Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 21

Hello guys this is sat back
I know you guys are very much hurt with my decision last time. Actually I mentioned the reason in the comment box last episode itself. Usually I wont stop abruptly anytime, but because of that incident, without any sense I stooped it. When I recovered I felt my decision is wrong so I am continuing,
Actually last week, I had exams and I am completely busy. So I couldn’t post then. It has been a week and I am thankful to you guys for your response. From now on, I wont make too late. And you know guys, after disappointing you all with my last episode, I want to tell you guys a good news.

Actually you are going to see Ishkara proposal in the next 2 or 3 episodes and Shivika marriage in the next 4 or 5 episodes. Shivaay and Annika marriage will be a 6-7 day marriage with complete dhoomdham . are you waiting for it
And sorry for the ishqbaaz ff writers, I am really very very sorry for not commenting on your episodes, and today I thought to comment but morning I typed this epi and afternoon, I had to complete my bio notes which is lost, and evening my best friend’s party. If I don’t go, she will come to my house and take me. 
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Recap of previous episode:
Love angel confuses om still more,………… the girls and the boys come up with dashing dresses colour coordinated with their partners, Shivaay goes from there, dadi asks Annika to go to the temple to get peace of mind, Shivaay proposes Annika in the temple, Annika rejects his proposal with hidden intensions, Shivaay angrily goes from there , Annika thinks to surprise Shivaay , Shivaay has an accident

Now present
In Oberoi mansion
(Annika feels uneasy)

Annika’s point of view:
What is happening to me? Why am I feeling as something bad is happening to me. What is this breeze indicating me, what is brushing in my mind. Is it any anticipation for anything wrong or anything bad.
What is wrong with me. Why am I feeling strange and uneasy, is everything fine and ok, I will go down and check out
(she removes the bangles and pendent and puts it in her purse)
In the hall
(everybody are enjoying and are busy, Rudra, ishana and sowmya are dancing on nache de sare…………..

Everybody happy, om feels something strange so as Rudra, meanwhile om gets a call)
Person on call(POC): sir is this omkara Singh Oberoi, the brother of Shivaay Singh Oberoi
Om: yes, may I know who is this
Poc: sir we are from Apollo hospital,
Om: hospital? What had happened
Poc: sir actually Shivaay Singh Oberoi……..
Om: what happened to Shivaay, tell fast
Poc: sir he met with an accident, his head got badly injured, he is in icu, please come fast
Om: what? Really, are you speaking truth
Poc: sir why will we lie regarding this issue?

Om: sorry, ok fine we are coming.
(he cuts the call)
(om becomes shattered. He goes to Rudra)
Om: Rudra(he is teary eyed)
Rudra: om, come and dance. (he sees him teary eyed)
Om what happened, are you jealous that we are dancing and you don’t dance
Come on dance then
(om hugs Rudra tightly and cries loud)
(everybody stop their works and look at them)
Ishana: om what happened?
Dadi: ha, tell it puttar
Om: dadi, Shivaay,………………shivaay,……………….
Tej: what happened to Shivaay?
Om: Shivaay…………Shivaay
Pinky:what happened to Shivaay
Sarah: is anything wrong om
Ishana: tell it clearly om
Om: Shivaay……………..shivaay………………..met with an accident
Dadi: what? Is it true
Rudra : tell that it is a joke om, don’t tell that it is truth
Om: ha that is truth, Shivaay met with an accident, I got a call from hospital
(everybody gets shattered hearing the news and Rudra breaksdown)
Rudra: really, shivaay bhayya ko accident hua, no way, he is fine

he will be fine, if anything happens to him, I cant live
(om and sowmya consoles Rudra. Everybody decide to go to hospital)
(just then they hear a voice, they stop by listening to that, their heart becomes more heavy listening to that voice. She comes to them)
Annika: dadi, do you know where is billuji, I have called him many times, but he is not lifting my call, do you know where he is. I need to talk to him please
(she sees everyone teary eyed and Rudra cant control himself, he cries aloud and hugs Annika)
Rudra: Annika didi………………..
Annika: Rudra, kya hua. Bolo
Rudra: Annika didi,…………….(he cries loudly)
Annika: om, what happened, please tell me(she comes out of the hug and holds om’s collar and shakes him)
Om:(he hugs her back) Shivaay ko, Shivaay ko………….

Annika: what happened to billuji
(she comes out of the hug and goes to dadi and ishana)
Annika: billuji ko kya hua dadi, please tell me dadi
(dadi cries and ishana hugs her)
Ishana: Shivaay bhayya ko, …………..teri billuji ko accident hua
(Annika gets shattered and ishana cries. She comes out of the hug, lost in the fact that Shivaay met with an accident)
(she remains silent, she is shattered completely. Tej holds her, and soothes her)
Tej: I know you are recently married, I know it will hurt, but still he is alive, he is there, he will be waiting for us. We need to go Annika
(Annika nods and they start to hospital)

In the hospital
Tej: hello, this is tej Singh Oberoi, can we know which ward is Shivaay Singh Oberoi in?
Receptionist: yes sir, he is in ward no 21, you can go their, and the operation is in process
Tej: thank you
(everybody reach there)
(they sit outside weeping badly. Ishana is consoling Annika)
Annika(in her mind); billuji, I am so sorry, because of me, you have to face this, I know that you are angry on me and its is all because of me…………….(she cries badly)
(the doctor comes out)
(ishana talks to doctor and the doctor leaves)
(ishana turns to the family)
Pinky: what happened ishana beta
Dadi: is everything ok
Rudra: how is Shivaay

