Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me- Chapter-45

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….My Brothers Are Everything To Me…

Chapter 45:


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Chapter 45:

“Rudra, drop the knife right now”

Tej uncle warned Rudra while Jhanvi aunty pleaded with him to drop it..

Rudra looked straight at his eyes and said,

“I don’t want any of you to suffer.. I was the one at fault, right? Then I should be punished”

Shivaay watched in complete horror of what Rudra is doing and he couldn’t feel his hands nor his legs to move because he’s that horror stricken to even move..

Om shook his head at Rudra’s stupidity knowing that he’s being a drama queen again..

There’s no way that this is the right way to make everyone forgive him instead it does the opposite..


Om realized that Rudra is doing exactly for that reason so that everyone will get angry at him instead of ignoring him..

Rudra is so desperate to get a reaction from everyone especially his Shivaay Bhaiyaa..

Om realized that this childish act is in fact an act of maturity..

Rudra is just pretending to cut his wrist so that in shock everyone will vent the anger out of him instead of keeping it inside..

But can he take the extent of everyone’s anger especially Shivaay…?

But looking at Ridra’s eyes he could see determination to accept everyone’s anger because Rudra realized that his mistake was unforgivable..

And Om forgave him not because Om let go of the fact Rudra lied but because of the fact Rudra had realized his mistake and truly suffering for it..

After all Om doesn’t have that much of a resolve to watch his brother suffering. Om glanced at Shivaay to see his reaction whether he is realized the drama Rudra is staging…

Om’s eyes widened in surprise to see that Shivaay fell for that act…

Well, Shivaay loses his senses when it comes to his brothers..

Rudra dropped the knife when he felt a slap on his cheek…

The slap didn’t hurt at all but the fact his Bhaiyaa had slapped him was too shocking.

His bhaiyaa had never risen his hand against him, never no matter what Rudra did.

But he knew that he deserved it for what he had done…

When Rudra turned his neck and looked at his bhaiyaa he realized Shivaay bhaiyaa looked even more pained than him when he was the one who slapped Rudra..

Rudra knew it…

And here is the proof that his bhaiyaa loves him more than himself..

Rudra had been afraid whether his Bhaiyaa will ignore and stop speaking to him..

Rudra can tolerate anything but being away from his brothers is the one thing he can never endure..

Rudra hugged Shivaay bhaiyaa tightly, he won’t let Bhaiyaa avoid him even if he has to get slapped a thousand time..

“I am sorry bhaiyaa.. I am really sorry. Please don’t hate me.. Please bhaiyaa”

His bhaiyaa’s hands hugged him back and shushed him to stop crying..

“Baby Ru… It’s fine.. And I will never hate you… Ok?”

A hand caressed his head and knew that it was O who is comforting him..

Rudra pulled from the hug and stared at them both, pleading apology.

Shivaay bhaiyaa twisted his ear in anger and looked at him properly..

“Don’t ever do this kind of thing Rudra.. Do you get it? Not even as a joke. Because you’re not just taking your life but also Shivaay and Om’s life..”

“I am sorry bhaiyaa.. I’m sorry O..”

Om hugged him along with Shivaay..

Their baby brother is so silly and immature sometimes but he’s like a baby to both of them..

Shivaay and Om let go of Rudra and Rudra gulped facing the angry eyes of the rest of his family especially his father.. He’s quite scary sometimes..

Tej looked at his terrified son and grimaced knowing it’s partly his fault that the video got released since it was done by Swetlana in anger for not paying her attention anymore..

He had fired her and blocked any access to Oberoi family..

There may come as many Swetlana as in future to distract him but one thing will never change and that is his family..

Tej Singh Oberoi can do anything for his family….

He was glad that Rudra is now alright.. Even he didn’t have the heart to hurt Rudra who looks like a puppy with it’s ears down..

Rudra pouted with as much adorableness as he can at this age..

“Rudra.. I’m letting this go with one condition.. Do you agree?”

“Anything dad”

Rudra agreed eagerly knowing he can handle whatever it is other than the silent treatment.

“After you graduate, you will become my personal assistant for six months”


With that his father put a hand over Sakthi uncle with a smile..

Granted Rudra hates to work but is that even a punishment?

Just then Shivaay bhaiyaa put a hand around his shoulder and whispered,

“Twenty people quit that job with in two months”

Rudra gulped when Om snickered knowing that he’s gone the moment he graduates..

How could he forget that his father is an older version of SSO..

Annika bhabhi pulled him in a hug, scolding him, dragged towards the sofa and gave a plate of food to eat before they speak..

