Ishqbaaz FF- Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 38

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Shivaay look as one of the men dug a knife deeper and watched the man scream; writhing in pain on the cold hard floor.

The man just laughed almost mocking Shivaay “No. I will never tell.”

“How dare you mock me, Shivaay Singh Oberoi?” he yelled cocking his head to the side as he took his glasses off and threw it against the wall.

He slowly walked towards the tied up man, taking the knife from the man that stood next to Khanna and twirling the knife between my fingers while he stared at the man.

Khanna just looked at him, he seemed to have zoned out, captivated with each twirl.

Without a second thought, Shivaay took the knife and carefully started to make small cuts on the man’s back back.
“Arggggh!” The hunched over man exclaimed in pain.

His eyes had a dark undertone in them as his lips curved in a smirk at the outburst.

“Are you sure that’s your final answer?” Shivaay asked as he eyed another uncut part of his body.
“You’re mistaken if you think I will ever tell” he replied and Shivaay instinctively swung his fist; hitting the man full in the face.

But he didn’t stop…..Shivaay kept on hitting the man.
“Finish him.” A voice from the back echoed.

In the dim lit room, those two words echoed in the deadly silence.

The words spoken by his brother, Omkara and it were as if his words were his consent to go ahead.
His fingers tightened as he balled them in a fist and continued his assault.

The man gurgled as he struggled for air to breath.

The noise snapped Shivaay out to some sort of trance and he looked at the blood on him and that puddled around him

Still tied to a metal chair the badly battered face of the unknown was almost unrecognizable and his left eye swollen shut.

“Who . Are . You. Working. For!” This was the third time Shivaay have asked him and when he still refused to answer me, he just couldn’t handle it anymore.

Om too was getting angrier and walking towards the man picking up the knife which Shivaay had thrown out of frustration and held it, right in the of man’s throat.

But he then moved the knife to his hands and started to cut the skin between the fingers.
The man screamed out in pain which cause Om to let out a dark wry laugh which echoed off the walls in the room.

Shivaay looked at Om, the look on his face when he heard the battered man scream was so out of his character.
It seemed that he took joy from it.

This was a different Om…..different from the philosophical Om who always had a poem when they joked around.

Blood was now gushing from the new wounds and Shivaay just looked at the sight of a smiling Omkara.

“If he still refuses to answer, we will make him.” Khanna said as Shivaay took Om the scene.

“Who was behind all this?” he thought as he walked out, this question left him with more questions than finding answers.

That night
“Are you alright?” Rudra questioned pulling Anika from her thoughts,he asked very concerned as he too have noticed a difference in Anika.

“I’m fine,” she answered clearly upset as Shivaay just dropped her off at the house earlier not even bothering to get out of the car.

“Have you seen, Shivaay?” Anika asked turning to look at him for just a second before directing her eyes back on her phone as she walked to the dining room.

Entering the dining she noticed familiar figures from the corner of her eye,entering the door with what looked to be blood stains on their clothes.

“Anika” Dadi called out and she instinctively turned her head a fraction towards the direction of the voice but still trying to keep her eye on the door but when she looked back to the where she last saw them ,they were gone.

Her eyes fell on Tej who was standing at the head of the table with his hands behind his back,there was a smirk on his face that Anika knew all too well.

“Shivaay,I’m glad that you can finally join us.” Tej said puffing his chest out.

Pinki walked over to Shivaay who sauntered in with slicked back hair, as he just got out of the shower but Anika’s eyes only focussed on the bruise on his hand.

She wanted to know where he was the whole day but she also was didn’t.

Part of her was wondering whether it was linked to the file she found about her past.

Flash back
“Anika,Please hand me the green file” Shivaay yelled from the bathroom.

She walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out the drawer where he usually kept work related files.

As she flipped through a few files her eyes stuck on a file with CONFIDENTIAL stamped in Red.

This was out of her character as she never felt the need to read or look at his work files but she opened the cover and a name immediately jumped out to her.


Flash back End

When Shivaay look over at Anika there was something off in his eyes.

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  1. Kavina

    Loved it

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    Loved the updt

  3. Suspensing…

  4. Amazing epi

  5. Suspense……………

  6. Oh my Nickyd86!
    I am the same Vivikhta who messaged you on wattpad.
    Like seriously, how do u write like this?
    Ts scary seeing shivaay and especially om behaving so darkly.
    And what is up with Anika?
    So much of suspense……its getting on my nerves.
    Pls update ASAP!

    1. Monique_D

      Thanks for the reads and the ongoing support and comment and critiques…
      Viv…if I can call you that…..I just let my mind go there……stuff i wanna see in IB
      And then I try my bed to describe the scene from my POV….

      Thanks again for reading update will happen soon….

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