Ishqbaaz – Ek Bhar Phir Episode 7

Mannat asks Rachna where we are going, Rachna says papa call me and said to take some file, so we are going. She asks whose Scotty is this ,Rachna says one of our classmates. They come into big hotel, Mannat says wow it was so big and i have not seen such a big hotel. They went inside After taking file they comes to lift, Rachna says you go, I forgot my phone. Lift stops at floor and Shivaansh was inside , they both look at each other. He asks do you want to come or not. Mannat enters into lift and stand aside. He also here ,What he was doing here. Wait Where ever he goes why I’m thinking about him. Shivaansh thinks these girl (he remberes mall incident) she challenged me i can’t do action movie. They both think each other(Background music plays) Mannat thinks why he was looking at me like that. His eyes are kanji Ankae. He asks did you say something she replies nothing. Lift opens she hurriedly comes outside.

At studio Rachna talk to man and looks at idol and asks why it was still here. He says Sorry mam . I will send it now and he leaves from there. She lifts idol(Radha Krishna) to move and control balances one man holds the idol and they have an eye lock(Background Music) They place it down and says idol was good and it was not easy to break. She says you saved that. He says If we are in problem god saves us and now I saved him . She says no actually he brought here to save him. He says what. She looks at him. He says I’m Varun and she says I’m Radhika. He says you are Radhika , I came here to meet you. She asks why?

Mannat is waiting and Rachna comes and asks I need one more help, Actually i want to give these cheque to Mr Sinha. I got call from College library and I want to go. If you don’t mind will you give this cheque? Mannat says ok. She hugs her and says you’re the best. Do one thing take Scotty and i will message address. She says fine and goes from there.

Khanna talks to someone in phone and one girl and come and greets Khanna. He says hi, she asks Shivaansh also here, Khanna thinks if I tell her Shivaansh also here, She will be bubblegum and not leave. He says no. I thought Shivaansh also here and i brought these bouquet @>–;– to him. He says oh! She asks Khanna to give this bouquet to Shivaansh. He says definitely. She leaves from there.

He says these girl and throws bouquet and it fall on Rachna hands. She looks at Khanna and comes to him. Khanna was looking at Rachna .She is Scolding him(Background Music) while Khanna was laughing. She says hello. He says sorry I am actually throwing it into Dustbin .She says what Am I looking like dustbin. He says no. She says actually boys like to give flowers and you are throwing. He says no actually I’m throwing and you came between , he says by the way it will be good in beautiful girl hands than dustbin. She says oh are you flirting with me.

He says no I’m saying truth. Hey Mr. Romeo. What he says my name was Suhaas Khanna and forward his hand. She says whatever gives bouquet to him and leaves. He calls her and asks her name. She says why I should tell you. He says ok Laila ji I’m sorry for throwing flowers on girl. Next time I will give it to hands. She says whatever ,what is this – Laila ji He says Juliet namena will not match you as Laila. So I called you laila ji. She says Idiot and leaves from there where Khanna was looking at her.

Shivaansh is driving car and thinking about Mannat. What she was doing there. Wait Why I am thinking about her. His car was stopped and he gets down to look what happened. Mannat is coming in that route and sees a car was stopped and stop the bike and asks can I help you.He turns to see her and they look at each other. Mannat thinks oh no this guy again and me why I want to become Mother Teresa. I can just go. Shivaansh thinks what I’m thinking about her and she is in front of me. Mannat says anyway I stopped let me ask him once again if he want lift or not. Shivaansh thinks what she was silent, should I take lift from her anyway in this way it was difficult to take lift and it will become issue if any commoners see me and here there is also no network to call. He says I want to go Lakeview hotel. She says ok I’m also going there only. Shivaansh thinks she is also going there, is she is not following me. She asks any problem why you are so much thinking, common and sit or otherwise you will not get help from anybody here.

Radhika asks what you came here to meet me. Varun says Yeah I have seen your work. It was good and we are conducting art exhibition and I want to talk about that. She says sorry but now I’m busy with some othe rwork. He says but I came here with great hope you will accept these offer. So many talented artists are participating and it will be good if you take part. She says but Mr. Varun. He says you can call Varun no need of formal she says ok but actually I’m working on some other project. He says ok take time and tell me. I will wait for your answer and while he was leaving. Radhika try to stop him , he says anyway that Radhakrishna idol was looking great. Varun Leaves. Radhika thinks Who was he? Came and talk and disappeared, I told Sahil mama I will help in new project What to do?

Mannat and Shivaansh were on bike and Mannat thinks why he was so silent on that day he spoke so much and Shivaansh thinks these girl was quiet and on that day she talk too much. Speed breaker comes and he falls on Mannat (Background Music plays) Shivaansh says wait now she we tell I only intentionally fall on her. Mannat says stupid roads. Shivaansh asks did you say something. She says no I said nothing. Shivaansh get call from Khanna , he lifts the call. Khanna asks did you reach. No, I’m going. He says to Khanna my car was in trouble and then he asks how you are going . He says one girl gave lift to me. What? who? Wait Shivaansh Says take lift. I was in Shock . Shivaansh says Shut up I will call you after reaching there. Mannat thinks one girl what was that, he cannot say my name. Wait how can he knows my name. Shivaansh thinks if this girl goes in these speed we will reach tomorrow. She says what? He asks What happened. You said about my driving. He thinks she listened me, he says you can’t drive fast. She says hello it was not like your BMW or Audi. I’m going maximum speed by the way I know better driving. These girl was impossible? They reached destination

Shivaansh gets down and Mannat says by the way my name was not girl. I am Mannat. He says Mannat and leaves. Mannat thinks this much attitude he even didn’t say thanks.

After giving cheque, Maannat comes to her bike and she sees Shivaansh and they look each other She thinks Wait what now also I want to give lift him. He comes to her and says I don’t have habit to take help and by the way I will give you lift. She says you forgot your car was repaired and I gave you lift. He says who was going in-car. He looks and chopper lands and she thinks what he has helicopter also. He asks she can also come, She says no need I have my bike and I know the route you can go in your helicopter. It was not helicopter, it was chopper. She says whatever go in that and check onetime and be careful, if it also get damage I will not be there to give you lift and she rides on. Shivaansh looks on Mannat

  1. Nice epi….keep doing well

  2. Good Episode and your story was good Ansh

    Is Varun was good in your story and Mannat gae lift to Shivaansh… That was nice
    Khanna here he was friend of Shivaansh and Rachna & Khanna they gonna be couple………….
    I have read other episodes also.Quite interesting……………. Waiting for other episodes…………

  3. Jasminerahul

    mansh in the radhika scene was romantic n sweet.will radhika say yes to varun for the exhibition? is varun bad in this ff? khanna rachana scene n dialogues were so funny.which actors play khanna n rachana?mansh bike scene was cute.the last mansh scene was hilarious

  4. Good Episode
    Waiting for next one

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