Ishqbaaz FF –Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 22

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Anika looked at her were Ranveer was sitting, as she had a major dilemma to face.

“Here” Anika smiled as she handed Ranveer his tea, she tried to avert her eyes away as he just kept on staring at her.

Shivaay leisurely walked over to where Anika sat and made himself at home next to her.

The obvious tension caused Anika to swallow a huge lump that formed in her throat.

Anika wasn’t really in the mood for Shivaay and his antics but Shivaay casually put his arms

For the first time, Anika noticed Ranveer’s annoyance whenever Shivaay spoke.

Shivaay was being a bit too much though.

But there was a definite vibe, Anika though.

“Anika just try not to strangling him” though as she looked at a smirking Shivaay.

Shivaay now wrapped his arm around her even tighter as he cozied against her.

His thumb gently brushed against her soft skin causing a tingling sensation to go through her body.

Anika got up to take away the cups as well as get away from Shivaay and his subtle advances.

Shivaay looked at Ranveer who now scanned Anika from head to toe his eyes scrutinizing her appearance as his green eyes gleamed.

“Well thank you, Anika for the tea it was delicious” Ranveer said as he stood up and followed her to the kitchen.

Shivaay followed suit clearing his throat “Bye, It was great seeing you” He snapped as he opened the front door making his annoyance quite obvious.

Ranveer stepped closer to Anika and leaned in whispering in her ear “Anika, you are the most wonderful person, you’ve always been there for me when I’m down.”

“Hope to hear your decision soon” he said as he turned around walking to the door.

As soon as he feet stepped outside Shivaay slammed the door behind him.

Anika could still see the look on his face when the door was closed in this face

A loud knock came from the door.

“Anika!” Ranveer’s voice came from outside

“Can, I come in”

“No, we are busy” Shivaay replied.

“I forgot my phone?” Ranveer said.

“I guess” Shivaay angerly shouted.

Anika gave Shivaay the meanest stare ever but his eyes just followed the swing of hips in her skin tight jean

She walked over to the table where his phone was and picked it up.

On return Anika passed by Shivaay again and she gave him the same look again, he replied by giving her the same look back.

Anika knew that look.

She knew he could follow her and within minutes he would render her defenceless.

“Thank, again Anika” Ranveer said as he didn’t bother to turn around and walked away.

Anika walked off to her room leaving a brooding Shivaay standing by the door.

He slammed the door.

Shivaay kept his eyes on her bedroom door, anticipating the moment she appeared again.

Anika’s pulse fastens as she was struggling to control her anger.

“Am I going to wait for him to come to me?

Or should I just seek him out?” Anika thought to herself.

“It’s now or never” Anika said as she walked inside

“Shivaay there’s something I need to tell you” Anika said as she stared into his eyes green eyes that had something she couldn’t quite describe.

“What is it?” he ask wetting his lips.

“Stop looking at me like that, Anika,” he said, his eyes fixed on her mouth, “I can’t be held responsible for my actions.”

Anika’s stomach clenched as his tone indicated that he meant business causing the hairs at the back of her neck, to stand up.

His eyes attacked hers.

“Why do you have to be so hot” Anika thought to herself as she retreated unwilling to scold him as she was prepared to do a moment ago.

“So what did you want to tell me”, he said as he walked towards her pushing her against the wall.

Anika watched as Shivaay’s face grew serious.

“Anika, I can’t take another man being so close to you” Shivaay murmured in her ear.

He ran his finger through his hair stepping away from her.

“Are you going to stay here?” he asked Anika head turned towards Shivaay.

She was a bit hesitant to reply as she herself didn’t know what to do.

Shivaay’s facial expression hadn’t altered from frustrating Stone Singh Oberio; she though was a man of the pass.

“This is the opportunity of a lifetime, isn’t it?” he said.

“What?” a shocked Anika said.

“I read that that only a few managers are chosen for the course.” Shivaay said his voice firm and cold.

“Yes.” she answered.

“So…do it.” Shivaay said.

Shivaay didn’t want to stand in the way of her dreams but he also wanted her for himself.

He strode towards the chair and sunk in it.

“It’s a great opportunity, Anika.” Shivaay said but she knew his smile hide a lot of sadness.

Anika was at a loss for words, here he was telling her stay here, and without him as if what had happened between them these past days meant nothing to him.

And where would it leave them?

“I don’t think it’s that simple, Shivaay” Anika said coming to sit next to him.

“Do you think I don’t know that Anika?”Shivaay said.

“I miss you, but I can’t stand in your way nor can I force you to come with me” he said as his voice shaked.

They shared a closeness.

A closeness they didn’t have before.

There was something about his confidence that drove her insane.

“I miss you too, Shivaay,”Anika said.


Anika waited for a response but her ears met with silence from Shivaay.

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    Amazing Monique
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