Ishqbaaz – Duniya Palat Gayi – Episode 78



Anika was waiting for Shivaay’s father, the person who had kept the truth hidden for years, as she was lost in thoughts a man comes there, he looked like he belonged to a well-to-do family, and someone who could give anything and everything to his children and yet he was the same man who put his son in an orphanage and hidden facts for years from the world and his son, and here stood the one of India’s top business company’s founder, Mr. Rajesh Mittal.

Anika: I never thought I would be meeting you like this, Mr. Mittal.
Rajesh: Even I had not imagined that this day would ever come.
Anika: Why did you hide it from everyone? Why doesn’t anyone know that Shivaay is your son?
Rajesh: I am impressed by you, straight to the point.
Anika: Well, that is the reason Oberois are the top business empire.
Rajesh: I am really glad that Shivaay married you, I got a great daughter-in-law.
Anika: Well, when you don’t consider Shivaay as your son, you don’t have rights to call me your daughter-in-law.
Rajesh: And who told you that I don’t consider him as my son? He is my son and no one can change that.
Anika: Good. Then I can go and tell him the truth.
Rajesh: No, you cannot.
Anika: Why are you stopping me? Will you give me one good reason that I should not?
Rajesh: Do you think I am happy with that one decision I made years ago…. that I let my son go away from me…. do you think I don’t miss him…. do you think I haven’t lived with that guilt every day that I could have found another way with dealing than letting Shivaay away (She looks at him surprised) Every day for the past 20 years, my wife looks at me with pain and hatred, and makes me feel like a criminal, who snatched her son away from her and gave him away…. She hasn’t said a single word to me ever since the day I left Shivaay at the orphanage…. Do you think that it is easy to live with it….
Anika: Then why did you do that?
Rajesh: Because I had no other option…. It was either letting him go away or…. Losing him forever
Anika: What do you mean? And losing him, you already lost him.
Rajesh: Yes, I did lose him…. And I deserved that…. I was never a great husband but…. I always looked forward to be a great father and…. I guess I couldn’t do that either…. It is a long time ago…. When Shivaay was six years old…. I had major problems going on in the company…. My own sister had betrayed me and tried to steal my business from me…. When I found out I decided to give her to police…. And I thought problems would end…. But she played it bad…. She tried to kill Shivaay…. And I knew it that if he didn’t go away…. I would lose him forever…. Vidhi…. Shivaay’s mother…. Tried ways to stop me from giving away Shivaay…. But I didn’t listen…. She never talked to me after that…. We live in the same house like strangers…. I got my sister arrested and never told anyone about Shivaay and where he was…. With time the business was back to normal…. But Shivaay and his life had changed completely…. And I wanted to get him back…. But I was too late…. And now I have lost him.

He sits down on the bench nearby, Anika was shocked hearing the truth, she went and sat beside him,

Anika: No, you are not late. There is still time and we can still make everything fine.
Rajesh: Do you think it will happen?
Anika: It will and I promise that to you Dad. (Rajesh looked at her surprised) I hope I can call you that.
Rajesh: Of course you can. (He places his hand on her head) And this is for you (he takes out two bangles from his pocket and makes Anika wear them) Vidhi had kept it for our daughter-in-law, but I am giving it to my daughter.

Anika smiles at him and takes his blessings.



Ishana was waiting for Om to say something that had been bothering him,

Ishana: Om, please tell me, what happened? From yesterday you are looking worried.
Omkara: Ishana…. You know everything about me and my past…. You know that I fooled people for money…. And yesterday I met someone whom I had done the same with…. Her name is Kavya…. She loved me a lot and I mad her believe that I loved her too…. But all I ever loved was her money…. Once I got my money…. I left her…. Yesterday when I met her after four years…. It brought back everything wrong thing I have done to people…. I may have changed and I may have started earning honestly…. But the truth is I have hurt a lot of people and I have to live with that evryday for the rest of my life….

Ishana looked at him shocked and surprised, she had never seen Om say things like this before, he had done wrong things and been sorry about them, but saying it like this, he never told her anything like this,

Ishana: Om, I know what you must be feeling seeing someone you hurt years ago…. And I know it isn’t easy for you…. But you did that in the past and you have regretted it every day…. And you have tried and worked hard to be the man you are today…. So please stop saying things like this…. I know that the past cannot be changed but the present and future can be made better…. And you are doing that…. You did wrong with me too…. But see where we are today…. Together and happy…. And all this is because of the good person you are…. And that you love me truly…. So stop thinking like this and don’t you ever think like this again….

Om hugged Ishana,

Omkara: You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.




Anika: Shivaay, tomorrow, Mr. Mittal is coming to meet us.
Shivaay: Mr. Mittal, why is he coming, I don’t remember any work we have with him or he has with us.
Anika: It is something else and he wants the entire family there.
Shivaay: Family? He is coming to meet us, why?
Anika: Well, I think we will know it tomorrow.
Shivaay: Yeah.

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