Ishqbaaz – Duniya Palat Gayi – Episode 61


Oberoi Mansion,

All of them were busy preparing for the engagement.

Ishana’s room,

Ishana was getting ready, Anika and Soumya were helping her,

Soumya: Soon Ishu will also become paraya dhan like Anika di. Who will love me then?
Anika: Soumya, we will only love you, no one else can tolerate your drama.
Ishana (irritated tone): Will you both stop this non-sense and help me?
Anika: What happened Ishu? Why are you behaving like this?

Ishana gets up and starts pacing around the room while Anika-Soumya are confused by her behavior.

Ishana (murmuring): It’s okay…. It’ll be fine…. Relax Ishu…Relax…
Soumya: Anika Di, I think she has gone mad. Look how she is talking to herself.
Anika: Shut up Soumya.
Soumya: What did I do?
Anika: Wait, I’ll talk to her. (She stops Ishana) Ishu, what happened? Why are you behaving weird?
Ishana: I am not behaving weird, you both are.
Soumya: Anika Di (she says something in Anika’s ears)
Anika: You are right, let’s go.

They both leave while Ishana is tensed.
After some time Om comes there, Ishana looks at him and hugs him tightly,

Omkara: Relax Ishu, it’s okay, I understand what you are feeling.
Ishana: Om, I don’t know, what is happening to me.

Om makes her sit on the bed and sits beside her.

Omkara: I know you are feeling tensed, but relax, you don’t have to stress yourself. I am there naa. Don’t you trust me?
Ishana: I trust you Om, more than myself.
Omkara: Then, don’t worry. (He smiles at her) By the way, you are looking beautiful, but….
Ishana: But… what happened?
Omkara: One thing is missing.
Ishana: What?
Omkara: Your smile, that makes you more beautiful.

Ishana smiles and Om is happy seeing her smile.

Omkara: Now get ready and come down, I am waiting for you.

Ishana nods and Om leaves.

Outside Ishana’s room,

Om comes out,

Anika: Is she okay?
Omkara: Yes, she is. I talked to her, she’ll be fine, don’t worry.
Soumya: Thank you jiju.
Anika: Om, you also get ready and come fast. We’ll get Ishu.

In the corridor,

Soumya was walking when someone pulled her, she was about to shout but the person closed her mouth,

Rudra: Don’t shout, it’s me.
Soumya: Rudra, are you mad? I was scared. And what is all this?
Rudra: You are so busy with work and that you don’t have time for me.
Soumya: I have work to do, Okay.

She was about to go when Rudra pulled her back and pinned her to the wall, she was shocked by his behavior.
Soumya: Rudra… wo…
Rudra: Sshh… you talk a lot… I wouldn’t take much of your time, just….
Soumya: Just…. (she gestured through her eyes)
Rudra: I want to taste your sweet lips
Soumya: Just this… why didn’t you tell me earlier (he was shocked by her sudden change of behavior, she moved close to him)

She saw him closing his eyes, she felt his grip loosen and taking advantage of the situation, she quickly planted a kiss on his cheeks and moved out and started laughing.

Rudra(shocked): this is not fair
Soumya: Everything is fair in love and war.

In the living room,

All guests had arrived.

Om was on the stage with Shivaay-Rudra, he was waiting eagerly for Ishana, all eyes turned towards the staircase when they saw Ishana coming down with Anika-Soumya.
Ishana was wearing a royal blue coloured lehenga with golden threadwork, the blouse and dupatta matched her lehenga, the dupatta had small golden beads all along the border, her jhumkas were going back and forth as she walked, her hair were left loose with soft curls, she was looking pretty.

Om was lost seeing her, while Shivaay-Rudra were mesmerized by Anika-Soumya.

Ishana stands in front of Om with Anika-Soumya by her side. The servant brings the rings. Ishkara are smiling looking at each other.

Shivaay gives the ring to Om, he takes Ishana’s hand and makes her wear the ring, all clap, Ishana is smiling, now Anika gives the ring to Ishana and she makes Om wear it, all clap.

Everybody is happy seeing Ishkara. They take blessing from all elders.

Gayatri hugs Om,

Gayatri (in Om’s ears): Engagement ho gayi, now it is time for my…
Omkara: You’ll get your money, don’t have to tell me again and again.

He breaks the hug and they fake smile at each other.

Music plays,

Shivaay enters holding Anika’s hand,

“Yeh jo mujhpe hua hai tera hi karam,
Ban gaya tu meri chahaton ka haram”

“Yeh jo mujhpe hua hai tera hi karam,
Ban gaya tu meri chahaton ka haram,
Dhadkanein meri bas mein rahi na sanam,
Dhadkanein meri bas mein rahi na sanam”

“Rakh lena meri khwaishon ka bharam,
Tujhko pane ko machle yeh dil hardum”

“Dhadkanein meri bas mein rahi na sanam,
Dhadkanein meri bas mein rahi na sanam”

Om comes with Ishana,

“Meri aankhon ko khwaboin se bhar de zara,
Apne lahme mere naam kar de zara”

“Meri aankhon ko khwaboin se bhar de zara,
Apne lahme mere naam kar de zara”

“Thehre thehre se hain rastein in dino,
Besafar hu mujhe bhi safar de zara”

“Besafar hu mujhe bhi safar de zara”

“Bin tere hoti hai meri palkein yeh nam,
Meri bechainiyan aake kar de tu kam,
Dhadkanein meri bas mein rahi na sanam”

“Dhadkanein meri bas mein rahi na sanam”

Rudra and Soumya enter,

“Zindagi ko bahut hai jarorat teri,
Pad gayi hain ise ab to aadat teri”

“Zindagi ko bahut hai jarorat teri,
Pad gayi hain ise ab to aadat teri”

“Mere ehsaas pe kar zara baarishein,
Mujhko rehti hai har pal shiddat teri”

“Mujhko rehti hai har pal shiddat teri”

“Mera tere liye hi hua hai janam
Ab teri taraf hi uthenge kadam
Dhadkanein meri bas mein rahi na sanam”

“Dhadkanein meri bas mein rahi na sanam”

They dance lost in each other.
After they finish dancing, all clap for them.

That’s all for today.
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