Shivaay watched with admirable eyes when his wife cared for his baby brother with such attention like he’s her own brother..

He was right in making the choice of marrying her..

Because when he breaks down, she holds the family together..

And Rudra started narrating how the marriage happened and even admitted of how he came to realize his love for his Sumo..

Everyone was stunned to hear the playboy Rudra falling for a girl out of his taste..

Shivaay felt bittersweet towards Rudra’s marriage that the child he had taken in his arms had grown into a man…


Those days will never come back of when little Rudra only went to sleep in his arms alone and how innocent he was..

Om nudged his shoulder in silent comfort with a knowing look of what’s going on in his mind.

Shivaay was happy because he had known how much of a nice girl Soumya was..

He sighed and looked at his father and Tej uncle,

“I think we should marry them officially with proper rituals.”

Dadi nodded along with the rest of his family. It was strange how bade papa agreed to this marriage but soon forgot it seeing how happy Rudra looked.

“Also invite Prinku to our home.. Let’s marry them officially too…”


Everyone was shocked of how he forgave them easily but nothing mattered except their happiness not even his pain..

“Yeah.. I’m also getting tired of Ranveer’s apologetic mails and messages.. So just call them, ok?”

He took his outer coat and stood up,

“Where are you going Shivaay?”

Om asked in concern..

“Don’t worry.. I’m fine.. Just have a small work..”


“Come on Om, don’t look at me like that.. I have to take care of the media by announcing their marriage and also has to prepare arrangements for their wedding as soon as possible”

He smiled at Om tk reassure him that he really is fine and watched how dadi, Jhanvi aunty and Annika were fussing over Rudra to eat more..


“Yes Shivaay”

She got up and looked at him confusingly,

“Do you need something?”

Shivaay crossed the distance between them and kissed her forehead tenderly, making Rudra to choke on food..

“I will be back soon..”

With that he left the sight of Annika staring at the space and his family giggling and teasing her..

Shivaay took his car and drove to the destination he has on mind. He parked the car after reaching the place and pressed the bell switch..

“Welcome.. Welcome home”

Soumya’s mother invited him and he went in, sat on the sofa and properly apologized for what Rudra had done..

He then assured her that they will be married once more on the day Pandit ji will notify them for marriage.

When Soumya’s mother went to share this with her family in happiness, leaving him and Soumya alone..

“I am so sorry Bhaiyaa.. I didn’t…”

He cut her off in mid sentence,

“No, its fine Soumya.. I just in fact came to speak with you..”

“What is it bhaiyaa?”

She asked him realizing his hesitation..

“I am glad that a mature girl like you is marrying him Soumya.. You know how childish he can get.. So please just tolerate his childishness and please take care of him..”

“Of course bade bhaiyaa.. I know how childish he can get.. But that’s what is cute about him”

Shivaay shared a smile with her and something settled in him because he was worried about Rudra getting married in young age..

He still hasn’t graduated from college yet but at least this girl is mature enough to handle him if he’s being childish..

Shivaay got up to take his leave but he was startled to see Soumya hug him..

“I won’t steal your brother bhaiyaa.. So don’t worry bhaiyaa. You know I will never separate you guys, right?”

He patted her head fondly…

This is why he had always liked Soumya as Rudra’s friend because she’s caring and sensitive towards others feelings.

“Why would I worry? You’re just like how Prinku is to me”

Shivaay smiled at her when she pulled from the hug to look at him..

Shivaay took his leave from Soumya’s house and called the wedding planner company to plan Rudra and Prinku’s marriage..


Annika smiled happily at the workers who were pulling off the decorations since the haldi and mehendi function is over and only marriage ceremony is left for Rudra and Prinku..

Annika turned back when she heard laughter sound and her smile widened seeing Saahil amid the family members, Shivaay pampering him and Rudra whining that he’s being replaced by Saahil as baby brother for Shivaay Bhaiyaa..

Annika alone knew how much she was scared from the moment they married of being this happy every day.. It is almost two months and every day is filled with happiness that she’s afraid..

She ignored Shivaay’s glare to not overwork and continued helping the maids and servants.

Shivaay and her had came close to understand each other albeit little fights in their opinions..

Annika started to fall in love with him more and more while getting to know him and his habits..

So when evening came, she had finished finally in guiding the servants and nodded to the servants who started cleaning the floor.

It’s a huge mansion to look after but she has experience with taking care of such stuff during her wedding planning time..

And dadi along with Jhanvi aunty helped her since she will be the elder bahu to take responsibility of this family in future.. Pinky Aunty is still reluctant to accept her but she is not so hostile like before..

