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Hey guys! I’m Swati, u must be knowing me I’m the writer of another FF named “Ishqbaaz FF by Swati”. I’m writing another FF as I’ve got many stories cooked up in my mind related to the show. In my FF I’ll show Anika’s past life & some characters from her life which will play significant role in her present.

Anika is ANAMIKA VIKRAMJIT SINGH SHAKTAWAT, daughter of Rana Vikramjit Singh Shaktawat – king of Devgarh (fictional town in Rajasthan) thus she is Princess Anamika. The Shaktawats r one of the royal & top 3 richest families in the country beating the Oberois. Her parents died when she was 8 yrs so was brought up by her first cousin Rana Ajay Singh Shaktawat who took over father’s position in family & business. Anika/Anamika was the only daughter of the Shaktawats thus she was loved & pampered the most by the family whether elder or younger. If she ever cried or got hurt the whole family gets effected & run from here & there to soothe her but only one person was there in whose eyes the little Anika/Anamika always offend & she was Sumitra Ajay Singh Shaktawat. Anika had 3 cousins the other 2 being Vijay Singh Shaktawat (died at a young age in plane crash) & Prithvi Singh Shaktawat. She was very close to Prithvi having the age gap of 1.5 yrs; Hammad Siddiqui – Prithvi’s best frnd & Samar Singh Shaktawat – Ajay & Sumitra’s only son, younger to her by 3yrs.

One day while Anika was out, Sumitra got her kidnapped & the kidnappers left her in an orphanage of Mumbai. Anika somewhere knew that this all was done by Sumitra so she never tried to go back as she treated Sumitra as her mum. Anika studied hard & was very bright both in school & college. While in high school she was adopted by Sahil’s parents. She never disclosed her real identity to anyone that’s why she enacted to be less educated. After the death of her adopted parents she started a catering business which always fluctuates from time to time. Anika/Anamika always kept info. abt. her real family. Prithvi used to call her Anu Jiji, Hammad called her Anu Aapi & Samar called her Mini B.

So this is the past of Anika/Princess Anamika. Now lets focus on the present. As u all know Anika is trying hard to expose Tia. She got to know that “D” is Daksh & he is Tia’s husband & her stalker. She collected the proofs & send it to Shivay as an anonymous well wishe. As soon as Shivay saw the proofs the very nxt moment he broke all his ties with Tia & Daksh & made them arrested. Shivay realized how much he distrusted Anika, he reached her house to talk but found it closed & when inquired about her from the neighbors he came to know that she left with Sahil. He tried hard to search her but got nothing in return.

On the other hand, RuMaya realized that they love each other a lot but never revealed their marriage truth to anybody yet. Saumya wanted Rudra to become independent & mature before revealing the truth so that he can take care of himself & her in future, Rudra respected her this decision. Both of them went to Oxford University, London – Saumya for 2 yrs for edu exchange prog. & Rudra for 1 yr for completing MBA. They both studied & enjoyed their married life together in London but when Rudra graduated they both came to know that Saumya is pregnant. At first both of them were nervous but decided to keep the baby. Rudra then came to India while Saumya was in London for completing her studies.

While in London, Saumya came across with Anika & Anika took her in & they both shared a sisterly bond. Anika also came to know abt. RuMaya marriage, pregnancy etc.but she asked Saumya not to tell Rudra abt. her as she didn’t wanted Oberois to know where she is. Rudra visited Saumya many times but never met Anika or u can say Anika never came in front of Rudra while he was in London.

When Rudra returned after completing his graduation to India, Omkara married Ishana Malhotra (in my ff Ishana is not a con girl). It was a arranged marriage & both r living a joyful life with each other. Both love each other a lot. Rudra has joined the Oberoi business & assist Shivay in his work.

I know there must be various questions floating in ur minds that how Anika met Saumya, how is Shivay after Anika left; boy or girl to RuMaya etc etc. Don’t worry guys the answers to ur questions will be soon answered to u & there will be a 2 yr leap in the story.

So how’s the intro amigos. Do tell me through ur comments..

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  3. Priyanka_22

    Amazing intro swati
    Update soon

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    Its intresting plz post next episode

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  6. Plz post it soon i m curious to know about it

  7. Anjaly


  8. This was just super awesome Swati di…. but plz do post ur another ff regularly… and continue with this also!!!!!

  9. Jayashree

    Nice dear…continue plz 🙂

  10. Shivika

    Nyc dear…..plz continue….

  11. Sat_9492

    Nice…. Please continue…. Waiting for next episode…

  12. Awesome, nice …….keep me updated

  13. Awesome dear..plz continue…plz I’m waiting

  14. Jazz1

    Different and interesting. Plz go on

  15. Inu

    Nice story

  16. Priyali

    nice di…. its a unique concept.. but post ur other ff as well… this alsoo

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