Ishqbaaz FF- Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 31

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The next day

Anika and Saumya decided to have a catch up session so they went to sit by the pool.
As Anika looked over to Saumya she saw that there was a faraway look in her eyes.
“Are you ok?” Anika ask as she seems to have gotten her out of the daze she was in.
She poured some juice and quickly gulped it down.
“I’m fine, di” Saumya answered a bit flustered as Anika caught her off-guard.

By the third glass, her nervousness was quiet obvious.
Saumya fiddled with a ring, as she looked away; almost afraid to make eye contact with Anika.
Anika knew something was up with Saumya and wasn’t going to probe any further.
Rudra looked at his watch again as he paced back and forth in his room for the past hour trying to figure out what to do.

Flash back

“It isn’t always easy, Sumo.” Rudra said in an explosion of words.
“Do you think I don’t know that?” She replied.
“Yes, we don’t live in a movie and have fairy tale like relationships.” Her voice dripped with guilt.
“I know that sometimes we have to overcome problems and many tests” she said as she walked away and hugged herself.
As she was about to leave he held her arm.
“Listen to me, for once!” His voice hardened, his eyes almost pleading.

“Well I can assure you that I’ll do everything in my power to protect you.” He exclaimed as he wrapped his arms around her; hugging her.
“But how are we going to tell your family?”Saumya asked in a shaky voice.
Saumya squeezed her eyes shut in frustration, “It will be four months.” She said as he held up her four fingers.

“Don’t you worry yourself about that.” he said as she cupped her face in his hand.
Rudra thought back to that night when her mouth travelled down his body, softly kissing him.

She lit a fire in him and he instinctively smiled when he thought of her lying in his arms, smiling at him.
His heart softened when he saw the hurt in her eyes. “I’m sure, it will be fine”
The past few months Rudra had grown up emotionally and he knew that every hour, every minute, and every second was worth it because we did it together.

Flash back ends

After months, her return to the city that she shared so much history with; finally began to look a bit better than before.
Memories of her leaving the orphanage flashed before her eyes.
A cold shiver ran down her spine causing the hairs on her arms to stand up.
She instantly wiped a lone tear away ,that had formed in the corner of her eye.

Ring………the sound of her phone snapped her out of her memories and she composed herself before all the memories flooded back.

She knew she needed to clear her head.
Shivaay walked in on Anika busy on the phone.
He knew that getting her in to the same programme she was in, in Goa was the best decision he made in a long time.
“No, we’re still working on the décor for the reception hall, I just need to confirm the flower arrangements as well the guest list.”Anika said as she was jotting something down in her notebook biting her bottom lip.

Shivaay gestured her asking her if she wanted to have some tea to which she nodded in agreement after looking his way, but he noticed the frown on her face.

“I see you’re too busy for your husband now.” He said gruffly after she hanged up on the call.
Shivaay put something down on the table in from of her.
“I have something for you…..Go ahead….open it” he said.
“It’s beautiful…” Anika whispers, earning a grin from Shivaay.
“You shouldn’t have Shivaay” Anika said.
“I’m just glad you like it” he replied.
Anika looked at the man that was her husband, Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
The mystery.
He was most certainly not what he looked like and that arrogant billionaire only a façade.
With her he was a different man…Kind, attentive and caring but to the world; an angry entitled man who always got what he wanted.
But what Anika didn’t know was Shivaay was digging into her past.
He wanted to know why she sometimes woke up in a cold sweat.
Why she was scared of the dark… many questions and he was going to find that out every one of them.

“Shivaay is on the verge of destroying his life.” a voice said.
“I need your help…….” She continued her conversation to and unknown caller.
“I have sent you an e-mail with all the details to bring you up to speed with the basics of it.
I have tried to find information on Anika’s family but kept meeting dead ends.”

Two minutes later the door opened, and out walked Pinki.
She saw Om and greeted him as if nothing just happened.

Om’s blood was boiling when he heard that and he clenched his hand into fist to stop himself from punching the wall behind him.

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    Loved it

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    Wait I don’t know what happened between rudra and soumya or maybe I forgot.i loved it and it was short but good job.

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    Osum one……

  4. Nice episode..

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