Ishqbaaz ff by Ashwathy episode 3

Haii guys, thanks for ur support and sry guys for being a bit late.
And really for making a mistake in last episode. In last epi I said ranveer is taking revenge for his girlfriend’s accident but actually it is for his sister’s accident. Really sry

So here goes the next episode

In oberoi
In janvi’s room
Om was standing near the door and crying. Gauri comes there and sees him crying.
Gauri : om, y r u crying. U must be strong. Janvi aunty ll be fine very soon.
Om : my mom has suffered a lot. I don’t know how to reduce her pain.
Gauri : don’t wry, I’m here to help u.
Om : while speaking to u I feel calm.
Gauri : ok then come with me. She takes him to his room and keeps on talking. Om smiles seeing her. He forgets all his pain being with her. He then gets a call and says that I like u and leaves from there.
She thinks about Om and smiles and thinks that y is she being attracted to him. Am I in love that too with him. I shud talk to didi.

At evening
All the guests have arrived who were invited by tej for his engagement. Tej was being ready and asked somebody to call Svetlana.
Anika comes there wearing a green saree and leaving her hair loose, Gauri in blue saree with simple makeup and leaving her hair loose. Soumya wears a pink lehenga. All were looking gorgeous but all the members were sad except Anika becoz she had some plan in her mind. Gauri comes near to Anika.
Gauri : didi, I want talk to you.
She pulls anika to her room.
Anika : wat happen Gauri? Y r u pulling me? What do you want to talk?
Gauri : I feel some connection between me and…
Anika : and… Say fast
Gauri : didi, I feel some connection between me and him. I suffered a lot in my life. I found a person who cared for me without knowing or asking about my family or money. He was listening to me very carefully.
Anika : Ooo, so u fell in love, ok who is that person.
Gauri : I don’t know whether its love.
Anika : first tell me who is he.
Gauri : Om
Anika gets shocked.
Anika : wat r u saying? R u out of mind. Its just been 2 days u met him how can u say that u have some connection, don’t u think its so soon.
Gauri : didi, I know its faster, but I know about Om earlier itself. The way u and Soumya talked about him. Moreover the way he loves his family, brothers the care he is giving to his mom. He didn’t see my money or surname. He just cared for me.
Anika : Gauri, did Om say anything about it.
Gauri : didi, he didn’t say anything but I feel some connection. I don’t know what’s this.
Anika : Gauri, don’t get confused, its just friendship. Om is also almost like ur character, so ur getting attracted to him, its nothing else.
Gauri : I think ur right didi, I was just getting confused. So tell me go to Janvi aunty, I have some work. Gauri goes from there.

Anika POV
The way Gauri is talking about Om, the way she is praising him, tells that she is in love. If she comes to know what is gonna happen in the function then she may get shocked. And Om doesn’t know about her feelings. Gauri may breakdown after knowing this. What will I do now? Gauri doesn’t know the truth. Now to execute my plan to destroy Svetlana, I must forgot about Gauri’s pain for some time.

In hall
Tej asks servant to call Svetlana. Just then she comes down and goes towards him but she then crosses him and walks towards Om shocking everybody except Anika and Om. She then gives her hand to Om. He holds it and walks towards the centre of the hall leaving everybody shocked. Om makes Svetlana wear the ring and she also does the same. Tej goes towards Svetlana and shouts at her for doing such a thing but just then Om interrupts him by saying that ur insulting my fiancee. Anika smiles seeing this. But everyone gets shocked and sad. Gauri was shocked and tears were flowing from her eyes. She was not able to resist the flow. Om and Anika sees this. Anika understood her situation but Om was confused but felt a pain in his heart.

Gauri runs to her room. Om goes behind her. Anika tries to go behind her but get stuck with guests. Gauri in her room cries thinking about Omlana engagement. Om comes there.
Om : wat happened? Y r u crying?
Gauri : (angrily holding his collar) y did u do this to me? Om was confused but he was not able to see her in this condition.
Om : wat r u saying?
Gauri : (thinks) y is she behaving this way? She then says that u don’t have right to question me? Just go from here. Hearing this Om gets shocked and goes from there. Just then Anika comes there.
Anika : Gauri, y r u crying?
Gauri : didi, I don’t know wat has happened to me but I feel hurt seeing Om getting engaged to Svetlana.
Anika : Om’s decision was sudden so u may be shocked. Leave it, soumya is waiting for u.
Gauri : Ok. She goes from there.

