Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 23

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Hi guys this is sat again, last time, I had got very less comments, I am very disappointed, but no problem, that part was really a boring one. Today I feel it would be an interesting one. I would really be blessed, if you guys comment. And a big sorry to all the writers, as I couldn’t comment on your ffs, pls don’t be angry on me. And the track of the serial is really going well.
@mukti di, last time, I have mentioned all the writers name, not my viewers, if you are writing any ff, please send me the link. And I will never forget you
@shama di, please don’t go, I would really miss you. You are my best di, just not getting time to comment
@new writers, a big welcome to the ishqbaaz writers family
@ishqbaaz writers, I am sorry for not commenting, I love your ffs guys, please continue and progress to the peaks.

@ and there are many who are asking can I be your friend, I am really happy that you are wishing my friendship. And all are my friends, so don’t ask anything, just jump into convo with me
And enough of my bakbaks
Now the recap of previous episode:
Shivika cute fight and romance,…….,………….omru disturbing them, ………………….ishana bringing wedding outfits for everyone for every ceremony,…………………………….sarah calls ishana my beta, and tej getting suspicious,…………………….ishkara talk and their moment, and sarah comes disturbing them
(ishana break their moment hearing sarah’s voice, and sarah as cool as a cucumber is smirking looking at them)
Sarah: so what is going on(in a sarcastic tone)
Ishana: aunty, actually I came here to ask om whether the outfits are fine or not
Om: ha bua, actually I am appreciating her talent
Sarah: oh really,
(Ishkara give an awkward look and ishana tries to leave the room)
Sarah: ishana
(the sound of sarah stooped ishana, this time the call is not in a sarcastic tone nor in an orderly tone, but something like motherly tone which she is never familiar with)
Ishana: aunty………….(trying to anticipate)
Sarah: (comes close to ishana and caresses her face) thank you
Ishana: thank you for what aunty
Sarah: thank you for(she want to say something but her conscience pricked her) I mean thank you for the outfits, they are really adorable
Ishana: no need to thank me aunty, I will do anything for this family
Om: a small correction, not for this family but for your family
Ishana: I know my family. Ok fine I will leave now, I have to go to office
Sarah: ha beta, go to office
(ishana turns to leave, om stops her)
Om: ishana, I know,
Ishana: what you know(she knows what he is going to tell)
Om: don’t pretend to be active Infront of me, go have your breakfast, you will be the first to skip your meals
(ishana gives him “he can find anything” wala look and goes)

Om: sarah bua, she is ekdum impossible you know
Sarah: as if you are not, can I tell you one thing om
Om: ha bua, anything
Sarah: you know what she correctly matches you. You know I am really open and I am an ishqbaaz, so I can guess different types of relationships, love can happen in many ways, but finally what results is just one bond. Hope you understand it. These words can easily be understood by my Mr artist, ok bye
(she leaves and out of om’s room, she leans on the wall and starts crying)
Sarah: why did I meet them again, not again, I cant afford to lose them again. Wherever they are they should be fine and alive, that is what
(she closes her eyes and remembers someone, slashing her husband rajvir with a knife. She opens and cries and goes)
Ishana in her room
(tej comes)
Ishana: bade papa, you are here, please sit
(he sits on the nearby chair)
Tej: your mom is coming within 2 weeks, do you remember
(ishana remembers and her face becomes dull and pale with a fake smile)
Ishana:I know bade papa, what can I do?
Tej: I just came to inform that, I don’t know how you will be but I want you to stay with us forever
(Ishana understood the statement)

(she gives a weak smile and he goes)
Ishana: what is this, everything in this world is against me, why should mom come now, and what is tej papa saying, is he saying me to permanently stay in obeoi mansion, but how,(after a while of thinking).
He wants me to marry om. I understood. Oh my god, one side my mom wants to kill the person whom I love and on the other side my family wants me to marry the person whom I love.
(she weeps badly)
Oh my god, it is very late for my office, the meeting is in 2 hours and I have to start my presentation. Ok I can complete it within 1 hour. First let me go to the office first. And this is bhayya’s deal. I have to crack it at any cost by hook or crook.
(she bids bye to everyone and leaves)
Shivaay room
(Shivaay gets up and wears his suit and turns to go, but hand was stretched at the door gesturing him, …………….obviously to stop)
Shivaay: Annika, today I have to leave, it is a very big deal
Annika: ishana is going to represent you, you take rest
Shivaay: what? You sent ishana. Oh my god, she doesn’t have the ppt presentation with her.
Annika: she told that she will prepare
Shivaay: she doesn’t have the required papers and files with her
Annika: she took everything with her
Shivaay: and actually did she take the papers regarding the contract of the construction services or communication services or transport services huh
Annika, she had to take the transport services one
Annika: yeah, she took that one only
Shivaay: ok then…………..
Annika: enough Shivaay, she will handle everything, she is independent and strong enough to crack the deal. Why are you pestering me with so many doubts
Shivaay: it is all because of you guys, you wont let me go
Annika: not soo soon Shivaay
(she turns to leave)
(Shivaay hold her hand, drags her inside and locks the door)
Annika: what are you doing and why did you close the door?
Shivaay: if I leave the door ajar, surely someone would come
Annika: what if someone come
Shivaay: they would disturb us
Annika: what do you mean, let me go
Shivaay: not so soon

