Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 22

So guys this is sat back again to entertain you all. Did you guys seethe promo. I am just loving it. Oh my god Shivaay made Annika marry him by force. Happy to see them married but again another twist. Already we have many, where is Svetlana, what about roop, what happened to gayatri, where is ranveer Singh randhawa, where is Oberoi secret, where is annika’s past, and what about sahil, what will Annika answer him, and what about tia’s mystery man. Really I feel ishqbaaz is tangled with many twists, removing each knot in the tangle will render us more suspense and thrill. Still I love ishqbaaz, I love it, I live in it, I die for it.

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You all are very great writers, you are amazing, I will read all your ffs but might not comment as I am very busy, as I am going to participate in my district’s biggest quiz, and I am selected for group dance competition, that makes me more busier, as I have to select songs and choreograph the steps. I am excited for these two events. If anyone wants to help me by suggesting songs and composing steps, you are most welcomed
Ok now enough of my bakbaks, but I cant resist sharing with you guys
Now let’s move to my ishqbaaz world
Recap of previous episode:
Shivaay has an accident, Annika gets to know about it, ishana consoles om, sowmya consoles Rudra, Annika confesses her love to Shivaay and makes him wear bangles and the pendent to her. Shivika romance, omru disturb them
Now for the present episode

Omru: bhayya, bhabi
(Shivika break their moment, they feel a bit awkward. Shivaay glares at omru)
Om: sorry for the disturbance, we will catch you later
Annika: no om, there is nothing like that, you didn’t see your bhayya right, you can see him now
Rudra: you are sooo good bhabi, you are giving us freedom and time to spend with our brother
Annika: that is your birthright
(Shivaay smiles at Annika and omru are very happy with the answer)
Rudra: I think didi, no no no, bhabi, why are you teary eyed, did Shivaay bhayya scold you
Shivom: shut up duffer
Dadi: you don’t have anything else to talk except interfering in their affairs, huh
(dadi and the whole family come to the ward, ishana goes to Shivaay)
Ishana: how are you bhayya(she cries)
Shivaay: I am fine sweety, don’t cry like duffer(he hugs her)
Sowmya: crybaby, you are spreading your disease or what
Rudra: disease?
Sowmya: ha your crying disease
Rudra: shut up sumo
Soumya: you shut up duffer
Sarah: enough of fighting, this is a hospital ok
(they both turn their faces in the opposite directions)
Dadi: so, Annika did you fix the marriage date
Annika: dadi…………………
Dadi: we will fix it a bit later, because billu has to recover
Rudra: no dadi, don’t postpone their marriage date
Om: why for you Rudra
Rudra: they are sooo fast that I would become chacha soon before their marriage itself
(dadi hits on rudra’s head, and Annika sees Shivaay and Shivaay smirks at her)
Sarah: tell the date Annika
Pinky: don’t tell it tomorrow ok, don’t be like Shivaay who will decide marriage with in a day,………… suhaagrat within a minute………………….
(pinky realized what she said, Annika looks nervous, while Shivaay kept on continuously smirking at her)
Tej: ok now, enough of all the talks which makes this couple silent, let them speak, so Annika when do you want the marriage date to be fixed
Annika: after one and half month

Rudra: what? One and half month
Ishana: why that much late didi?
Jhanvi: shivaay can recover within a week, why soo late
Shakti: any problem with Shivaay beta?
Shivaay: why do you always blame me?
Annika: actually , we just now confessed, we want to spend time together, understand the most of us, that’s why
Sowmya: so you want some romantic touch in your life didi?
(Annika blushes while Shivaay is happy with the decision, and nods in positive, and the family members agree for it.)

(Shivaay is almost recovered as I said it is just an injury on head, Annika is at service to Shivaay. and omru teasing them every day, and ishana and om very much confused about their feelings towards each other. Sarah always lost in some other world though her body being present here, mind is somewhere especially when Annika announced the date )
In shivaay’s room
(just then Shivaay woke up, Annika is ready with espresso in her hands for her dear hubby,)
Shivaay: so, how do you know that I would wake up at this time(taking the glass from her)
Annika: oh really, do you think I am antaryami, or am I telepathic, to know when you will wake up
Shivaay: hey, I just asked it and you are fuming for no reason
Annika: I waited with you sairabanu for you since an hour for you to wake up, you didn’t get up, the espresso got cold so I have to make another one. If I heat the same one, you wouldn’t accept right
(he sits and comes closer to her)
Shivaay: so you did this all for me
Annika: or else, for whom will I do, do you think I don’t have any other work, give me the cup fast I need to go, there is so much work
(she takes the cup and turns to go but he holds her hands)
Annika: Shivaay, leave me, I need to go
Shivaay: not as until I need you
Annika: how do you need me mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi
Shivaay: so ok mrs Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi, first of all sit, why so hurry
Annika: first you leave me, I need to go
(now he pulls her to him)

Shivaay: why so early, huh?
Annika: enough Shivaay, I need to go, control yourself
Shivaay: oh hello I am not going to eat you now, ok. (he drags her more close)
Annika: Shivaay, please leave me
(he pulls her more close)
Annika: Shivaay…………
Shivaay: on that day in the hospital, we were about to kiss and we were disturbed, now I want to complete it
(he drags her more close and she was feeling so nervous, she closes her eyes and he smiles and he was about to kiss)
Rudra: what if it is the same disturbance

Om: Shivaay, and Annika if you want to do these naughty acts, you have to close the door ok, you are not yet married keep this in mind
Rudra: ha bhayya
(Shivaay glares angrily at omru, while sowmya comes from back)
Sowmya: bhayya this duffer na, I told him to call you through his phone, but he said he wants to see you, don’t know that he would disturb you
Annika: ok guys, whatever it is, just leave it, and by the way, good morning
(All reply good morning)
Shivaay: atleast now tell me what makes you come here
(prinku comes from back)
Priyanka: bhayya, Annika, dadi is calling you to tell something important, even I don’t know.
Shivaay: oh! And ha where is ishana?
Annika: ha where is she, even I didn’t see her since morning
Om: morning , morning, she went out, I think for her office. Ha, what else work she has?

