Ishqbaaz ff by nans(part 11)

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Hi evryone

I am so happy with all ur love.plz do comment like always if u like this episode also.PlzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

So sahil got new caring loving parents.anika and sahil moment.anika gives him a chit.later shivay makes anika sit in car and their long drive, with shivay not leaving single chance to woo n irritate his lady.
Here goes my story where I stopped.
Anika with a angry face bcoz of shivay stupid jokes.shivay giggling silently and they are in city now and he is searching a high class restaurant on the way.
Shivay: there is no one good restaurant here….
Anika: (really fed up) there it is.will you stop car?
Shivay: where? Its a ice cream parlour.

Anika: right now I am hungry and ice cream , I don’t think any person will say no it.
Shivay: ok.
He stops car and unlocks doors and before he come n open door in his new born madness ,anika her self opens the door and comes out.
Anika: I can go n eat.will u leave now?
Shivay holds her hand and takes her inside n makes her sit.anika has no option left than to bear this new shivay.
Shivay orders one icecream looking at anika,”u r going to feed me with love so need to order another” .
Waiter smiles at them.
Anika hits shivay leg with her leg angrily.

Shivay: ouch……and he orders one more.
Waiter leaves.till the order arrives shivay just keeps on looking at ber and she trying to ignore by looking here there,menu card and what not.and here comes ta icecream.
Anika eats and is enjoying ta ice cream.shivay looking at her smiling
Shivay: if this parlour is not there,don’t know what would u have done to me in ta car with ur hunger?
Anika angrily throws shivay ice cream bowl on him instantly.shivay hands suit are tasting ta ice cream now.
Shivay: what ta wuck!!!!
Anika: I would have done this.enjoy!
Shivay seeing at his hands don’t know what to ta same moment his phone rings.he is confused how to take a slow tone” anika!”
Anika looks at him then takes ta phone , and turns speaker on ,keeps it front of shivay.
Shivay: hello
Rudra: bhayya its been more than 4 hrrs u left.what r you doing with anika didi still now? Naughty shaughty….
All waiters around there are giggling too much.shivika totally embarrassed.
Shivay: rudra !! Phone is on speaker.
Rudra: why?
Shivay: my hands got stuck. Its…
Rudra: what’s tat u r doing by which ur hands got stuck?
Anika takes the phone immediately turns off speaker
Anika: rudra ki bache!! Ice cream fell on his hands.
Rudra: what babhi? U r eating without me.
Anika: babhi?
Rudra: everything is set now.why to control myself from calling u babhi.?
Anika:is no one there in house tat u r eating my brain?
Rudra: om gone to gallery.sumo gone to clg. I bunked.prinku listening music from mrng.left is u both.
And does logic wala sign to himself.
Anika: rudra bye..
Rudra: OK enjoy ur privacy.

Anika: rudra……
He cuts ta call n giggles.anika keeps phone back on table giving serious look to shivay.after finsihing ta icecream with silent war.they come out.
Anika: thanks
Shivay: for making ur hunger calm?
Anika: for taking me to sahil.
Shivay: in tat case u can say thanks in better way. And he pulls her with by placing both hands on her waist.
Anika: leave…evryone are seeing us.
Shivay: so its OK if noone see us?
Anika: besharam Singh oberoy.( trying to leave from his grip)
Shivay: actually u should call “ romantic Singh oberoy”
Anika: romantic? Huh? Badtameez Singh oberoy.
Anika phone rings.continuously.

A: leave me.looking at her phone.
But Shivay is Shivay, he doesn’t.
Anika attend ta call with no option left still in his grip.
Anika: hello.
Varma: sry madam.I was in some security work.u msgd to know details.they r very good people and..
Anika: its….
Shivay tightens his grip.anika holds his collar with sudden tight grip.anika looking at shivay.
Varma: helloooo
Anika: its ok. Now its solved.u carry on. And she cuts ta call.looks at shivay smiling

A: will u pls leave me
S: let’s make a deal.I wil leave u but u won’t leave me and will come to mansion with me forever.
A: dealer Singh oberoy!!! Just leave me.( in angry tone )
Shivay now tightens more that her cheek gets rubbed with his cheek.she slowly moves her face back
S: so will u marry me?
A: ( looking at some other side) om!!
Shivay gets startled and leaves her and turns back.but he can’t see om
Shivay: r u playing with me?
Anika: wow! We r four year kids na let’s play “ rings ringa roses”

