Ishqbaaz FF – A Tale Of Love, Romance and Passion -Chapter 4

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The moment Anita set her eyes on Anika her heart fluttered. She looked at her from far yet she could see that she was her daughter. It was a mother’s intuition and it couldn’t be wrong.
“Vikram that’s our Anika “said Anita clutching Vikram’s hand. She started to rush towards her but Vikram held her
“Wait Anita lets us wait for a moment I don’t want false hopes”he whispered
“Ssshhh…Mom wait”said Akshay
Aliya and Naira just stared taking in the scene in front of them.
Rudra was the first one to notice them. He nudged Shivaay
“Bhaiya who are those ppl.. they look some what familiar”he said
Shivaay looked up and it would be appropriate to say that he received the second shock in an hour
“What the heck that’s the Singhania’s what are they doing here?”thought Shivaay
“Huh.. Mr Singhania welcome to Oberoi Mansion”said Shivaay going towards them
The others stood there not knowing a thing about them except Tej. You know none of them have any idea about business
“These are The Singhania’s, world’s leading business men, their empire covers half of India as well as the world”said Tej glaring at them.
But the Singhania’s were busy staring at Anika and this did not go down well with Shivaay. No one was allowed to stare at her except him.
“Hmm”he said clearing his throat
“What brings you here Mr Singhania “he asked.

Meanwhile Akshay took out his phone and typed the following msg to his manager
“Find out everything about the Oberoi’s each and every detail especially about Shivaay Singh Oberoi his wife , what ever he did in the previous years do whatever you wish bribe, blackmail I want every info about them”
“Actually “began Vikram
But he couldn’t complete for Anita rushed towards Anika and hugged her tight
“My baby,my sweetheart, where were you ?”she asked crying
Anika was too shocked to even react first all of those Kapoor’s and then these ppl and this lady claiming her to be her baby ,the poor girl’s head was swimming
“Vikram I know it it’s our Anika I know it “she turned towards her husband
The Oberoi’s were meanwhile assessing this new found info. They didn’t know what to say or do. Pinky and Janvi were baffled, Dadi was astonished whereas Tej and Shakti looked as if they had come to Mad Hatters Tea Party
“This is a dream must be a dream”thought both Rudra and Saumya
Shivaay was dumbfounded. He just stared Anika as if she would provide him with all the answers
Om was the only one thinking and said
“Mrs Singhania what are you saying she is our Anika our Anika Bhabhi ”

Vikram moved towards Anika and touched her cheek and immediately realised that this was his daughter. It was a warm feeling that embraced his heart and he just knew it .That daughter whom he was finding since years.
He hugged her with all his might
“Beta where were you, we searched for you every where”he said his eyes teary
Now even Akshay came forward and hugged Anika
“Finally Anika finally I found you , I missed you so much”he said almost crying
“He literally searched the world for you “said Naira joining the hug
“One minute who are you all and why are you calling me your daughter “said. Anika pushing them. Though as soon as she looked into Anita’s eyes she found something familiar and she could see that she had certain connection with these people. But how could she believe them just like that.
Akshay understood that Anika does not remember them or what happened in the past.
“Beta you are my daughter “said Vikram
“What ?? How is that possible?”said Anika
“It’s a long story but I will tell you “said Anita
“Just a sec before you go ahead how are so sure that Anika is your daughter “asked Shivaay
“I am a Mom Mr Shivaay I know my daughter”said Anita holding Anika close
” I will tell you”said Vikram