Anika thinks about the conversation between her and Om.
Flashback :
Om sits in his bed being sad. Just then Anika comes there and asks him will u help me?
Om : bhabhi, wat help do u want?
Anika : u shud get engaged with Svetlana.
Om gets shocked
Om : wat r u saying bhabhi?
Anika : Om, I know ur confused. Listen to me, to make Tej uncle understand Svetlana’s actual behaviour, u shud get engaged with her. You must get closer to her.
Om : Bhabhi, but…
Anika : To save prinku’s respect, janvi aunty, tej uncle and whole oberoi family. This is the one and only way.
Om : how do u know about prinku’s mms?
Anika : I heard Svetlana talking in phone. Will u help me Om in bringing out Svetlana’s original colour.
Om : ok, bhabhi
Anika : And don’t say this to anyone even to shivaay. Ok
Om : ok
Anika : fine, then now u go to Svetlana’s room and make her convince for the engagement.

In Svetlana’s room
Om comes there.
Svetlana : wat r u doing here Om?
Om : I wanna talk to u, u shud not do the engagement with Mr. Oberoi. I can’t see my mom getting hurt.
Svetlana : If I shud not get engaged with Tej then with whom shud I get engaged, with u?
Om : yes, I’m ready to get engage with you.
Svetlana gets shocked.
Svetlana : Ooo really, its not just a deal but u shud be mine, will u? (coming closer to him).
Om : I’m ready for whatever ur saying. Om tries to go from there. But Svetlana holds his hand and stops him. Om gets angry but controls himself. Anika is watching them standing near the door.
Svetlana : where r u going Om? U said that ur ready for engagement, then ur leaving ur fiancee and going. (She holds his shirt and moves closer to him.) Won’t u romance with me. To make her believe Om holds her by her hands and smiles.
Om : I said that I agreed for everything wat u said but only after our engagement. Saying this he leaves from there.
Anika and Om gives Hi-Fi to each other.
Flashback ends.

Anika POV
I know that Gauri ur sad but for sometime I shud forget about ur sadness. I know u love though ur not accepting it. Don’t worry Gauri, my sister ll get her happiness very soon.

She then goes to the hall. In the shivaay and rudra was asking Om about the engagement and was just trying to avoid their questions.

Next day morning
Om was trying his best to speak to Gauri but she was avoiding him. Om gets angry and pulls her towards pool area.

In hall
Prinku gets a call and she attends it.
Prinku : hello
Ranveer : Hello Prinku, its me acp ranveer. How r u darling?
Prinku : y did u call me?
Ranveer : y so much urgent? Actually I wanna meet u if u won’t come then I ll come to ur home.
Prinku : no, I ll come, where shud I come?
Ranveer : good girl, tomorrow come near the restaurant we always meet. Bye dear. He then cuts the call. Prinku get tensed. Anika sees this.

In pool area
Om : wats wrong with, y r u behaving this way.
Gauri : Om just leave me I have to go go
Om : tell me what has happened to u?
Gauri : do u wanna know, then I feel for u, I love u Om.
Om get shocked. She goes from there.
Anika comes there.
Anika : I know Om u r confused about ur feeling. Take a decision only after thinking properly. Even if it is yes or no, u shud not say about our plan. And start romancing with Svetlana. He nods. She goes from there.
Om thinks that whether I have feelings towards gauri. I like her but is that love.

In hall
Dadi asks gauri to go and give some courier which came in his name. Gauri nods.

In Om’s room
Om is do his painting just then Svetlana comes there. He sees her. She comes closer to him and hugs him without no other way Om too reciprocates. Om remembers Anika’s words. He holds her closer by her waist. Gauri comes there and sees this. Om holds Svetlana’s hand and kisses her hand. Svetlana gets shocked but enjoys it. Om sees Gauri near the door and leaves Svetlana. He says her that he ll talk to her later. She leaves.

Gauri comes inside. She keeps the courier in the table and goes. Om holds her hand stops her. He smiles at her.
Om : r u feeling jealous?
Gauri : y shud I fee jealous?
Om : becoz u love me, u said this yesterday.
Gauri : I said that by…by mistake…
Om : so u don’t love me.
Gauri : even if I love u, u don’t love me, u love that Svetlana, u cares for her, right?
Hearing this Om moves towards Gauri, she moves backward. She is then stopped by the table behind her. She starts breathing heavily. Om then goes very closer to her and dips his both hands in the the yellow, blue and red paint kept there. He then rubs her hand with the paint and holds her by her waist. He then touches her face. Gauri smiles by feeling his touches. He then goes near her and they feel their breathes. Then his lips touches with hers. He holds her waist tightly, she holds his shirt. They have a lip lock lasting for few seconds. He comes out of it.
Om : know u understood whom do I love, whom do I care.
A wide smile comes in her face and she pushes him and runs from there. Om and Gauri smiles in their thinking about their cute romance.

Precap :
Trap for Svetlana……. Shivaay jealous…..

Author’s note :
Guys please comment, sorry for mistakes and if u have any doubt then ask me.

By Ashwathy

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