Sarah: tell it out fast ishana
Om: what did the doctor say
(ishana sees Annika who is silent waiting for ishana’s answer. Ishana goes to her and hugs tightly)
Ishana: didi, bhayya is safe, nothing happened to him, he is perfectly fine
Tej: how is he now?
Ishana: bade papa, he is very much fine, I said na. actually everything is perfect except his head, they found his car hit to a tree and admitted him. Actually he was in the car while hitting the tree, everything is fine, and I think the airbag didn’t work properly, so his head was injured badly. Actually doctors thought that he might go to coma, but our Shivaay bhayya is strong, the great wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi will always be there to protect us, then why will he leave us huh
(she pats Annika’s head)
Ishana: now enough of crying Annika didi, go your sri sri patiji will be waking up by now
(Annika smiles and goes inside with her purse. Sarah sees her teary eyed)
Outside the room
(Ishana sits beside om)

Ishana: you know how much I am scared that I might lose him and seeing Annika didi’s condition, I was completely lost. I want to cry aloud. But if I cry, others also cry, so I didn’t, I know bhayya will be always fine and he will never leave us
Om:(he hold her hand tightly) you know what ishana, I don’t know I am really scared of the thought that I might lose him, and if a situation like this arises, I would really be shattered. But thank god you are brave and optimistic, if you also cry, I would be completely lost
Ishana: (tightening the grip) I will always be there to support you in all the means
Om: I know that
(he rests his head on her shoulder and she does the same)
(everybody sees them and smiles and tejanvi were very happy. sarah too smiles)
Rudra: sowmya, oh my god, what if anything happened to bhayya, I wont live, I will di……………
(sowmya cups his mouth gesturing him to speak)

Sowmya: nothing will happen to bhayya, he wont leave you and go anywhere
Rudra: sowmya, thanks for being along with me today(he hugs her)
Sowmya: I will always be there for you Rudra(she reciprocates the hug)
(dadi smiles seeing them)
Dadi: meri theeno pothe ko ishqbaazi hogaya
Inside the ward

(Annika walks inside with her rustling lehenga seeing only her billuji, yes he is hers now, she has all rights on him now. She goes to him and caresses his face and soothes his hair and she cries and tear drop falls on his hand, with her sudden touch and the wetness on his hand, he wakes up to see his ladylove who always smiles and talks crying badly and silent. He remembers her words that she needs time and pretends to be angry at her, of course he is, but he is melted seeing her condition)
Annika: (seeing that he is conscious) billuji……………
(he turns his head to the opposite side)
Annika: please billuji, I am sorry
(he still doesn’t listen to her)
Annika(she keeps her palm on his face ): please billuji……
(he still doesn’t listen)
(then a nurse comes inside and Annika a bit awkward takes her hand off his face, Shivaay curses the nurse for disturbing the moment)

Nurse: mam, I am sorry for the disturbance, actually, we need to know about the members who will be visiting the patient and their signature, we have taken all the members’ sign outside, only you are left mam. Please say your name and you can sign then
Annika: I am Annika, Ms Annika
Nurse: just Ms Annika mam
(Shivaay turns his head the other side in more anger)
Annika: yeah let me complete, I am Ms Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi , the patient’s wife, let me sign

(the nurse gives the papers and she signs. All the time Shivaay was looking at Annika with 50 parts of happiness and 50 parts of surprise)
(then the nurse leaves, and Annika turns to Shivaay, to make the scene more romantic, Shivaay turns to the other side still)
(Annika thinks a lot still, and finally opens her mouth, she calls him)
Annika: Shivaay…………..!!!!!!
(Shivaay was astonished completely, he turned to her and looked at her with complete surprise as she called him Shivaay for the first time)

Annika: actually, Shivaay, I am so sorry, please forgive me, I thought to say you with surprise and want to make you wait for some more time. But I never knew this will happen, I am so sorry(she weeps badly).what if something happens to you
Shivaay: (he gets up and rests his back with the support of the bed) (he holds her) it is ok Annika, I am fine, you see me. Then tell me now, are you ready to marry me
(Annika nods her head in positive and Shivaay immediately hugs her tight, she reciprocates it with extreme happiness. Then they both come out of the hug and smile)
Annika: I have something to show you
(she takes her purse and takes out the pendant and bangles)
Annika: do you remember these bangles, they are given by mallika for me to wear when I realize my love and all my wishes about my love are fulfilled.(Shivaay nods) I want you to make me wear these bangles now
(Shivaay happily makes her wear bangles)
(and she continues…….)
And this pendant , you told me to wear when I accept you completely as my husband
Shivaay: so you want to me to make you wear this also
(Annika nods and Shivaay teary eyed, ties her the pendant)
(he hugs her again and says I love you and she in return says the same and he hugs her more tight)
Annika: wait, I have to tell the whole family that you are conscious
(she gets up to go but Shivaay holds her and pulls)
Shivaay: not so early……………………
(he pulls her more close and he comes closer and Annika knows what he is upto, he comes more closer, both could feel each other’s breath and count each other’s heartbeats, they are thumping like a bullet train. Their noses touching each other and their lips coming closer. Suddenly they hear a bang ata the door)
Omru: bhayya, bhabhi

Precap: omru funny scenes,……………….. Annika fixes the marriage date, ………………………, shivika romance,…………………ishkara on the verge of realization
So guys that’s all for today
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