Ishqbaaz – Ek Bhar Phir Episode 13

Shivaansh says you again. When I meet you something will be wrong. Mannat says really that words. I came her for peace but i don’t know here also you will be there. Shivaansh says how dare you to talk like that me I’m Shivaansh Singh Oberoi.Mannat so what? Do you have any super powers. Do you contol nature or do you have any contact details of god.You also ordinary man. He says I’m not ordinary. I’m Super star and People go crazy to meet me. Mannat says I’m not.Anyway I don’t have time for this silly things and leave from there. Shivaansh says I will make sure this girl who I’m.

Shivaansh leaves from there and spots the same boy who the mysterious girl saved from accident. He goes to him. The boy says you are Shivaansh Singh Oberoi I’m Big fan of you. I want to become like you when i get young. He says sure if you work hard you will become success. Just i want to know who was girl who helped you few days before by not getting hit by car. He thinks and says that Didi I also don’t know I met her first time. While he was talking he sees Mannat and says same girl.Shivaansh asks what? The boy says that Didi was here.Shivaansh looks at her and says these girl. He says impossible girl who comes in my dreams and Mannat are same. He looks at temple and say don’t make my life more complicated god and leave from there. He goes to Dadi and give threads. Dadi says there is only one where is another. Shivaansh says i gave you what i took from Pandit. She says there was two but here only one. Prem says its ok Dadi we take another one. She says arey duffer these two were special beacause they were for Shivaansh and his wife. Shivani says wife. Dadi says Yeah i make these two fo both of them. I don;t where it was gone. Dhruv says its ok Dadi it will be there who worth it.

Mannat thinks what he was thinking of himself and she finds Sacred thread on her duppatta and thinks whose was this. She remberers collide of Shivaansh and thinks may be that idiot. She thinks what to do? it was sacred one. when he meet next time i will give it to him.

Oberoi Mansion

Prem says i met that girl. Shivani asks whom you are talking about. He says Mannat. Dhruv asks Who was these Mannat. Prem says I told you guys the girl helped me at holi. They say oh that girl. Radhika asks where do you meet her. He says i met her at temple. Shivaansh comes there asks which girl you are talking. Prem says Mannat. Shivaansh asks what. Dhruv says Mannat bhai wish. Prem wish(Mannat) in temple.We are talking about that. Yeah we are talking about this Mannat. Shivani & Radhika also says yeah Mannat Shivaansh says Ok Don’t say so many times that word. Prem says Mannat. Shivaansh looksa tthem and leave from there. They think what happened to Bhai. Radhika get call and leave from there. She answers call.Varun says you told to meet me and I’m at studio. Radhika says sorry i not make it for urgent work. Varun says ok let us meet tomorrow. Radhika says sorry once again. varun says don’t be formal. We will meet tomorrow.

Rachna comes to hostel, Mannat asks is everything Ok. She says Chachu fell down of Low BP. Papa & Mama are out of city. Bhai is too youn So she called me. Now all are right. Mannat says don;t worry everything will be good.

Shreya was in college. Dhruv passes near by notice her and greet her. She says Hai. Dhruv notices burn mark on her hand and asks Shreya. She remberes while she preparing breakfast in morning her hand got burnt but her chachi ignored it. She says nothing it may burnt in kitchen. Dhruv says come with me and do first-aid for burn mark. He asks so you know cooking. Shreya asks so is it crime. He laughs and says now girls don’t know cooking , so i asked you. She says i know cooking and i will male better dishes. Dhruv says not better than me. Shreya asks suprisingly you know cooking. IS it bad for boys cooking. She says not like that. Dhruv says me and my brothers used to make breakfast sometimes for family. She says thatw as good. While he was applying plaster. Shreya was looking into Dhruv(Background music) He says finished. Next time be careful. Shreya says sure and says thanks to Dhruv.

Khanna asks Shivaansh do you decide to act with which director. Shivaansh says i listened stories but they are romantic not acton genre. I’m waiting for fully action mode. Khanna thinks Shivaansh was effected so much by that girl. I want to meet that girl. Shivaansh says did you said anything Khanna. He replies no i have not said nothing.

  1. super upd8

  2. Waiting for Shruv & Shreya’s Love story
    it was different from Mannat-Shivaansh…………….Super cool & Fairy

    Waiting for next one

  3. Jasminerahul

    mansh fight was cute.from the boy shivansh came to know that the girl who helped him was mannat n doubts if the girl he sees in dreams is mannat.that’s nice.druv shreya scene was nice.druv plastering her hand n shreya looking at him was romantic

  4. Good episode….
    your story was interesting

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