Ishqbaaz – Ek Bhar Phir Episode 14

Radhika is working at her studio. Varun comes there and wishes her. Radhika says hi and ask about exhibition .Varun says it all about Hand made arts and artists can present their arts there. So many Organizations and Companies comes there and if they like it they gonna start a new start with artist and we will be partners for them and we will encourage their arts and all this exhibition money funded to hand-made artists organization. Radhika says good one it will help so many other artists . She asks when exhibiton will start. They dicuss about all deatils. Finally Radhika says then its great work with you and organization and for such good work. Varun says it was good that artists like you encourage our Project. Radhika says i will complete all the project before exhibition starts. Varun says good they hand shake each other and he leaves from there.

Sundari comes to Dadi room and wishes her and says are you looking girl for Shivaansh. Dadi says why and whom. She says for Shivaansh This age is for marry and you are not thinking about that . Daid says i know when Shivaansh to get married. Right now he was not interested in marriage. She says If Annika-Shivaay was there they think about his marriage. He was only thinking about his carrier and brothers& Sisters not about life partner. Omkara-Rudra are not taking interest and they settle abroad. Dadi says i know about my children and their future. When Shivaansh get Takkar ki Ladki he will get marry. You not need to worry. Sundari try to say something where Manjari comes there and say Chachi I’m looking for you and takes from there. Dadi nods at Manjari and she thinks i want a girl takkar who will match Shivaansh.

Mannat talks to Deepak that i have seen notice board there will be college fest in few days. Rachna says wow i want to take part in Dance. Deepak says Dance and you. Rachna asks any problem you didn’t remberer how i dance at Holi . He says yes two girls beside you joined hospital because of bone fracture. Mannat and Deepak laughs. Rachna says you guys are laughing. Iam very good at dance and i will win these competition. Deepak says we will see and he asks Mannat will you take part in Innovating thinking. She says yes and how do you know. He says because I’m your friend. She laughs and says yeah you are.He says All the Best. Rachna says you are encouraging her. Deepak says yes i know she was good at that so i was encouraging her and your dance i don’t how many get attack on that day. She try to catch him where he runs away. Mannat also going behind them where Shreya was coming opposite side and laughs looking. They both pass and she comes to near Dhruv. He asks how is your hand. She says i got treatment from best Doctor Dhruv and how it will not be cured. He laughs and says at your service madam. She asks have you know about College fest. He says yes and asks in which one will you take part. They talk to each other.

Rachna catches Deepak where Mannat comes there and aks them to don;t fight for such silly one. Rachna says really you always fight with Shivaansh like this only. She remembers temple incident and sacred thread to give to Shivaansh. She says to Rachna why are you talking about him Rachna. She says oh! You are gettting angry for your boyfriend. Oh really he is not my boyfriend Laila ji tell about your Romeo. Rachna says really Mannat you are talking about that idiot. Mannat says who your Romeo. Deepak says enough girls. They both look at him and laugh. He asks what this Shivaansh and Romeo. Rachna says girls talk you will not understand. Deepak says i will not try also to understand.

One director narrates story for Shivaansh about full action picture. After narration he says good one we will start working together. He thinks that this movie was very important to me and i will prove to that girl i am best at everything. Khanna comes to Shivaansh and he asks what is your opinion. He asks me, Story was good but upto now you have done all romantic genre now suddenly action, audience will not accept from this you and he was début director and producers will not take risk. He asks i know he is début but i like his narration skills and i have seen confidence his eyes. If any producer will not come we will start production house. Khanna asks what? Yeah we will start new one.Khanna says we think we will start from next year with low-budget movies. Shivaansh says it will be ok and it was just back up plan if producers are not going totakr risk. Khanna thinks Sihvaansh plan this Production company next year .Now he was starting with this film.

Manjari comes to Dadi and they talk about Sundari. Manjari says sorry Dadi i was invited her, but i don;t know she will talk all about this even Sahil also said to me keep distance fom her. Dadi says its ok. it was not your mistake and you think about good that she will be happy to meet her grand children.Sahil comes there and asks what happened they say nothing and we are talking something. Sahil says i listen Sundari Mami he asks if she says anything amd looks at Manjari. She says nothing. Dadi says arey Pagala you are asking your Dadi. Sahil says nothing like that i know about her if she cause any trouble let me now. Dadi says arey i raise my kids and this all empire and you think i can;t handle her. He laughs and says i now my Dadi wad strongest women in world and hugs her. She says ok no need of this Praising.

Mannat thinks next time was last time i will meet him and i will give this to him and look at sacred thread. In car Shivaansh thinks about Mannat.

  1. Good Episode Ansh
    So i have read previous episodes so shivaansh was doing action movie for Mannat

    Dhruv was like Omkara…………
    Dhruv-Shreya story was good…………

    Waiting for more Maansh scenes

  2. Waiting for Shivvansh-Mannat takkar ki scenes
    In your story you portrayed Varun & Sahil characters were good……………….
    Is there any twist……………

    Dhruv- Shreya were good friends
    This guy Deepak will ot fall in love with Mannat…………..Otherwise it will get complicated………..
    Anyway waiting for next episode

  3. Jasminerahul

    radhika varun scene was nice.Deepak rachana mannat scene was nice.i doubt whether Deepak will fall for mannat.but today I liked Deepak rachana chemistry.but I know that they are not a pair in this ff. production company is a good idea

  4. Jasminerahul

    druv shreya scene was sweet

  5. I started reading your article Ansh……..
    It was good story line………….

    You are focusing on all other characters also…………It was good……..
    Here you added new characters from real one.
    INteresting to read your story……………

    I;m waiting how you will move with your story……………….
    Waiting for another episode……………All the Best

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