(he comes closer)
Annika: Shivaay please
Shivaay: annika, you said that I have to not go to office, so I have to do something productive in the house right
Annika: productive?
(she understands and Shivaay smirks)
Shivaay: you know what, my mom wants to become grandma soon
Annika: Shivaay, just stop it please. Let me go
(he turns her and encircles her around her waist with his arms, she could feel his warmth.)
(he lifts her in his arms and puts her on his bed in a quite sitting position, she was just thinking if her saree could be a bit more tight and pinned , he comes closer)
Annika: Shivaay please, (he starts stealing the moment by touching her with his finger, he starts from the hand, he slowly moves to the neck, she could feel his touch and breath rate increased to the peaks and then the finger slowly comes to her face first from the forehead and then to the nose, then to the lips, she got so scared, all this moment, she was just closing her eyes. His finger came to the ear and then he slowly tucked the hair behind her ear. He then removes her ear rings and keeps them aside.he then moves to the neck and removes the pearl necklace which she is wearing .He comes closer to her now, she tries to resist, but no, he is Shivaay Singh Oberoi , no one can escape, he moves closer and with his lips, he starts kissing her front neck, that shivers her spine and as if electricity is passing in her. He gently pours number of kisses he can on her neck till it becomes completely wet. She doesn’t know what to do. She is too nervous. Then he moves his hand towards her back and removes the laces and touches her bare back with his hand, and she was soooo nervous, she could feel his touch, she tries to resist again but she cant move an inch from his clutches, he first touches her whole back and her waist then and then starts planting kisses allover the neck and the waist, she could feel her body becoming wet with the touch of his lips. He now turns to he and move closer to her, she closes her eyes. He puts his one hand around her bare and wet waist, and other on her neck and he moves to her lips and starts sucking them as hard as he can. She was so pulled at his act and holds his shirt tightly. She couldn’t stop him from tasting every corner of her mouth. He kept on moving his hands round the bare waist and the neck and kissed her hard, till they both were out of breath. Annika couldn’t speak anything. Eventually now shivaay’s eyes turned to her saree, he slowly with his hands, removes the saree part which is round the neck and then is about to remove her blouse completely, Annika is sooo nervous, she is praying god, and then someone knock the door. This disturbed their moment. Shivaay was very angry, Annika really felt happy. she immediately ties her laces back the neck and wears her saree properly. She wears her accessories removed by him and composes herself. She goes to Shivaay who is glaring at her very angrily)
(she starts crying infront of him, Shivaay becomes confused)
Shivaay: Annika, why are you crying? Please tell me, did that hurt you
Annika: Shivaay, I am not at all ready for all this, I am so much scared of all these, and you suddenly did that and I couldn’t resist
(she cries bad and now Shivaay was feeling guilty)

Shivaay: I really don’t know that Annika, I am very sorry, please don’t ever think that I will force you, (he holds her shoulders ) only if you are ready ok
(she nods and hugs him)
Annika: I am very scared Shivaay, please never do this again
(shivaay could sense her nervousness)
Shivaay: ok, I am really sorry Annika,I will never do that again if you are not ready yet
(he hugs her tight and she smiles)
(and then he opened the door)
Rudra: bhayya, what is this? I am standing for 10 mins outside and you came now. (he sees Annika in the room) (he smirks at Shivaay)
(Shivaay thinks phail gaya raita)
Shivaay: anyways Rudra, what do you want
Rudra: bhayya, first you tell me what are you doing with Annika didi presently with the door locked, huh. Suhagraat in the morning huh, waise remember that you both are not yet completely married
(listening this Annika goes running outside with her teary eyed face, Shivaay sees this and Rudra gives him a confused look)
(Shivaay shouts Annika)
Shivaay: it is all because of you Rudra
(he goes behind her)
Rudra: what did I do? (he keeps a puppy face and goes)
Sowmya’s room
Rudra: sumo, I need to tell you something
Sowmya:Rudra, I need to tell you something
Rudra: sowmya, this assignment is not completed, sir told me that if I don’t complete this, he would surely fail me, please will you complete it for me, ishana didi is very busy
(Sowmya gets so much frustrated and yells at him)
Sowmya: is it so important Rudra, why don’t you talk with sense, I am worried about something and you are talking some nonsense
Rudra: worried, about what sowmya(in a caring tone keeping his hands on her shoulder)
Sowmya: in my last year, I had a boyfriend Reyaan, we had a break up as he never cared for me, now he messaged me that he is coming for me and also told my mom that he loves me and my mom told to dadi about it do dadi allowed him to come here.
Rudra: sooo………… now what
Sowmya: my mom wants me to marry to Reyaan
(this is a shocking news to Rudra and there sowmya was shocked seeing Reyaan and stood behind Rudra)
In the kitchen
(Annika is still in the thoughts, and she is pouring oil in the khadai, and she kept her hand on it to check whether it is hot enough, and lost in thoughts she was about immerse her hand in the khadai, and there came our hero Shivaay, stopping her from burning her hand completely)
(the hand was lightly burnt. Shivaay immediately took to the sink nearby and turned the tap and put her hand under the running cold water, and then he applied burnol ointment as we know we have to not use petroleum products for burns)
(Annika was just staring at his eyes and shivaay was teary eyed)
Annika: Shivaay, it is just a small hurt, why are you crying
Shivaay: is it small for you, I know it is all because of me, I promise you I will never do that again, I am sorry Annika, please don’t be lost in that thought. If anything happens to you, I cant li…….
(Annika cups his mouth)
Annika: I know that, I will never be like that again, I promise
(she hugs him from side and he caresses her face and soothes her hair)