Shivay: what ta wuck!
Anika: I really saw om going to tat park.
Shivay: this time?
Anika: rudra told he went to gallery.
Shivay: he is behaving strange these days
Anika: let’s go n see him inside park.
Shivika go inside park n search him in park. Suddenly they see om with ranveer from far.
Om: stop stalking my sister.I told u she gets attacks.
Ranveer: I too had sister Mr.omkara.but u and ur sis hit her with ur car and killed her 2 years back and are living happily.
Shivika are shocked listening this.shivay tries to go there but anika stops him holding his hand.
Om totally depressed: u want me to confess right.OK fine give me sometime.I will say that dark night truth to evryone and I will surrender myself to you.but plss leave my sister.don’t drag her in this.
Ranveer: how can I believe u? U r a murderer
Om: I am a brother too.I will come to you to confess.u can do whatever u want.just give me some time.
Ranveer: this is last chance to you.then I will listen to u and ur sister. U have to pay for ur deeds.
Saying this he crying,
Om: I have to accept my crime.I killed tat girl. I made a child mother less.I made a big sin.if prinku wouldn’t have took oath on her i would have surrender myself tat day itself.I searched her everywhere but couldn’t find her.tat night made me drug addict n prinku got nervous weekness.but now I have to face this.I will confess this to shivay n rudra.I will surrender myself.and he leaves from there.
Shivika who listen all this are hell shocked.anika crying at om state.keeps her hand on shivay shoulder
Anika: billu ji
Shivay comes to senses with her touch.he looks at her tightly hugs her and cries.anika to calms him
Shivay: om was going through all this since 2 years.but I couldn’t notice.I was thinking its bcoz of problems btw badepappa and badma. Prinku became weak with tat incident.but I…..( cries vigorously) I am a bad brother.I couldn’t sense their pain.
Anika holding him back from hug: no!! U r not a bad brother billuji.u r the best brother in this world.
Shivay: i am not and tries to hit tree with ta same hand already wounded.but anika stops him.
She shouts “ calm down billuji!!! U r not bad.not om too.situations are like tat.we need to think how to get om out of this.
Shivay: there is only one way , I will take blame on myself.yes I will….( and starts going)
Anika: billuji.wait
But he is not listening
Anika: billuji….stop.
But he is going fastly.anika holds him and tries to stop but he is not she slaps him hard.
Anika: u r not going to ranveer.
Shivay holds her tight and pins her to tree.
Shivay: this is only way to protect om.
Anika( in a low tone): just listen to me once plssss.after tat whatever u decide I will not stop u.plsss
Shivay calms down and takes his hands back.
Anika: billuji tat accident happened 2 years back.but y is he calm since 2 years? And y is he stalking om n prinku now.he would have done tat long time back na? Don’t you think there is something?
Shivay: how does it matter ? The only way to protect om is me taking blame before om confess tat.
Anika: billuji plssss if his sis is really dead,then he wouldn’t have been silent for 2 years.I think he is hiding something.billuji om will not surrender himself until he speaks to u and rudra.we have time to find ta truth. I think……

Shivay is also agreed with her thinking” u think?”
Anika: tat the girl is not dead.
Shivay first startled but he too thinks.
Shivay: we need to know ta truth we have to search his house.
( he immediately calls commissioner and makes acp leave city for at least some days for duty immediately coz he knows its not easy to search his house by his presence.)
After 2 hrs he gets to know acp left ta city.and they drive too acp house.meanwhile he gets all info of acp and they get tat girl PIC and gets to know tat she has no child nor she is married.

Anika: but om was saying he made a child motherless.
Shivay: tat acp must have plotted all this to make om more guilty so tat he confess. And he almost succeeded bcoz om was too depressed these days.and started taking drugs.I was so stupid, I thought…
Anika: its bcoz of his breakup.billuji I even asked him abt this once.but he didn’t said anything.
( and she looks at him totally totally upset)
Anika: billuji ! Everything will be fine.
Shivay just looks her and she assures him by nodding her head.

