Ishqbaaz – Ek Bhar Phir Episode 11

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The Mystery man gets call that Prem was saved by some stranger. He shouts his man they can’t do one thing properly. He says enough for now . From Now I will enter into their live they can’t be safe from me. I will make their lives trouble. This (Srujan Ahuja) was my promise .Srujan Ahuja will never let down his promise.

Mannat comes and sit at table and scolds Why rabba every time I face this brainless fellow. Rachna asks about whom you are praising. Mannat says  Shivaansh Singh Oberoi. Rachna shouts Shivaansh at excitement. She says where was he and he came here. Mannat says calm down I don’t know but when he meets something bad was happening. You are something  Shivaansh anything happens it was good. But me I met that Stupid one again. Mannat asks who was that? Rachna replies that man. Oh Mr. Romeo. He came here to meet her Juilet on Holi and laughs. Shut up Mannat. I was not his Juliet and you know  one thing he call me LailaJi because  Juilet name was not suits for me. Mannat says Ok I don’t know all this happen between you two LailaJi and Laughs. Deepak comes and asks what you guys are talking and asks how was your dare Mannat

Stupid….. Very very Idiotic thing. Deepak replies what. Rachna says he was Shivaansh who you showed. Deepak says what? I didn;t recognize him what that colors all over him. What he was doing here. Mannat says to trouble me . Deepak says I think you both have good conversation. Mannat looks at Deepak and says it was your fault. She says this bet and eats Pakoda beside the table. She says One minute where Deepak  make face no Mannat. She eats from another plate and Pakoda was spicy. She says Deepak you cheat. Deepak says no I don’t know what were you talking about.Rachna asks what happened. Maanat says Deepak give Spicy pakodas to me for winning the bet . Mannat try to catch Deepak. He says Ok Everything was fair in love and war. Mannat says now you will have war Deepak and try to catch him. He finally says ok fine. Do whatever you want and stands before color water tub. Mannat comes and says its oK Deepak and smiles and pushes him in tub.

Dadi asks Shivani where your brothers are. She replies that maybe here somewhere. Shivaansh says don’t talk about incident to Dadi and other family members .Prem says OK and leave with Dhruv. Khanna says are you ok? Shivaansh replies I don’t know I have feeling that something was wrong,that accident and someone called Prem there and they was not shown. Khanna says relax shivaansh it was coincidence. Who will try  to harm Prem. Shivaansh thinks and says Yes. They meet Shivani and Radhika. Shivani says Mami says Suprise. Upto now I didn’t know what was that. Radhika says cool, you are excited more that Prem. One woman shows entering the Oberoi’s Garden

Shreya comes to her house with Priyam. Her Chachi and some other women are talking and say this Kheer was so good. Chachi replies  yes I was made with my own soft hands. Shreya was stamding and listening at one side of hall. Priyam says these Kheer was best because my Sister Shreya Di made it. She was super at everything. Manju gulps Kheer where other women start laughing. Shreya comes there and says No Auntyji  Kheer was made by Chachi I just helped her. Priyam try to say something, but Shreya covers her mouth and leaves from there with him. One woman says Yeah Manju it was better Kheer and laugh. Another Lady says Shreya was good at everything. She was good at studies, she holds all work at home. Manju says you are praising her at my home. I raised her when everyone abandoned her. I gave shelter at my home. Shreya was listening. Manju says if she was so good then and why one of you make her daughter-in-law .They all stand siletntly. She was bad luck and because of that her parents die. I was very good at heart so i allowed to stay at my house. I raised her with good heart. Shreya feels bad and leaves from there. She sat at bed and slowly tears roll down her cheek. She feels bad about thinking about her childhood and parents. Priyam comes there and says Di look at me what neha did. She sees Priyam was full in colors and laughs and hugs her and wipe her tears.

Mannat gets call and talk to Jiya. She asks how Holi in Mumabi Di . She says Good. Mannat asks how everyone at home was. She says well. Mannat asks Papa. Pramod comes and take phone any say Happy Holi my dear one. Mannat  says Happy Holi Papa. He says I’m missing you. It was incomplete without you at home for this festival. Mannat also says Me to Papa. Jiya snatches Phone and says Ok PapaThis was sister’s time. He leaves from there. So Di tell me how as Holi? I said na it was good. Arey Di say about boys. Did you make any boyfriend? Mannat says Shutup Jiya. What was that Boyfriend Boyfriend. She says you are Di like old movie heroine. If I was in Mumbai there will be line for me. She says you na dreaming too much.  I will talk to you later. Jiya says ok Di tell Rachna Di also Happy Holi .Rachna asks what happened ? Mannat Says Jiya was too much she was very filmy asking Di you made any boyfriend. Rachna oh then you must say Yeah and Shivaansh SIngh Oberoi. Mannat looks at Rachna.

Prem says you know guys  I met one girl today. Shivani says so what you was every time back at girls. Stop it Di. While I was gone outside, somebody try to beat me and she helped me and that boys run away. Shivaansh asks when this happened . OK what was her name. I don;t know. But next time when I meet that Di  I will ask her name. Radhika says Di . Yeah se was older than me by the way she was perfect for Shivaansh Bhayya. Full of attitude like him. They all laugh. One woman says Hi Bachoo They look at and stand with stunning. Sundari mami says I’m here .All says no. Prem says Shivaansh Bhayya please hide me, I will stand behind you. No, No keep me in your Pocket and he hugs behind Khanna.

 She comes and hug Shivaansh. Arey meri Annika ki Beta You are My Super star. I have seen your film it was too good. Shivani says it was not surprise it was  bomb .She looks at Shivani and hugs her, she says Hi Nani . You are here suddenly. She says yes I want to meet my grand children. So I came. She asks Where is Prem. Prem was hiding behind Khanna. Shivani looks at him and says there was your Prem Beta. He comes in front murmuring at shivani. Sundari hugs Prem and kiss him at cheeks my Lala becomes so handsome. Prem frees himself and says Nani I’m not 4 Years Old. While all was laughing . Radhika asks how you are Nani. She replies yeah I’m fine.

Manjari comes there and looks and asks how was surprise. They say it was more than shock. Sundari laughs and says i told her not to tell anyone. All says Oh! Sundari asks where is Sahil , Manjari says come I will take you to him. All think Sahil mama was done. They all think Mami entered don’t know what will happen. Sahil was eating laddu, Sundari says Sahil his laddu fell down from his hand .Sundari hugs him and says my beta  Dadi also come there. She says Namaste to Dadi . Sahil looks at Manjari . She puzzles her face. Dadi asks go and rest you are tried by journey; She says yes and leaves from there. Dadi asks where Bittu was. Manjari says Shivaansh was with his brothers and sisters. She says ok and leave from there. Sahil Pulls Manjari and asks this was your surprise Sundari mami. She hits him at stomach and says I also don’t know she calls me and says I’m coming to Holi. How I can say not to come.  Sahil says She will create trouble her so I send her out of Mumbai. I don’t know what she will do new drama.

Shivani says I don’t know what to say. Prem says mainly  me. Shivani laughs and says Yeah Chota Packet mere Lallu. Radhika says me and Dhruv are fine because she was not interested in us. Dhruv replies yes. Otherwise I can’t hold that much love and laughs.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Mannat Deepak scene was funny.maanat jiya scene was nice.pem too feels that mannat is perfect 4 Shreya getting taunted by manju.sad

  2. Good Episode

    And Sundari mami entered I don’t know what drama she will create
    Prem was too funny

    I think Deepak will not fell in love with Mannat

    Who is this Srujan? Why he after Oberois

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