Ishqbaaz FF: Found My Solace Chap 7

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Chapter 6

Chapter 7: The Monday(2)


Ranveer and Bhavya were on the way to their office after dropping Priyanka.

“Bhav..”, Ranveer called out.


“What happened to you yaar?.. You have really changed over the REEEAALLY..”

“Stop exaggerating Ranveer”, Bhavya said with a smile.

“I am not exaggerating..and you know that very well..Dude tell me na..Pleease..  I’m loving this change in you and I really want to know how this happened”

“Nothing changed Ranveer..I just decided to move on..”

“Yeah right, as if I didn’t understand that. My darling behen , I think you’ve forgotten that I have known you for the past 5-6 yrs and that I know you very well”..

“Yaar I just don’t get this..what difference do you find in me all of a sudden?..You remember everyone at the breakfast table yesterday..”

“Bhavyaa…you are really getting on my nerves now ok..
Tell me the truth.. don’t you check the mirror daily”

“I do”

“And from yesterday morning you haven’t found yourself any different?”

“I guess I look a lot more happy?”

“EXACTLY.. That’s the point.. Bhavya, none of us have ever seen you THIS happy!..And I very well know that of all the days in an entire year, yesterday definitely was not a happy day for you..It never was…See, I’m happy that to change back again, you chose the day that changed your life once, but WHAT brought in the change? You know how much Sir, Ma’am and I’ve tried to bring this in you na..”

“ you are jealous huh?”, Bhavya asked with a naughty smile playing on her lips.


“Ranveer..I know you want to know what happened overnight ,how it happened, why it happened and all but..I really need some time yaar..yes you 3 have all the rights to know but right now ,let me just sink in the new feeling ok..and when I’m ready to open, sir and ma’am will be the first people to know about it, okay?”

“Okay..”, Ranveer replied. He didn’t want to force her more. What if she went back to her old self again? No no..his bestie or more rightly his sister was genuinely happy after years and he wouldn’t trade that for a million dollars.

The rest of the journey went by in their fun banter and soon enough they reached office and left to their respective cabins.

But Raveer,before entering his room, went to another room to inform someone about something very important. And NO , this was something he couldn’t tell Bhavya.

Meanwhile Abhay…

Abhay was at his cabin at            ‘ Prerna’ group of Companies (his father had started the company after his mother’s name). He was going through his files as usual when his assistant entered to hand over some new files. But something was different today.

“Sir, if you don’t mind, may I ask you something”

“Go ahead”,he answered, not taking his eyes away from the file.

“Sir, everyone at office finds you very different today. I mean you look much more happy.. You haven’t shown this much happiness when we won big big deals…”

Abhay smiled at Ms.Kumar’s remark.

“Thanks for noticing the change coz now I know you really do pay attention to me but to answer your question… I’m sure you know money can’t always buy you happiness right?
I just realized that very recently and found some true happiness..I guess that’s the ‘change’…”

“Oh great sir..good luck to you”, she wished him and left.

Winning his family back had no-doubts brought in a positive change over Abhay. He realized that being with them gave him much peace than being against them. “Gosh.. who knew a single weekend with your loved ones’ could bring so much of change in your life!!“, he wondered. “Only if I had considered my parent’s words’ more…”

All the while he had plotted and fought against the Oberois’, deep down, he was unconsciously hurting himself. To win justice for his parents, he had gone against the values they had taught him. His parents never believed in keeping grudges. But that was exactly what he did. Now he realized how hurt his parents would have been when he did what he shouldn’t have done. It now dawned upon him how true his father’s words were,

To forgive, forget and move on is much better than to commit a mistake and regret for life.’ 

His mom was right too,

‘Enemity not only kills your enemy but also you.’

Abhay was happy that he has now cleared one grave mistake of his. He has accepted his family wholeheartedly. Now his parents must be happy and proud of their son!. But one mistake was still left to be rectified. In the whole while of keeping the fire of hatred in him alive, he had unintentionally burned an innocent soul. It was time he met the person again and see what chances he had to clear  the wrong-doing. But was the other side ready to face him? If no, then he knew he should wait for a while. Forcing his decision upon the victim once again would mean committing a horrible mistake again and this time, there was no space for one.

I have to do something..Kya karoon(but what)…”

The answer immediately popped into his head…


And now a small smile of hope crept over his face..This might actually work out!

Fingers crossed“!, he whispered and took out his phone to call Bhavya.

Or wait,this is not something to be discussed over phone so..“, on second thoughts, he decided to wait till they both got home to think over deeply.

Precap: Shocks…(but for who?)!!

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