Prinku: no, I saw her down with dadi, she just came now.
Om: hey guys, lets go now, dadi will be waiting
Rudra: ha bhayya freshen up ok, only refresh yourself, not with Annika bhabi
(he smirks and everyone laughs, while Shivaay stares at him with full anger)
Shivaay: just shut up Rudra, now go get lost, I will be coming
Rudra: I will take bhabi also with me as I don’t want you to make it late
(everyone smile and Rudra takes Annika and runs before Shivaay catches him)
(Shivaay gets ready and everybody are in the hall waiting for the Oberoi youth, everybody come down. All look at them and smile. Ishana is in the hall itself)
Om: so dadi, is everything fine
Dadi: so shaadi is soon, right guys

Shivaay: ha, and no postponement
Pinky: billu, don’t be so impatient, we are not going to postpone ok
Jhanvi: actually, we know that ishana is also a beautiful designer, she selected the best costumes from her account, and brought for us for every ritual of the shaadi and also the coordinated jewelery . I am very much receptive with her taste
Sarah: oh wow, that’s great, finally my beta, you are a great designer also
(everybody were shocked with her dialogue)
Tej: your beta?
Sarah: I mean to say that she is also our family right, so I have every right to call her beta, don’t i?
Ishana: there is nothing like that, you have every right to call me beta, you just shower your love and blessings to me, that’s all, I will be very happy.
(ishana opens the boxes and gives everybody their dresses for everyday, I mean for every ritual, along with the suitable jewelry, everybody just loved her dresses and thanked her a lot. Ishana is very happy. ishana is very happy to see om happy. everybody go to their respective rooms)

In om’s room
(he checks the outfits and everything was perfect with the colours which he like, the designs which suit him, he was very happy. ishana comes there)
Ishana: so, how are they?
Om: they are really very very beautiful, I just loved them
Ishana: I am happy that you loved them
Om: you are so artistic you know
Ishana: yeah I know
Om: what?
Ishana: what?
Om: what you know?
Ishana: I know that I am very artistic that’s all
Om: oh, I thought that you would say that even I am so artistic
(om keeps a puppy face)

Ishana: oh, now omkara Singh oberoi became puppy face wali oberoi
Om: enough ishana, I am not talking with you, bye
(he is about to leave and ishana holds his hand)
Ishana: I am really sorry please forgive me, please
(she keeps her hand crossed across her ears, like gesturing him to forgive her)
Om: ok, I am fine.
(ishana leaves his hand smiling and om too smiles and ishana turns and hits the cot and was about to fall, but her knight in the silver armor is present there, he immediately stretched his hand and caught her by, her waist and pulled her, they became more close now, they both are silent as if the world came to an end, and they are still left, and they had an intense eyelock for about a long time this time lost in each other’s eyes as they both are evry much confident about their feelings, one is scared to express but the other is not so sure to confess, finally they come to senses hearing sarah knocking the door and smirking at them)

Precap: dadi asks ishana to go outside for some work,……………………….. Ishkara long walk……………………………., reyaan’s entry shocking sowmya………………………………., Shivika cute fight,…………………………..ishana accident………………………..

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I know this part is a bit boring, but still I will try to make the next part interesting.
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  1. Sat_9492

    It’s amazing…… Awsm episode….. Waiting for next episode….. Update new episode ASAP……..

  2. Pri_24

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    ShivIka and Rudra are star of update…

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  10. Reason revealed why Shivaay will marry Anika forcefully
    Ifairer 24 Nov. 2016 15:40

    There will be big twists in the show when Shivaay and Anika get married. Shivaay and Anika’s marriage will happen, by Shivaay swapping the bride and forcing Anika to marry her. The family will also be shocked seeing Anika in Tia’s place.

    Shivaay to gets to know the actual reality about Daksh’s intentions and this makes Shivaay panicked.
    Shivaay knows that Daksh is not the right life partner for Anika and if Daksh would marry Anika than Ankia would not stay happy.

    Anika too loves Shivaay, but is really not happy with the way Shivaay is forcing upon marriage on Anika. Anika has taken all her life decisions on her own, and when the marriage decision is taken against her wish.

    The love-hate track will be starting in Ishqbaaz. Shivaay has mixed feelings for her. Daksh and Tia are cheating Anika and Shivaay.

    Anika is trying to save Shivaay from marrying the wrong girl Tia, while Shivaay wants to save Anika from the cheap minded fraudster Daksh.

  11. Shivika22kapoor

    Hi ? Sat and thanks for the appreciation dear I really didn’t know that you read my ff but alots of THANK YOU DEAR.
    Now coming to your epi. it was amazing as always dear you never fail to maintain the interest of your readers. Todays epi was Kamal ka ??????. Especially Shivaay and Anika’s slow motion romance was superb and Rudy disturbing them was really good dear.
    Pre recap sounds interesting and try posting asap ?.
    ?☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺
    Keep Smiling ? dear and don’t be disheartened for anything.

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    1. Precap is suspenseful dear
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    Thanks for it dear
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