“Years ago when Anika and Aliya were 3 and 1 years ago my biggest enemy and business rivival Mr Kapoor kidnapped both of them and demanded that I release a statement stating that my company and industries have gone bankrupt and that I transfer my entire property and assets to him. I could do nothing for he said that if I inform the police or anyone he would kill Anika and Aliya. We tried everything in our power to save them but after a lot of efforts we located them but he escaped and then he left both of them at an NGO and fleed to USA.
“We still searched for them and finally we found Aliya at an army officer’s house, a couple had adopted her but not Anika and hence they were separated but sadly Aliya didn’t remember anything about Anika “said Anita
“But I still did not lose hope, I still searched for her everywhere, found many lost girls and reunited them with their families and finally today I found you”said Akshay cupping Anika’s face
“Yes and now I will not leave those Kapoor’s they will pay for what they did to us”said Vikram
Aliya came forward and took Anika’s hands in her and said
“Di you still have this bracelet “pointing towards Anika’s bracelet
“See even I have the same one, Mom and Dad gave them to us on my first birthday”
Anika was shocked to see that and remembered that the bracelet was the only thing that reminded her of Chutki. Yes her Chutki also had the same bracelet. Could this be her family ???

The entire family was shocked to learn what the Singhania’s went through. But still it was hard for them to believe that Anika was their long lost daughter on the basis of a simple bracelet.
“How can you be so sure that Anika is your daughter just on the basis of this bracelet “asked Shivaay
“Mr Oberoi of my mother knows that Anika is her daughter then it means something you can’t question a mother’s intuition”said Akshay getting angry
“But it’s hard for us to believe that Anika is your daughter”said Om
“Yes she is my Anika Bhabhi”said Rudra pulling Anika.
“Fine we will do a DNA test here right now and prove it”said Akshay
“Akshay ..”began Vikram
“No Dad let’s do it . I want them to know that this is my sister and your daughter”said Akshay
“I will call the doctor”said Naira
Naira called the doctor and he arrived to take the blood samples. He first took Anika’s blood. As the needle pricked her Anika flinched but Shivaay squeezed her hand.
“I am always here and I will stand with you ” he whispered his eyes showing his love for her.Anika didn’t say anything but in her silence she was grateful for his support.
“Just give me a moment Mr Singhania I will give you the results”said the doctor
Meanwhile Anita noticed the vermilion and MS of Anika and she realised that she was married. And judging by the way Shivaay held Anika he was most likely her husband.
“Beta you are married?”asked Anita coming towards her.

The Singhania’s turned towards Anika and it was then that they realised that Anika was married. For Vikram the joy of finding is daughter was so great that he had failed to notice this earlier.
“Yes and I am her husband “said Shivaay quite proudly
“Yes she is my baby”said Pinky.
Anika still did not say anything and this worried the Singhania’s.
“Anika please say something,I am your Mom please talk to me”said Anita
“All these tests don’t matter,these are for these ppl and the world to know, we know it you are our daughter”said Vikram
“Yes Anika talk to us “said Akshay
“I… I don’t know what to say, I am so confused”said Anika her eyes filling with tears.
All her life she had yearned for a mother’s love and father’s care and now when these people came and claimed her as their family she couldn’t believe it . Though she wanted to for she knew somewhere deep down in the deepest place of her heart that she did have some relation with them but everything was happening so fast that she just couldn’t think straight.
“The results are positive Mr Singhania Anika Mam is indeed your daughter”said the doctor standing up and showing them the Ipad.
Shivaay snatched it from him and looked at it, it was indeed positive
“That means Anika is their daughter”he thought
The Singhania’s happiness knew no bounds. Finally finally they had found their beloved Anika.
“Sweetie now you believe I am your mother you are mine “said Anita hugging her
Vikram and the others joined them and they had a group hug.
The Oberoi’s were too shocked to react and Anika was too numb to do anything though she did hug Anita back. And it was then when Rudra saw Svetlana and Tia standing at the door with confused and bewildered expressions on their faces
“Time for the fireworks”though Akshay seeing them too.

Precap: Singhania’s teach Kapoor’s a lesson for life and Anika’s decision.

That’s it for today guys . Hope I have made things a bit clearer. Next part Kapoor’s will be having a shock and some Shivika moments. Adios till then!!!

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