Ishqbaaz ff by Dreamer Episode 13

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Priya POV
This was Viren? Bhabhi, I am so unimpressed. He was staring at me.
“Anika Ma’am, thank you for the job.” I saw Shivaay glare at me from the driver’s seat.
She smiled. “Tia told me and since Kiara was going.”
She then turned to Shivaay. “Oberoi Mansion.” I saw Shivaay stiffen.
“Priya….I need to discuss some things with Mr. Oberoi and I want you to take notes.”
I am going to see my family for the very first time.
When we pulled into the Mansion, I saw Shivaay’s eyes tear up.
“Priya, this is my best friend’s house.” Bhabhi said.
When we stopped in the porch, Anika and Biren got out. I was not sure what I should do.
“Shivaay, you can stay here. We will be back. Priya come.”
I saw his face fall slightly.

“Priya!” I quickly followed them.
“Hello Anika di and Viren Bhaiya.” A girl came and hugged her.
Anika smiled and hugged her back. “Hi Soumya. Where is your patidev?”
She rolled her eyes. “Rudra! Om Bhaiya!” She shouted.
Then two men came down the stairs. They were busy discussing something.
Anika turned to me. “Priya, this is the great Rudra Singh Oberoi.”
Rudra looked up. He had a huge smile.
He held out his hand. “Rudra Singh Oberoi, naam toh suna hoga.”
I was about to take his hand when Soumya held his hand back. My smile faltered. Anika moved in front of me. “Rudra, not her. She is like your elder sister. Priya di, you should call her. Why are you troubling our poor Soumya like this?”
Soumya smiled at me. “Sorry Priya di, this Rudra na thinks that he is a player. So…”
I smiled and nodded. So this was my other Bhabhi.
Then a girl came down the stairs. I saw Anika tense. What was wrong?
“Prinku.” She called. Priyanka looked up. Her eyes looked guarded.
She walked towards us. “Priya, this is Priyanka, the youngest oberoi.”
When Priyanka looked at me, I saw some sort of recognition in them. Isn’t she the one that Randhawa is dating?
“Do you know a….” I saw her eyes widen with fear. What was my little sister going through?
Anika was looking at me curiously.
Mr. Randhawa, we are having a little chit chat.

Shivaay POV
I was sitting in the car. I badly wanted to go inside and meet all of them. But Anika had told me to stay here.
Suddenly someone opened the backdoor. I turned around to see Viren keep a bag.
“Anika wanted me to leave it in the car. You know her medical files and all are in there.” Viren said with a smile. I felt like breaking his face.
“Who cares about her bag?” I grumbled.
Then I remembered what he had said. Medical files.
I know. I know…we should not look at someone else’s medical files but still she is my wife. I looked back at the house. They just went in.
I took her bag and took out the file.
On the front, it was neatly printed – Anika Rana.
I took pictures of all the pages and quickly kept her bag back.
{Later in the Night}
After about two hours, Anika, Viren and Priya came out of the house. Rudra and Om came to see them off. When they saw me, their eyes showed no recognition. Qudra had completely changed. He was wearing a three-piece suit and even Om had cut his long locks.
“Chalo, Mr. Shivaay. Let’s go home. And why the hell did you leave my bag here, Viren?”
I glanced up at Viren through the mirror and he gave me the glimpse of a smile. Was he helping me?
Once we were back in the house, Priya went to her. I wonder what happened. I looked around the house, everything was stored and the house was clean.
I sat on the couch and looked up at the ceiling then I got up when I heard whispers. I slowly got up and went out of the house.
“Tia, I told you to convince her to tell them. She told you but she is not telling them.”
Was Tia planning against the Ranas now? But with whom?
“Viren, I am telling you na. I told her. But she only is not willing. I told her that she is weak. She should tell her family. She has taken the entire empire into her reins, she is studying. I called her doctor yesterday and the doctor said that Anika’s body is not reacting well to the pregnancy.”
Anika is not well. And these two knew that.

Viren looked angry. “I told her to slow down and tell her brother that she wants a vacation at least. But no.”
Tia got up. “Viren, don’t give me that look. I told her a thousand times to rest. And that Shivaay is also back. She is stressed about that as well. Sometimes, I wish that I had never listened to Romi, Di and Mom.”
Tia sat on the bench and started crying.
“Arre Tia. Why are you crying? That stupid should have listened to his wife. He goes around acting like he is some Great Shivaay Singh Oberoi. I even left Anika’s bag with the files in the car.” He sat down next to her and gave her a side hug.
Ouch! that burned.
Then Tia looked up. “Viren, you should go. If not Bua will scold me.”
Viren got up and smiled. “Ti, you know that you are my favourite cousin. I will save you from Mom’s anger.
She nodded. “I am your only cousin that is not in jail now.” She added with a smirk.
Viren nodded. “Okay Ti. I will leave now. You go back. If not Dev Jiju will kill me.”
Tia nodded and turned back into the house and left.
As I walked back into the house, I thought about Anika. I knew why she was working so hard. She was trying to become the wall of protection for the Ranas. She had 4 older siblings but she was so used to protecting Sahil that here too she felt the need to protect everyone.
But she was not protecting herself. I went to my room to take a shower. When I opened the cupboard, a box fell out.
“Fhat the Wuck.” I picked up the box. Inside was the only things I could from the Oberoi Mansion……..the unsigned divorce papers, Anika’s broken mangalsutr; now fixed. I had found it on Rudra’s dressing table. I guess I should have realised then about him and Soumya.
I picked up the papers.
Anika Rana….get ready to become Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi…..…again.

Author’s Note: Okay so in my mind, after all your suggestions I have decided to have
Varun and Helly as Viren and Priya.
Please review. Thanks for all the previous reviews.

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