Ishqbaaz – Ek Bhar Phir Episode 12

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Jagadeesh Comes to his father and says Papaji that man troubling again about that land. This time we want to take serious action I will teach him a lesson. Mahender says it was our ancestor’s land and i will not be quiet. Pramod says Bhai we will complaint to Police they will take care. Jagdeesh says you stop it and don’t interfere when we elders discuss.

Oberoi Mansion

Shivaansh was sleeping and some girl was shown and she entered into his room and asks him to wake up. It was too late. He wake up and says Good Morning. The girl face revealed(Mannat) with Sindhoor and manglasutra. He hold his hand and says you are looking so beautiful today and slowly he drags her and try to kiss. She find water jug beside and throw at his face and says Dream was over now get up. Shivaansh get up suddenly and checks water on him (no water on him) and thinks what just happened. Such a dream, that girl in my dream. Shivaansh be careful and this dream will never turn into real.

At Dining table Dadi asks where is Bittu, everyone was here. Dhruv says I don’t know Bhai will get up early every day. Sundari was eating breakfast and Prem says what was that Nani. She says it was poori and shows Poori. He says if you eat this much Oil food. She says it was not oil and Pure ghee and says to him have it and serve on his plate. He tries to say something; she says I used to make such food to your dad when he was kid. He eats those and became clever. Sahil looks at her. While others are laughing. Sundari turns to Shivani, she says I’m on diet Nani give all your love to Your Prem. She looks at him and he makes a face and looks at Shivani while she was laughing. Shivaansh comes there and wishes good morning. Dadi asks you are late today bittu, he thinks about dream and says nothing Dadi. He looks at Prem Plate and asks you are eating these. Shivani says Nani says it was healthy , do you wanna try it. She says Yes Beta and try to offer him, but Shivaansh looks at her , she says ok he was hero and he have his diet plan. You eat Prem Beta. Radhika whispers and says Prem will become Balloon if he eat like these. They all laugh.

Dadi asks them to come home early at evening as they are going to temple. Prem says temple Dadi . Yes you all must come and not dare to miss it and she turns to Sahil, he says sorry Dadi i think i will not make it as there is meeting, but i will try to come. She says ok Manjari said about that and you Bachhe gang for you no excuses and leaves from there. Shivaansh also leaves from there as he has some work.

At College

In class Professor is teaching, where all students are taking class. Mannat was shown as she sit beside Rachna. They are taking notes, Mannat was thinking about Shivaansh. Her Professor calls her name. She was lost in thoughts. He again called her. Rachna taps her. She says yes Sir, He asks are you in class I’m calling you and you were somewhere. Concentrate here and continues his class. Rachna signs is everything ok. She says yes. In canteen while they were eating Rachan asks what happened Mannat. Deepak says she must thinking about something serious. She says yes. Rachna asks what. She says nothing -just like that -actually I was disturbed . Rachna will you come to temple with me after college. Rachan asks temple, she says I can feel peace there. She asks you Deepak. He says temple and me it was not match for me you guys carry on. Rachna asks why you will not believe in god, you will not go to temple. Anil looks at Deepak and he says to Rachna actually we have some other plans. Deepak is trying to say that. Mannat says its ok come break is over we want to attend other class.

Mannat and Rachna are leaving their room where she gets call from her Chachi that come home. She says Sorry Mannat i told you that my Chachi leaves here, she called me and said to come home, she was very tensed. She says ok you go and everything will be fine.

Oberois reached temple. Shivaansh thinks i met a girl here on that day. He remembers Mannat when she visited the temple. Everyone enters into temple where Mannat reached temple. All Pray and Dadi asks to do Pooja for all her family and mainly there grand-children. All leave from there after praying..Prem was taking something from his pocket and his wallet fell down on the ground. Mannat sees the wallet and ry to stop him. She takes the wallet and call him and Prem turns back and they remember each other. She says your wallet. He says you are my angel and helping me when I was in trouble. She laughs and says don’t make it habit i will not be there everytime. He says i forgot to ask your name. She says Mannat and he says my name was Prem. She says such a catchy name. He says Yeah in my college girls also says this. She says Ok Prem take care and leave from there

Dadi close eyes and prays i want bittu want to be happy. Mannat comes there and stand beside her. Dadi says Bittu suffered lot at when he was kid but he look after everything and take care of family and his brothers & Sisters like his dad. I want to marry him to girl who supports him and feel his pain and emotions and take care of this family .Mannat was shown and they both open eyes and turn and look each other and smile and Dadi leave from there.

Dadi was walking and slips Mannat holds her hand. She says are you ok Dadi. Dadi says yes and you helped me I’m fine now. She says Dadi , I’m sorry but i listened your words when you were praying. My mother used to say if we pray will pure heart to god. He will fullfill our wish. Your Bittu will get good and understandable wife. She says Ok then, i will wait for that girl. She asks you also nice girl. She says Dadi. Dadi laughs and says just kidding beta. Mannat says your are cool dadi. My grand-kids also says that. Dadi asks her name. She says Mannat and Dadi says my name was Kalyani you are calling me dadi. so you can call me like that. She says ok Dadi i will leave and take blessings from her. She Says we will meet again. Shivaansh was coming from other side and comes to Dadi. He says everything ok and whom you are looking. She says that girl, he sees Mannat from back. He says ok we will leave from here.

All come to car, Dadi says i forgot to take sacred threads. Shivaansh says i will get it. He takes threads and coming outside and collides with Mannat. They look at each other and both says you.

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  1. HI Ansh
    Welcome back , After a long time… Where have you been

    Episode was good and dream was funny
    Sundari mami is eating freak ……… all drama………….

    Mannat met dadi and Prem that was cool
    Prem & Mannat relation would be like Annika – Rudra
    Waitinf for another episodes

  2. Jasminerahul

    after a long time you updated it.though it was a dream it was so romantic .mannat prem met.sweet scene.mansh colliding with each other was cute

  3. gud and awesome chap after a long time waiting for nxt upd8

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