Ishqbaaz – Ek Bhar Phir Episode 10

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Shivaansh gets down car and Khanna stops him Wait Bhai, if anyone sees you it will be issue. He says fine and applies color all over his face and put on goggles, now no one will recognize and all are busy with Holi. Dhruv says Ok Bhayya you go that direction and I will go this. Khanna says me. Shivaansh says really Khanna. This time for Joking. He asks what I said. Shivaansh says do one thing go Straight. Khanna says Good idea .Shivaansh says whatever and leaves from there. Dhruv says Khanna Bhai call me when you find Prem

Rachna was running behind her friends and throws colors on them. Khanna comes between. They both look each other and say you. Khanna says you are taking revenge Laila Ji by throwing colors. She says what? Why I would do that. I throw flowers at you. So you are throwing colors at me. Rachna says Hello Mr. Romeo I’m throwing colors at my friends. He looks back and says there was no one. She says they run away and why I want to explain you. He says I know. Rachna asks what you know. When girls are lying, actually you intentionally throw colors at me, every girl have crush on me. I’m super cool. She says Hello wakeup from dreams. Every girl! She says this was Joke of day… no sorry Year….He says you don’t know fully about me. She says I don’t want to know. Ok Laila Ji calm down and drink this thandai. She says my name was not Laila. Then he asks what your beautiful name was. She thinks such a flirt and turns Khanna calls her and throw colors on her and says Happy Holi. She says How dare you. He runs from there with laughing.

Shivaansh was trying to make a call to prem. Group of people are there. Mannat and Shivaansh pass nearly but not look each other. Mannat Dupaata touches Shivaansh face. He looks and sees Mannat but not her face. He moves from there. Dhruv also searching for Prem. Shreya was running and falls on Dhruv and he holds her. They have an eye lock(Background Music Plays) Priyam hides at table. Shreya says you .Dhruv says yeah me. She says sorry actually my brother was troubling me. He laughs and says even my brother. She turns back and he sees no one there. She thinks where Priyam is. Priyam was laughing at behind table. Dhruv asks who you were searching. She says my younger brother. Up to now he was my behind don’t know where he was gone. He says my brother also missing and I’m also searching him. Shreya looks at Dhruv with question mark face. He says and I’m saying truth. It’s ok Happy Holi and I wish you will find you brother. He wishes same. While she was leaving by the way I’m Dhruv. She says I’m Shreya. They shake their hands. Dhruv leaves from there. Shreya thinks where Priyam is. She listens laughing and see Priyam. She says Arey You are hiding here Naughty Boy

Deepak comes to Mannat and asks how Holi is. She says Best. He says Ok there is still one thing to do. Mannat ask what was that. Deepak says Pakoda eating competition. Mannat says ok you know what Deepak ever year at my village I win this competition. I’m gonna win and this time also. Deepak Say Hello Ms Khurrana Deepak was not there. Now we will see who will win. She says ok I’m ready. Deepak says if you lose you gonna do whatever I say. Mannat also says same for you. They come to table. Shivaansh passes behind them and try to call prem and get worried why he was not picking my call. Deepak and Mannat start the competition and they are eating fastly. Rachna says only 30 Seconds. They eat fastly where Mannat says ok enough. Deepak says finally I said I will win. Mannat says these are more spicier. He says girls say excuses every time. Mannat says Ok You win. Congrats Deepak and says Rachna come let’s go we are getting late. Deepak says wah you are running now. You forgot our bet. She says no. He says these girls are, She says hello I’m ready for your challenge. Deepak gives color balloons to Mannat and says you want to hit with this however I show. She says what? He laughs and says yes. Shivaansh was looking at Prem and Deepak says see that man(Shivaansh) with white kurta wearing goggles hit at him. She looks at him and says I don’t want to trouble some other. Give another dare. He says this was dare and you gonna do that because you lose. By the way this Holi he will not think badly.