Annika washed her hands and smiled at Pinky aunty hesitantly to which she smiled back at Annika which was a miracle of it’s own..

Annika felt the lehanga is such a drag and that too in this climate…

So she decided to go and change the dress first and was surprised to see her room being decorated..

Why is her room decorated…?

What is going on..?

Her eyes widened looking at Shivaay with a rose in his hand, sitting on the bed with a naughty smirk..

Frankly he has been such a cheapde for the past few days.. He’s so uncontrollable now a days…

Her legs trembled already looking at how he’s staring at her..

Are these decoration for f.. F.. F-First night..?

Annika gulped down and resisted the urge to run into the arms which held her through her nightmares almost every night..


Not yet…

She cannot give herself to him…

Yes, they know each other better and even trust each other with their life and no matter how she hides from herself, she did feel desire for him..

She alone knows how much she melts in his hot touches and how it’s painful to wear collared dress all the time to hide his bites on her neck..

Yet… He hadn’t told her once that he loves her..

Insecurities rose in her even despite of how caring and attentive he is towards her..

Annika took a step back and collided with a door.. Shivaay’s expression changed looking at her worried expression and came towards her..

“Relax Annika… I just wanted to have a romantic dinner with you.. Do you not like it..?”


Just then she noticed the table near the bed.. God..! She has became a cheapdi herself..

She looked at him turning to put the rose aside. She moved and grabbed his sleeve, startling him to turn towards her…

She bit her lip at what she’s going to ask him..

Even though she didn’t want to force him, she asked him the question she’s keeping at bay all the time…

“Do.. Do you love me Shivaay..?”

Somewhere she realized noticing the guests arrived for functions and the events she had been brought along with Shivaay of how classic and good looking these people were… She’s strong and doesn’t care about stuff like this but when it comes to Shivaay, she cannot help it..

Annika didn’t know if she can live if he said no…

He looked at her strangely and answered her with a question..

“What is love Annika?”

Annika bit her lip hard enough to draw blood at his question.. He looked serious and she don’t want to hear the no from him or how he will say that love don’t exists..

She tried to smile past the awkward situation but she couldn’t bring herself to smile..

So with heavy heart she turned around to get out so she could relax..

She regretted asking him..

He caught her hand and made her turn towards him..

“Love is supposed to be pure and selfless right?”

Annika looked at him confusingly..

“But I want to taint you Annika, I want to own you.. I want to bury everything Shivaay in Annika so no one dares to see you anything other than as my wife.. I want to lock you in myself so no one will have you.. I get jealous of your every smile you give to others.. Hell.. I get jealous if your soaps and towel.. This is.. This madness is not pure Annika..”

Annika watched him with wide eyes, not able to believe what he’s saying to her..

“You don’t know how much you stay in my mind and heart.. It’s like I’m obsessed with you.. Sometimes I can’t take eyes off you even if the world crumbles.. I want you all to myself.. I want to taint your innocence but still I want to protect your innocence.. I want to protect you from everything.. I want you and Saahil to be my family.. I am confused with myself.. What are these feelings..? It’s nothing like how Om described about love..”

He let go of her hand and looked at the fingerprints of his on her hand..

“See.. These feelings are dark.. So dark that I’m afraid I will hurt you.. I try to suppress this insanity but every time I see you, I abandon my logic and senses.. I… I wanted to hide these all from you… But it looks like I hurt you already by hiding my feelings..”

His azure eyes stared straight at her..

“Even though these feelings are selfish, mixed with extreme jealousy and possessiveness, so impure… If these feelings are what love is then I love you madly Annika… Can you accept me and my feelings?”

Annika hugged him with all her might while tears flowed from her eyes..

What is he saying?


This is the purest form of love she had ever received in all her life..

She lifted her head to look at him..

He caressed her cheeks to wipe the tears away and looked at her..

“See… Even now.. I want to take you Annika.. Almost all the time.. I want to make you mine.. My desire is becoming uncontrollable and my control is at the end of limit..”

She put his hand around her bare waist and said,

“I am already yours Shivaay… I love you…”


Her breath stuttered when all of a sudden he bit her lower lip before licking her lips and started kissing her like there is no tomorrow..

Annika’s toes curled and her while body shuddered in desire when his grip on her waist tightened, pulling her against him..

She has been silly for doubting his love for her..

(Next Chapter will be the last of this ff)


(A/N: So.. Some of you might be shocked to hear that this ff is going to end with next chapter.. But I don’t want to drag it unnecessarily and lose the charm of the ff..

So.. See you all with next chapter)

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