In sowmya’s room
Sowmya: reyaan
Reyaan: ha sowmya (he goes and hugs her) (Rudra is fuming) I missed you a lot sowmya, I know I ddint bother you for some days as I am busy with a mega documentary, and you thought that I wont care for you, don’t ever think that
Rudra: (he pulls reyaan from the hug) don’t touch my sowmya
Reyaan: your sowmya
Rudra: huh, huh, I mean , I mean, yes, she is my friend sowmya
Sowmya: reyaan, is it so that you still love me
Reyaan: yes sowmya, I love you to the core
Sowmya: thank you reyaan, and sorry for the misunderstanding
(Rudra fumes in anger)
Reyaan: no need of sorry, everything will be alright, I talked to your mom regarding our marriage and she said yes, so no worries
(he hugs sowmya and sowmya feels something uncomfortable, as a love angel she feels that they both are not made for each other. Rudra fumes)
Rudra: sumo, assignment
(sowmya breaks the hug with reyaan, and reyaan introduces himself to Rudra and bids bye to sowmya and goes)
Rudra: (in mind) I will kill this reyaan one day
In the hall
In the evening
(ishana comes from office)
Dadi: ishana beta,if you don’t mind, can you go to our panditji and talk to him regarding the marriage and date
Ishana: ha dadi
Jhanvi: mummyji, ishana just came from office and you are saying her to go to the temple. She might be tired right now
Pinky: ha, jethaniji toh bilkul corrects bola
Ishana: nahi, Jhanvi ma, pinky ma, i will go and I am not tired
Om: you all forgot to ask her something
Dadi: what
Om: so what about the deal
Shivaay: say that you did it ishana
Annika: I know you will do it
Sarah: arrey, let her tell it with her own mouth
Tej: what if we tell it
Shakti: congratulations ishana, for cracking shivaay’s 200th deal, it is very special for him
Annika: oh that’s why, he was so bothered from morning
(everybody hug ishana and congratulate her. Shivaay was very happy an hugged ishana tightly)
Ishana: now, I will leave, I have to go to temple
Sarah: om, it is better you accompany her, it might become late
Om: ok bua
(sarah and Jhanvi smile)

In the car
(after some distance and a long silence)
Ishana: do you switch on to radio
Om: yeah, usually, I listen to inspirational and motivation songs
Ishana: I usually listen to old songs
Om: you are just the carbon copy of Shivaay
Ishana: but he is not my carbon copy
Om: I know
(some screeching sound and the car was stopped)
Ishana: I think it is a puncture
Om: I will check it out
(they both come out, )
Om: yeah it is
Ishana: I will repair it
Om: why do you indulge yourself in everything
Ishana: that’s a great thing, I can do everything by myself
Om: you will never change
Ishana; ok, I don’t have an extra tyre, so let us go walk
Om: fine
(while walking)
Ishana: did you ever fight
Om: to save my brothers and my family and anyone who is in trouble, do you know how to
Ishana: I got a black belt in karate, I can smash anyone into pieces
Om: so manly you are
(she pushes him)
(now he pushes her and suddenly a car dashes her and the blood fall on om’s face, om was terrified)

Precap: ishana in critical state,……………………, Shivaay break down,……………………………omkara realization,…………………..and confession, ……………………..after recovery

Today I typed long, so I am expecting a good response
Please make me smile with your comments
It is request from me to all the silent readers to comment their views and thinking
So, that’s all for today guys,
Next part will be a bit sooner
And bye for now
C u later

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  1. Mrunal

    loved shivika moments….??

    this rudy is really duffer he always spoils the love moment of shivika???

    but he is really cute so can’t even become angry on him…??

    it was shock for me…. ishana’s accident…???

    it was super episode loaded with every emotion….????

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