Ishqbaaz – Duniya Palat Gayi – Episode 76

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ShivOmRu enter, they were looking tired. AnIshSou, who had been waiting for them, see them and get up.
Rudra sits on the sofa.

Rudra: Soumya, please get me some water. I need it a lot.
Anika: Soumya, go and get water.
Ishana: Where were you guys, it is so late. We have been waiting for so long.

Soumya brings water and they have it.

Anika: Now will you tell us what is happening?
Shivaay: Relax Anika, we’ll tell you all everything.
Omkara: The thing is… (He tells them about the call Tannish made on the accident day and about the goons today)
Ishana: So much happened and you didn’t tell us.
Anika: What did you do to the goons?
Shivaay: They are in jail with Tannish.
Soumya: Tannish is in jail? How and when did that happen?
Rudra: After we fought the goons, we used them to call Tannish and he was dumb enough to come there.
Omkara: We had already called the police there. When Tannish arrived, we confronted him and he confessed his crimes.
Shivaay: The police caught him and have enough evidence against him. Now he would never come back in our lives.
Anika: I am happy that he is in his right place but I would have been happier if I was there to see him get punished.
Ishana: You are right. This is not right that you three went away and did not bother to inform us.
Omkara: I know we should have informed you all but we didn’t want to bother you all.
Anika: Bother us, no we could have helped you all.
Shivaay: Acha baba, sorry, next time if anything happens, we will tell you first.
Anika: You better remember this always.
Soumya: Otherwise we have ways to make you remember all this.
Rudra: Acha, now if this interrogation is done, can we please have dinner? I am very hungry.
Omkara: Yes please.
Anika: Yes, let us go.



All of them were having dinner when servant comes there,

Servant: There is a letter for Shivaay Sir.
Shivaay: For me? Give it here.

He takes the letter.

Soumya: Who is it jiju?
Shivaay: It is an invite from the orphanage I was in, they are completing 50 years and have a function for the same tomorrow.
Pinky: This is good. You should go there.
Anika: Yes and I am also coming with you.
Soumya: Even I want to come.
Shivaay: Yes, I think we should all go.
Dadi: Not all, the six of you go.
Jhanvi: Yes, that will be better, you all go.
Soumya: It will be fun. I have never been to such a place ever.
Ishana: Really, bhul gayi tujhe bhi wahi se laya hai.

All laugh at Ishana’s comment.

Soumya: Ishu, this is not fair. Mom, tell her.
Pinky: Dare anyone, tease my daughter.
Soumya: Choti maa, only you love me here.
Ishana: That is because, she only brought you.
Soumya: Choti maa…
Dadi: Bas bas, jyada tang naa karo use.
Anika: Not fair mom and dadi, you always save her.
Ishana: Right humare liye to koi hai hi nahi.
Jhanvi: Acha, to tum log kya bina lad pyaar ke hi bade ho gaye.

Shivaaay, Omkara and Rudra smile seeing this,

Shivaay (thinking): I wish I also had a family like this.
Omkara (thinking): This is what it is to have a family, I wish mom-dad were like this.
Rudra (thinking): I wish mom-dad also had time for me like this.

They are happy that they got to be a part of a family like this that has love and care for everyone.



Anika was getting ready, she was wearing a blue saree, Shivaay comes there,

Shivaay: Anika, can you get ready faster, we will get late otherwise.
Anika: Shivaay, I am getting ready and we are not going to be late because there is still a lot of time.
Shivaay: I know there is time but I am really excited, I am going there after a long time.
Anika: That place means a lot to you.
Shivaay: It has been my home from the time I remember. It is close to my heart.


Shivaay was eight years old, he was sitting at one corner of the orphanage, he was crying because he was alone, a lady comes and sits near him,

Lady: When I was young like you, I also cried sitting here. I also used to feel alone.
Shivaay: Why don’t I have a family? Why is there no one for me?
Lady: And who told you that you don’t have a family or that there is no one for you.
Shivaay: Who is there for me?
Lady: I am there for you. And this place is your home.
Shivaay: Sacchi
Lady: Mucchi

She kisses Shivaay and smiles at him, he also smiles back.


Shivaay: If she would not have been there, I would have never got love in my life.
Anika: Today, you will meet her and she will be happy to see the person you have become.

Anika hugs Shivaay.


Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya reach the orphanage. Shivaay is happy to meet everyone after a long time. He introduces everyone to his family.
They were all busy talking and having fun.

Omkara: Ishana, I’ll have some water.
Ishana: Haa.

Om was walking towards the water counter when someone bumps into him,

Omkara: I am sorry. Are you okay?
Girl: Yes…

Om and the girl look at each other shocked,

Omkara: Kavya.

That’s all for today.
Keep reading and smiling!!!

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