She says Ok and moves to Shivaansh and throws balloons at him. He says angrily what the. Mannat says sorry sorry actually my stupid friends gave me dare. So I throw at you. They look Mannat friends at long distance. He sees them. She says by the way happy Holi. He looks at her. Mannat thinks why this man was behaving oddly. Mannat asks everything was right. He shouts no I’m looking for someone and not finding. Why these many people are here. She thinks I have listened this voice somewhere. He looks at her and says and now what. She says Shivaansh . Shivaansh thinks how she recognized me. You? What are you doing here and shouting these many people. These was Holi and People will celebrate these like only .If i have recognized you I will not throw balloons , I will throw full bucket of color water. Shivaansh remembers her voice and says Mannat.

She says Yeah. Shivaansh says Ofcourse where there is the problem you will be there. She says how dare you to call me problem. He says not problem, Danger. When she starts to say something Shivaansh take color balloon from near table and hits Mannat. She looks at him. Shivaansh says now I accepted your sorry and he comes near her face and says Happy Holi and leaves from there. Mannat says so much arrogant Kanji Ankhae Wala

Prem comes and stand and looking for his friend at tent where a man cuts the rope of decoration. It was big light hanging on Prem’s Head. Shivaansh sees Prem and feels happy and he sees light falling on him. He rushes and move side of him. It fell on ground. He hugs and says are you ok Prem. Prem recognizes Shivaansh and Says Bhayya. People gather. They say you safe this boy. Khanna also comes there and Handle Situation. Now ok everyone enjoy your Holi. Everyone leaves from there. Shivaansh angrily says what you are doing here.

When I called you were in trouble, He says my friend called to come here and I’m not finding him. He asks where in your mobile. I think it was fell sown. Ok Now get into car. Shivaansh calls Dhruv and asks him to come to car. Sihvaansh, Khanna and Prem leave from there. While walking he thinks about Mannat where Mannat saya what he was thinking himself. If he meet next time I will show him who Mannat singh Khurrana was. Screen stopped on their two faces

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Rachana Khanna holi nok jhok scene was hilarious n cute.mansh dupatta scene was romantic.shreya falling on druv n eye lock was romantic.pakoda scene was nice.mansh scene was so funny n cute.
    Which actors play rachana,Khanna,Deepak?

    1. Annsh

      Thanks Jasminerahul for your comments
      You are boosting up me by giving comments

      1. Jasminerahul didnt answer my questions

  2. That was good episode man

    I have seen only Ishqbaaz Daily Soap from Day 1 without missing
    It was different from other shows……………..Brother’s Bonding, Masti and their love and mainly kitchen scenes …………
    It was one of the best shows of Star Plus………….. But Season 2 was good……But Season 1 was amazing
    But makers stopped suddenly

    I have randomanly open this page and see so many are writing their fictions and i just opened your page………. Your writing was good and you point of view was interesting
    You have added new characters and you gave importance to all other siblings where in season 2 it was missing……………

    Up to now all was good Shivaansh – Mannat met each other and their nok jhok
    Dhruv – Shreya I think their love story will be classic
    Radhika – Varun It was also started(I don;t know varun is good or bad in your vision . Let’s Wait & see)
    Khanna- Rachna …..(They were remainding Saumya- Rudra) cute Inn this Khanna was best friend for Shivaansh……That was interesting
    Is Deepak also one of the important roles? let wait and see how he gonna turn be

    Finally Villan also introduced…………
    So you undisclosed all characters…………..

    Up to now episodes were so good……Waiting for another episodes also
    All the best

  3. Good Episode
    I Don;t think this Deepak come between Mannat and Shivaansh
    Khanna- Rachna was very funny

    Finally Prem meet his Bhabhi
    Shivaansh-Mannat scenes was good Kanji anke vale

    Who was that trying to harm Oberois

    So here Dhruv was like Omkara.
    Dhruv & Shreya lovestory will be like tale…………..

    Let see how they gonna fall in love with each other

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