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Hi frndz. I’m a big fan of Ishqbaaz & I really like the couple AnSh (Anika & Shivay) and IshKara (Ishana & Omkara). All the characters r same in my story except for Soumya, I don’t like her pair with Rudra so I’m gonna introduce a new girl for him in my story.
Tej & Jhanvi have sorted out their problems & r living happily. Pinky and Jhanvi too don’t have any grudge against each other but still they do have nok-jhokes ( devrani-jethani types).

Ishana is not a con girl in my story. In my story she is a choreographer who owns a dance academy called ‘D3’ Academy. Omkara owns a art gallery in the same locality of Ishana’s academy (& that’s how they met & fell in love). Ishana & Anika r old college frnds as Ishana was 2 year junior to Anika. Anika used to help her in her studies and they both shared a sisterly bond. Ishana used to call Anika as ‘Ani Di’. Ishana too shared a good bond with Sahil. Ishana married Omkara & they r happy married couple from 2 years.

As the current track, Shivay wants to break Anika’s self confidence but every time Anika defeats him. So he decided to play a love game with her. He made her fall in love with him & married her in a temple without telling anyone not even his brothers (with whom he shares everything). Shivay had told her that he will tell everyone abt their relationship later on & poor Anika believed him. One month passed & Anika learnt that she was pregnant with Shivay’s child. She was really happy & wanted to share the good news with Shivay. When they both met she first asked him abt whether he told his family abt their marriage. He then revealed that it was all his plan to break her & that he succeeded. Anika was shattered & asked him how could he do this, she even told him that she is pregnant with his child hoping that he would accept her instead he denied being the father & questioned her character. Shivay left from their leaving Anika shattered.

Anika decided that she will abort the baby. When she reached hospital & was going for the abortion procedure she realized that she is punishing a small baby who was not even born so she decided that she will keep the baby & will raise it alone. Ishana knew abt AnSh & Anika’s pregnancy but she never told this to anyone as Anika made her swear not to tell anyone not even Omkara. While leaving the hospital she came across a patient named Anirudh Singh Juneja who was counting his last breaths. He was the same man who adopted her little sister when she was 12 yrs old & her sister was 5 yrs old. Anirudh had known abt Anika from the starting unbeknownst to her. He had 3 sons & he and his wife longed to have a daughter so they adopted Anika’s sister. His sons & adopted daughter have also known Anika so they welcomed her & Sahil with open arms.

Prem Singh Juneja :- Abhimanyu’s eldest son, 1year younger to Anika, Heer’s husband. Handles the Juneja empire.

Heer Prem Juneja (previously Heer Maan) :- Prem’s wife, ideal daughter-in-law of the Junejas.

Harman Singh Juneja :- second son of Abhimanyu. Lawyer by profession.

Preet Singh Juneja :- youngest son of Abhimanyu. Engaged to Meher since childhood. Works with Prem.

Meher Maan :- Heer’s younger sister, Preet’s fiance, works with Prem.

Gauri Singh Juneja :- Anika’s sister, Abhimanyu’s adopted daughter, youngest of all the Junejas & therefore a little pampered but not a spoiled brat.

Ansh Anika Singh (4years old) :- Anika & Shivay’s son, cute, intelligent, sensible kid.

Sahil Singh (9 years old) :- Anika’s brother, share a gr8 bond with Ansh. Though he is Ansh’s Mama but Ansh calls him Big B.

Harman is in love with Priyanka Singh Obroei unbeknownst to the fact that she is Shivay’s sister & wants to marry her. The whole Juneja family & Ishana knows abt AnSh. Even Anika also don’t know that Harman wants to marry Shivay’s sister, she only knows her first name.

The Junejas r living in Australia & r now returning to India. Rudra & Gauri r in the MBA final year (they will be the new couple), Gauri will complete her final year in India.

In my story there will be 4 years leap & it will be interesting to know how will AnSh & Rudra-Gauri will meet.

So if u guys like it pls do tell me through ur comments. So c’mon drop off ur comments fast as I’m waiting to start my story.

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  1. Sriranjani

    Love the Intro yaar. Please contn. Your ff of Ishqbaaz

  2. Amazing……u should go on……

  3. Mahi13

    It’s superb amazing. Plz do continue.

  4. Intresting ..but pls don’t separate Anika shivay … I like the story the new intros and everything but shivay can’t be sooooooo damn evil ..pls do smithing like shivay did it under pressure or realize him his mistake soon exited for the story pls continue soon as possible

  5. Superb yaar…

  6. Sharmansangel

    Please post asap its all I could say

  7. This story is lil like madhubala ,accept that madhubala was not left pregnant …

  8. silent reader

    amazing intro plz cont asap

  9. Nashita(nina)

    This story is a bit like baazigar. Anyways Good intro. Continue.

  10. Sree_deeksha

    Awsome intro… waiting for the story to start …… keep going….

  11. I loved the intro …..plse update soon

  12. Mukti.H

    Nic continue it….. its a nice story….. but don’t make shivay so evil…. he cant be so evil……. and please don’t make it like baazigarh…I hate that one.??

  13. Nice continue dear

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