In mansion,
Om comes him.prinku sees him upset.
Om: now evry thing will be fine.and hugs her.
Later he goes to shivay room and finds rudra day sleeping rubs his head and sits thinking waiting for shivay.

Its almost evening, shivika reach acp house.they anyway divert watchman attention by throwing stone other way and they cross the gate.but the door is locked.they go backside and see a window open and they enter inside with ta help of it.they search evry corner but find shivay is totally frustrated.Anika looking him goes to calm him but she slips by hitting something.shivay holds her and says “careful’.
Anika: my foot hitted something and
She sees the mat and removes it suspiciously.there is door on floor.shivika are surprised..they open tat door and see a staircase to basement.they slowly step down and close that basement door. Its totally dark.shivay turns on the phone torch.and they slowly can see a bed.he slowly flashes ta light on bed.a face looking white with opened wide eyes scares them.anika closes her eyes and holds shivay shirt.shivay takes his away from tat vision.they calm down and again shivay flashes ta light on walls and he finds a switch board.shivay makes.all switches on.the lights are on now.they turn and look at the bed.a girl is on the bed with eyes open without any movement. And saline bottle, monitors evryone thing are connected to her body.shivay and anika look at each other.
Anika: billuji! She is ta same girl right?
Shivay looks at her photo he got some time back and he conforms her.they somewhat feel relief tat the girl is alive.they go near bed.
Anika: you…what’s all this? Why r u in this situation?
The girl gives no reply, no movement.shivay looks at anika.anika goes near her and tries to shake her.but no movement.suddenly they hear somevoice.they immeaditly switch off the lights and hide between cupboards.
A lady comes down.and switches on the lights.she looks around with suspicion.
Lady: I think I only don’t cover mat one is here.
And she goes to tat girl and gives her a injection.shivika observe this.
Lady: don’t when will u get fine.I am tking care of u since 2 years but u r still like this.doc is trying so hard but u r not recovering.ur brother is in so much pain.u can see him n listen him but u can’t react.I wish u get well soon. I went to get ur injection but I have to go again. U know na? My children would have come by now.I will come after 3 hrs.
She caresses girls hair switches off the light and goes from there.after sometime shivika come out and switches on the lights.they understand tat she is caretaker.
Shivay: now what? This girl is not dead due to om.she is alive but like a dead body.there is no way now.
Anika: billuji! Calm down think practically.
Shivay calms down and after 2 minutes he holds anika
Shivay: anika if she gets normal may be she will forgive om.
Anika smiles at him n nods.
He immediately calls doc and informs him abt all this and sends him pics of girls medical file.and shivika wait for his call back.
Anika goes near her: I don’t know how much pain u r going through.but the person bcoz of whom u r in this state is going through same pain.he gone to depression ,became drug me this happened unintentionally.
Shivay to come her: my brother can never do any harm to a person.he is a artist. Now only u can sve him.
Doc calls him back.shivay puts phone on speaker.doc says” the reports says she has a blood clot in brain , tats the reason of this India there is no cure for this type of clot.but recently Germany found its cure.I recently imported tat vaccine.if it works on her then we have to give her 2 more doses exactly within 30 hrs gap.then her blood clot will melt.but we have to know if this vaccine works on her or not.”
Shivay: OK doc thank u so much doc.khanna will come n pick u up.

Then khanna comes with doc.( and for watchman they shut his mouth with money)
Doc gives her injection.and they wait for 15 minutes.
Shivay n anika are totally tensed.after 15 minutes doc checks the monitor , her pulse.
Doc: she is reacting Mr.oberoy.two more doses then she will be fine.
Shivay n anika smile happily.shivay has tears in his eyes.anika holds him and he hugs her tightly.she too reciprocates.
Shivay: we have a hope anika
Anika: yes we have.
And they both smile seeing each other.
Doc: we have to give her the doses exactly with 30 hrs gap.
Shivay: I wll myself pick u up doc.
And the doc leaves with khanna.
Screen freezes on shivika smile.

Shivay: I love you anika…………..shivika passionate kiss.a shock and a surprise.ram revelation.

Guys read my opinion below too
I know shivika romance is less but I want to solve om mystery before shivika marriage and tat girl ( ranveer sis), I didn’t named her becoz I think may be she will be lead in original show.if yes then I don’t want to give her aother I will name her in future.hope u like it.plz do comment.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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