Ishqbaaz – Duniya Palat Gayi – Episode 77



Om was standing there shocked, the person he thought he would never meet again was standing right in front of him,

Omkara: Kavya, you… here… I mean…
Kavya: My sister works here. Anyways I should go, she is waiting for me.

Kavya is about to go but Om holds her hand, she looks at him surprised,

Kavya: Om, this is not the place nor the time. Please let me go.
Omkara: Kavya… I am sorry for whatever happened.
Kavya: It is okay Om, it’s been a long time and I have moved on.

Omkara stood there looking at her going away.


Anika was sitting there when a lady (the one who took care of Shivaay – Radha Sharma) enters,

Radha: I hope you did not have to wait for a long time.
Anika: No, nothing like that.
Radha: I am happy to hear about Shivaay and you. He got the happiness he deserved.
Anika: You also gave him the happiness he deserved.
Radha: I wish that was true.
Anika: What do you mean?
Radha: Anika, I trust you and that is why I am telling you this. (Anika looks at her) I know Shivaay’s real family.

Anika was shocked hearing this, she gets up from the chair,

Anika: You know Shivaay’s real family? Why didn’t you tell him anything?
Radha: Because I want you to tell him, this is a big thing and only you can tell him this.
Anika: Where is his family? Who are they?
Radha: Take this (she gives Anika a photo) He is Shivaay’s father.

Anika looks at the photo and is shocked, she looks at Radha, who just nods her head.

Radha: I know you will take care of Shivaay and this.


Anika was standing still thinking about Shivaay and how she would tell him the truth, Shivaay comes there,

Shivaay: Anika, where were you? I was looking for you everywhere.
Anika: Nothing. I was just seeing the place where you grew up.
Shivaay: It feels like yesterday I was here and now today, things have changed so much.

He smiles remembering his time at the orphanage, Anika feels bad for him,

Anika (thinking): Shivaay, you had to live here even when you had a family. I wish I could tell you everything right now, but I don’t want to hurt you on such a special day.


Om was standing there thinking about Kavya, and how after years he met her like this,


Omkara: Kavya… I love you and I’ll never leave you.
Kavya: Om, I love you too and I know you will never leave me.



Kavya: Om… why did you do this to me… I trusted you so much.
Omkara: Well it was your mistake… You trusted the wrong person.

Om leaves from there while Kavya sits down crying.


Omkara (thinking): I know whatever I did with you was wrong… And how much ever I feel sorry for it… It is not going to change anything… I have hurt you… I was so wrong thinking I was doing the right thing…

Ishana who was looking for Om comes there,

Ishana: Om, did you go to get water or make water. I have been waiting for you.
Omkara: Actually, I met someone and it took time.
Ishana: You met someone… Here… Whom did you met?
Omkara: Someone I hurt long time ago.
Ishana: Om, what happened? Are you okay?
Omkara: Nothing. I’ll tell you once we go home.
Ishana: Okay.



Anika makes a call,

Anika: Hello, I want to meet you.
POC: Why do you think will I want to meet you Anika Singh Oberoi?
Anika: So, you know who I am?
POC: Of course, who doesn’t know their daughter – in – law?
Anika: Well, then you also know that I will tell Shivaay everything.
POC: No… You will not tell him anything… You cannot tell him… It will not be good.
Anika: Then meet me.
POC: Okay.
Anika: I’ll tell you when and where.

She disconnects the call.

Anika (thinking): Why did he say that it will not be good if Shivaay knows… There must be something… Otherwise why would a father keep his son in an orphanage… Once I meet him and talk to him… I’ll know everything… And I will tell Shivaay… It is his life and he deserves to know… It is his right.

Keep reading and smiling!!!

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