Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me – Chapter-2

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Om was devastated and hurt because he mistrusted someone again.

Why people betray him when he was always honest to everyone?

Why people breaks the trust he has on them?

Why he was always the one who gets fooled by people? Why is it always him?

He didn’t want to trust people anymore but even after saying this to himself so many times, he still does trust people if they showed some emotional side of them. Why he’s so sensitive?

Even Rudra, duffer doesn’t get fooled this easily. Thinking of Rudra brought a smile on his face. But soon the smile turned into bitter frown thinking about his fate and life.

It’s not simple being always honest to people when no one’s honest to him.

He sighed at his depressed thoughts and turned towards the window, leaning against the train seat.

The train journey and the jerking always calmed his nerves and mood. Even this didn’t calm him today of his depression.

He trusted the man who wanted to work with him. That man seemed so genuine and When asked, why he wanted to work with Om? That man answered that he worshipped God, that’s why he wanted to work with Omkara so that all day he can stay with God’s idols.

Such a fool of him to trust that man.

God.! He remembered the yesterday meeting with his brothers of how the day was and how Shivaay and Rudra made fun of him for believing that. Looking back, he too felt like such a fool to believe that.

It’s no wonder people fools him this easily that’s why he gets so angry at even the smallest hint of lie. After getting his heart broken with every betrayal, he promised himself to never lie and always be honest in everything.

But the betrayal from his four month employee didn’t hurt as much as how hurt he was that all his hard work of making statues gone.

He always, always presented the statue and given it in time. He has to deliver them tomorrow because the client specifically wanted it tomorrow due to some family function.

What is he going to do.?

He turned away from the window and leaned his head against the train seat, closing his eyes.

It’s one of the therapy his doctor suggested. Whenever he is depressed, he has to close his eyes, breathe in. Breath out and remember a happy or any other memory in his life which is not sad or depressed.

Breath in..

Breath out..

Breath in..

Breath out..

——-Om was in his eleventh grade and standing near a door depressed, looking at his classmates.

Today is parents meeting so that the teachers can discuss about students behavior and grades.

Om did inform to his parents about it yesterday and wanted them to be here so they can praise about his drawn abilities. He kind of hoped that a talk with his teachers will make his dad realize he’s not interested in business. He wanted to be an artist.

And now looking at the time, he could say they’re not going to come here. Because it has already been an hour since the meeting started.

He knew the moment when they started arguing today morning, they won’t come. But he still hoped at least his mother will come.

He moved towards a desk, shaking his head at his favorite teacher who was looking at him in worry.

He sat alone knowing that he doesn’t have that much friends..

He’s a rich kid among them and the way he was always sad and depressed didn’t help much in making friends. So that’s why his attention and interest turned towards art since it take the thoughts from his mind when he paints.

It’s such a wonderful feeling.

He could tell some of his classmates were frowning at him. They think just because he’s an Oberoi and rich, he doesn’t follow rules and didn’t bring his parents. But no one really knows how does he feel and Why his parents didn’t come. He at least hoped his mother will come.

His mom recently started a new habit of drinking. He called his dadi yesterday since she went to some temple. It felt like no one cared for him.

Just then he heard whispers from everyone pointing at the door of assembly hall.

He ignored it since he was never one to gossip but he got up and turned his face around in a hurry that his neck hurt when a voice spoke,

“I apologize for the delay.”


No way..

It can’t be..

How could he? He’s attending a college in London.

He gaped at Shivaay who stood like a prince with sunglasses on. He must be the reason of the whispers.

Shivaay came to him, ignoring everyone else and put a hand under his chin closing his gaping mouth.

“What are you doing here Shivaay?”, Om blurted the first thing came out of his mind.

“Well If it’s the greeting I get, then I should just go”


He moved from the desk and stood near Shivaay awkwardly since he knew Shivaay hated public hugs.

Shivaay chuckled and to his surprise, he hugged him tightly which he returned after few minutes of shock..

“Missed you Om”

“Missed you too my brother”

Shivaay pulled away from the hug and smiled at him. And Om forgot why was he even sad. Just then his teacher came,

“Excuse me.. But who are you? You’re too young to be a parent”

“He’s my brother.” Om said with pride. He really can’t believe his brother is here.

