Ishqbaaz – Duniya Palat Gayi – Episode 66


Oberoi Mansion,

Soumya’s room,

Soumya: Rudra, I cannot tell you, how happy I am seeing Dad and Ishu together. I always prayed to God that they should be together, and now they are. I am so happy today.
Rudra: I know Soumya, I can clearly see the happiness in your eyes.
Soumya: Thank God, that lady also left from here. I can never forgive her for whatever she did to our family.
Rudra: Soumya, but what did she do?
Soumya: She is responsible for separating Dad from us.


Jhanvi was sitting in the living room chatting with Dadi and Pinky, when Tej came there with Ishwari,

Jhanvi: Tej, you came early today?
Tej: Jhanvi, what is your problem? Why do you have to interfere in my matters?
Dadi: Tej, is this the way you behave with your wife?
Tej: Maa, please. First of all, don’t give me any lectures and secondly, I don’t consider her as my wife. You are forcing me to carry on the weight of this useless relation.

Jhanvi is disheartened hearing this.

Jhanvi: Tej…
Ishwari: Jhanvi, please, let him have some peace of mind.
Pinky: You don’t talk in our family matters.
Tej: Pinky, don’t you dare talk to her like this. She is my family and I won’t tolerate anything against her.
Dadi: Tej, what is wrong with you?
Tej: It is useless talking to you all. Ishwari, come let’s go.

Tej leaves from there, followed by Ishwari who is happy seeing all this. Jhanvi sits down crying while Pinky consoles her.


Soumya: After that day, things worsened. Mom-Dad used to fight regularly, Ishu was very angry with Dad and they just drifted apart. Choti maa used to take care of us because Mom was in her own pain. And through all this Anika Di stood as a protective wall for Ishu and me. She took care of everything. (She has tears in her eyes, Rudra hugs her)
Rudra: You don’t have to cry for all that is our past and now everything is good again.
Soumya: You are right Rudra, now everything is good again.
Rudra: Now please bring back that beautiful smile of yours.

Soumya smiles hearing this.

Soumya: I love you Rudra. Thank you so much for coming into my life.
Rudra: I love you too.

Shivika’s room,

Anika: Shivaay, I was waiting for this day, finally, Bade papa and Ishu are together. I don’t know how to tell you how happy I am.

Shivaay smiles seeing her.

Shivaay: You don’t have to, I know how happy you are and I am happy for you.

Anika hugs Shivaay.

Anika: Shivaay, I have to tell you something.
Shivaay: What?
Anika: About Tannish, you would be having many questions and you have the right to know about my past.
Shivaay: Will anything change after I know your past?
Anika: Nothing will ever change between us.
Shivaay: Then I don’t want to know about anything that happened in your past. It was your past and it is over. Let it rest there in peace. It has nothing to do with our present and our future.

Anika has tears in her eyes, she hugs Shivaay tightly.

Anika: Thank you so much Shivaay.
Shivaay: I love you a lot.
Anika: I love you too.

Omkara’s room,

Om was sitting on the bed, thinking about what had happened today.

Omkara (thinking): Ishana is so happy today…. She got her lost family, her lost father today…. I am happy seeing her happy…. And I promise that I will always keep her happy like this…. Once we get married…. I will tell her the entire truth about my mother.

Ishana comes there and sees Om lost in thoughts, she walks towards him,

Ishana: Om…

Om comes out of his thoughts and looks at Ishana,

Omkara: Ishana, when did you come?
Ishana: When you were lost in your own thoughts.
Omkara: What happened, you came here, anything happened?
Ishana: Nothing happened. Can’t I come just like that.
Omkara: Of course, you can.

He slides his hand around her waist and pulls her towards himself. Ishana is surprised.

Ishana: Om, what are you doing? Leave me, someone will come.
Omkara: No one will come (He pulls her closer) and what is wrong in this, you are my wife.
Ishana: Oh hello, shaadi hui nahi hai abhi tak.
Omkara: It doesn’t matter. I have accepted you as my wife from my heart and soul. All these rituals are for the world. You are my wife from my heart.

Ishana becomes emotional hearing this,

Ishana: Why do you love me so much?
Omkara: I don’t know but I know one thing, I’ll never love anyone like this ever again.
Ishana: I love you Om.
Omkara: And I love you Ishana.

They hug each other.

In the evening,

The mehendi ceremony was going on, all were happy seeing each other happy. After a long time, happiness had returned to Oberoi Mansion.

Pinky: Anika, you also get your mehendi applied.
Anika: Haa mom, after Ishu’s is done.
Ishana: Anika, come here. Sit with me.

Anika sits near Ishana.

Ishana: Apply mehendi to her also.
Anika: Ishu…
Ishana: Chup reh tu.

The girl starts applying nehendi to Anika also.

Girl (to Anika): Ma’am, your husband’s name. I’ll write it in your mehendi.

Anika remembers the last time,


Anika very unwillingly was sitting as the girl applied mehendi, although she had made her mind to marry Arjun but still something in her wasn’t letting her sit calm, a wave of disturbance had rose in her silent soul, the always in control Anika Singh Oberoi was losing control over her emotions, she was lost in thoughts when her eyes fell on Shivaay, who was standing with Rudra talking,

Girl: Ma’am, what is your husband’s name, I have to write it in your mehendi.

Anika who was lost in thinking what was affecting her, didn’t hear the question, still looking at Shivaay,

Anika: Shivaay….

The girl wrote Shivaay’s name.

Anika (thinking): What is happening to me……. why is he affecting me so much…….. why I am unable to move ahead……. why I am stuck here at this place……. why I am so bothered by him……. why…….. (She was lost in thoughts)


Anika smiles remembering how that had happened,

Anika: Shivaay, my husband’s name is Shivaay. Write it properly.

The girl nods and writes Shivaay’s name.

Ishana smiles at Anika who smiles back.

At Night,

Tej-Jhanvi’s room,

Tej was sitting on the bed with Ishana’s childhood photo, he had tears in his eyes, Jhanvi comes there and sees him and the photo.

Jhanvi: Pata hi nahi chalta…. Ki bacche kab itne bade ho jaate hai…. I still remember how Ishu used to come and hide behind you whenever I scolded her…. You always saved her from my scoldings…. You pampered her a lot…. You love her so much….
Tej: And I only gave her so much pain…. And not only Ishu… I gave you, Soumya and everyone so much pain.

Tej has tears in his eyes. Jhanvi wipes those tears and hugs him.

Jhanvi: No Tej… Please don’t say like this…. You did those mistakes but all that is our past and we should leave it back there only…. Look at the present… Our Ishu is getting married and we should be happy with her.
Tej: Jhanvi, I don’t know what to say? I hurt you so much and you still care for me, how can you be so nice?
Jhanvi: This is what love does to you. I never stopped loving you, I had faith that one day, you’ll come back to me.
Tej (he holds her hand): Jhanvi, I promise you I’ll never leave you again. I’ll try and make up for everything you have lost in the past years because of me. But before that, you have to promise me one thing.
Jhanvi: What?
Tej: You’ll not touch alcohol ever again.
Jhanvi: No, I won’t. I promise that.

Tej smiles and hugs her, she hugs him back.

That’s all for today.
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