBanthia

    wow its awesome dear

    1. Logesh.M

      Tq sooooo much dear….keep reading…keep commenting ????hpy ganesh chathurthi to u nd ur family ????

  6. Superb update
    Post next asap

    1. Logesh.M

      Tq sooooo much sumitha???keep reading…keep commenting…i will update next part within sunday…???

  7. Yashu

    Awesome Waiting for nxt

    1. Logesh.M

      Tq sooooo much yashu…keep reading…keep commenting…I will update next part within sunday ????

  8. Dinu

    Awesome epi dat omkara taught a good lesson 2 dat lavanya n rohit.hope shivika n rikara both couples meet there. Shivika will tease rikara 2 d core. I’m curious nw who’s dis aswini? K i’ll wait till u disclose it.plz post nxt epi soon dr.u didn’t post a maha epi as a punishment u hv 2 post d nxt epi asap k? .bye tc

    1. Logesh.M

      ????yeah Sorry for not posting maha episode. ??Dinu shivika will not meet rikara now??aswini’s secret will soon be disclosed dear..Dont worry???

    2. Logesh.M

      Tnx.Tq very much for the long comment dear???

  9. Rasika

    Happy ganesha chaturthi to you too… Awsm.. Waiting for the next episode… ???

    1. Logesh.M

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  10. Niriha

    Awesome epi??loved it
    Happy Ganesh chaturthi
    Update next part soon…

    1. Logesh.M

      Tq sooooo much niriha..Happy ganesh chathurthi wishes to you too..Keep reading..keep commenting ?????

  11. Aashi9

    Luved the possessives of Om
    Excited about the celebrations
    Update soon

    1. Logesh.M

      Tq soooo much aashi????keep reading…keep commenting…???I will update next part before sunday…

  12. _APARNA_

    loved it so so so much logesh bby , this is so fun and light to read , makes me smile , and laugh , it was such a cute episode , the way om got possessive about gauri , awwwwwwww , i wonder when we’d get to see jealous om in ib -_-

    1. Logesh.M

      Tq soooo much apu..???Happy ganesh chathurthi to u nd ur family…I will update next part before sunday…Yes..I bet now…Om will soon become jealous in real ishqbaaz..??wait and see…Keep reading….keep commenting…???

    1. Logesh.M

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  13. Shabana

    Very nice ? combination of action and emotion loved it
    Omri are amazing ?????
    Shivika ?? I thought only MRI will be there even shivika has a role awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ?
    And bhai mahaepi ??? post it soon
    And read my OS ??

    1. Logesh.M

      Tq sooo much shabana…Yeah its not a maha episode ???I will read it before evening 07pm.And surely i will comment…Yes…Shivika is also having role…Even ruvya…???i will update next part as a mahaepisode…

  14. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

    1. Logesh.M

      Tq sooooo much nikita???keep reading…keep commenting….Please dont discontinue….

  15. Shreyanvi

    Hiii Bhaiii….
    I m so sorry for being irregular in commenting…actually I was busy so didn’t came online….but I hv catchuped wd all episode…they where really awesome…specially previous one…rikara moments???????….mindblowinf…keep it up… post nxt part soon …nd keep sending links….nd also waiting for ur nxt fan fiction…jodi’s r suspense…atleast give us a hint…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Logesh.M

      Tq sooooooo much shreya?????keep reading…keep commenting…Yes soo the promo will be out….Dont worry..I will send you the links whenever i am posting…But try to comment…??

  16. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrrrrr………. Spry for late reply…..

    1. Logesh.M

      Tq soooooooo much maha..????Keep reading. Keep commenting…Please dont discontinue reading ??

    2. Nice chapter dear… This was so cute update.. I just love omkara’s character in this ff.. He is so caring and fun loving person… M really loving this ff.. Plz post next part soon..
      And Happy Ganesh Chahturthi to u and ur family too..

      1. Logesh.M

        Tq soooo much kashu…keep reading dear..Keep commenting…i will update next part tomorrow….It will be posted before afternoon…?????

  17. VHM

    super awesome…

    1. Logesh.M

      Tq sooo much didi…please keep reading…I am sorry i am not able to update regularly ????Keep commenting…

  18. Riana

    I read the episode yesterday but forgot to comment sorry ??…Nice that Om threatens those three witches and beaten up Rohit red n blue…???…Saathiya song was matching perfectly with the scene…???….Ashwini a new character…waiting for her entry…updt soon…

    1. Logesh.M

      Tq sooooooo much riana…keep reading…keep commenting….For your info there will be more characters riana??Please dont discontinue reading dear…Tq soooo much????

  19. Verna

    Wow.. this part is too good.. u have planned well for meeting Shivay and Annika mom and Rikara and her father bhavya.. excited for next part..

    1. Logesh.M

      Tq soooooo much verna didi???Your comment means a lottttt to me didi..??I will post next part tomorrow

  20. Mithrabrinda

    Do update the next episode soon bro❤

    1. Logesh.M

      tq soooooo much priyaa akka..Keep reading…keep commenting….Please dont discontinue reading…????

  21. Deepu

    awww overpossesive omkara is sooo cute..make shivika meet in ur next ff dear

    1. Logesh.M

      tq soooooo much deepu…For your comment….Keep reading…keep commenting……???????

  22. Aashi26

    hi bhai I’m so sorry for not commenting before I was offline for about a week just saw all ur messages and thank you soooo very much for the links loved the plot , I love rikara very much . very interesting storyline and great twist also you perfectly planned the meeting of all the characters waiting eagerly for the next part pls post it today itself…..
    your chutki

    1. Logesh.M

      Tq soooooooo much chutki…Keep reading…keep commenting…..Very very thanks for such a long comment……?????????????Yes chutki,i am writing 10th episode now..mostly it will be posted before tomorrow afternoon….??????

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  23. Asana321

    Wowwwww, so many surprises???
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    1. Logesh.M

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    2. Logesh.M

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  24. SMC

    Arey Wah!…what an episode bro…??❤️
    It was just amazing and I loved the Rikara was Beautifully described and written…?
    Sorry for the late internet is just so annoying…??

    1. Logesh.M

      Tq sooooooo much shirley….keep reading….keep commenting…Tq for your support…please dont discontinue reading ?????

  25. Logesh.M

    I am going to update 11th part today itself…please read it too and comment shirley????please dont discontinue reading dear. ????thanks a lott

  26. Amazing….loved it

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    Awesome as usual.

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  28. Karina

    Very interesting story. I enjoy reading it. Keep up the good work.

    1. Logesh.M

      Tq veryyyyyy much karina for appreciating me..This means a lottt to me???Keep reading ..keep commenting…please dont discontinue reading dear….??????????i am glad because u liked my story???

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