“But Omkara, you’re only allowed to bring parents or guardians. We have to discuss your future with them only.”

“Excuse me Mr..”

The arrogant Shivaay is back, Shivaay’s smile replaced by the ever present frown and glare of don’t mess with me.

“Mr. Taroon sir but only they’re allowed to discuss their future plans”

“Well then I am one of them”


“Did you check Om’s details. I am listed in as Om’s guardian. Shivaay Singh Oberoi.”

Om looked at Shivaay in surprise. He himself didn’t know that Shivaay was his guardian. Only God knows how Shivaay pulled this.

After then his teachers discussed about his marks, behavior and his interest in arts along with future courses. Shivaay listened patiently and Om smiled at everyone who turned toward their direction. It may not mean anything to anyone but Shivaay being here means everything to him.

After a while Shivaay finished speaking with him and went outside asking him to walk with him to parking area.

Shivaay put a hand on his shoulder and smiled at him.

He loved it When Shivaah turned into simple Shivaay rather than the complex Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

“How did you know Shivaay?”

Knowing he hated lies, Shivaay sighed and answered.

“I was in conference call with dadi when you called her Om.”

“You came all the way here to attend this silly meeting?”

“I know this isn’t a silly meeting to you.. To be honest no one had attended this meeting when I was in eleventh grade. I know how you feel Om.”

Om was touched and felt stupid for feeling this depressed when Shivaay had a tough life too.

“Thanks bhai” He rarely called Shivaay as bhai and the way Shivaay seemed surprised hearing this from him indicated that too.

“Hey.. How come you’re my guardian instead of dadi or choti ma?”, Om asked ignoring the stares from others on the way.

“Well, I am off age and how I managed it. Don’t ask Om. You won’t like the answer but you will thank me one day for this.”

Om shrugged and they chatted along the way about his school life and Shivaay’s college life. Just near the parking area, he spotted Rudra with some sort of drink in his hand.

He smiled at him and Rudra came to them, hugging and thanking Shivaay for protein drink, complaining about heat and his skin getting tan.

Drama queen, thought Om shaking his head with silent laughter at Rudra’s antics and wondered just how did Shivaay brought this drink during this trip here.

“Ok Ok Rudra.. I will buy a lot of facial pack next time, happy?”, Shivaay asked.

“Happy bhaiya”

Shivaay looked at his watch and exclaimed, “Oh… I will be late to the flight.. See you guys”

Just then Om realised how Shivaay must have caught the early flight, travelling restlessly and have to go back to his college too. Rudra started sniffling and yelled in a dramatic way, hugging Shivaay..

“Don’t go bhaiyaa. Please I won’t even ask facial packs. I will even leave the girl who’s eyeing at me.”

“Shut up Rudra” They both said and chuckled.

Shivaay gave one armed hug to both of them and went to his car.

Om and Rudra bid bye and turned towards school. Rudra said in a very serious tone,

“I miss him O”

He put a hand on Rudra’s back and patted, offering comfort

“I know Rudra. I miss him too”

Even though Om missed Shivvay he still felt happy that Shivaay came and unknowingly from that day Om started to view Shivaay as his guardian—-

Om opened his eyes and gathered his thoughts only to find his stop arrived. He got up and left to his gallery feeling light hearted.

He has his brothers. He has to remember that and he felt grateful for them being there for him.

He opened his gallery and stood frozen in shock only to find all his stolen statues and idols were here.

He moved around and found a letter near them addressing him.

“I am sorry Sir,

I’ve lost my mind in the thrall of money. God punished me well for what I did.

Forgive me”

Om was shocked. What? How?

Just then a group of people came and called him,

“Sir, We’re ready to install this security system”

“What? But I didn’t contact you”

“Sir, Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi did. He asked us to inform you since you hate guards, he wanted to install a security system so that anything won’t be stolen from now on.”

Om just nodded and sat on the chair.

He was so relieved that all his hard work are not gone. He just knew Shivaay must have done something. He will ask him when he sees him in home at night. Honestly, Shivaay always does everything for him. It’s no wonder Rudra sees him as a parent.

Om chuckled fondly at his thoughts and moved to work.



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