Ishqbaaz – Duniya Palat Gayi – Episode 60


Oberoi Mansion,

Anika was walking in the corridor looking for Shivaay, she hadn’t seen him since morning and she was getting worried, she remembered Tannish’s words about Shivaay’s life in danger, she hadn’t found the person Tannish was working for, she was worried and scared if anything happened to Shivaay.
She sees Rudra and calls him,

Rudra: Yes Anika Bhabhi, you called me.
Anika: Rudra, have you seen Shivaay?
Rudra: Shivaay Bhaiya, yes I saw him going somewhere early morning.
Anika: He went out, how can he go without telling me?
Rudra: Bhabhi, relax, he’ll come back soon, don’t worry.
Anika: Shivaay, why is he so careless? He should have told me where he was going?

Rudra looks at the door and sees Shivaay entering,

Rudra: Look, Bhaiya came, now you can go and scold him.

Anika looks at the door and sees Shivaay walking in, Shivaay also sees them and walks to them,

Shivaay: Good morning Rudra.
Rudra: Bhaiya, I don’t think your morning is going to be good (Shivaay is confused, Rudra signs towards Anika, who was staring angrily at Shivaay) I think I should go now.

He says all-the-best to Shivaay and leaves.

Shivaay: Anika, wo….
Anika: What is wrong with you? I have told you hundred times to inform me if you are going somewhere, but you don’t understand anything? Why are you so stubborn on not listening to me? I…

Before she could say anything, Shivaay placed his hand on her mouth to stop her from saying anything further, she looked at him with anger,

Shivaay: Calm down Anika, why are you scolding me like this? I am not a kid who would get lost and I was just in the lawn.
Anika: Ammm…
Shivaay: I am not understanding, what you are saying?

She points at his hand, he realized it and removed his hand.

Anika: There is no point talking to you, you never understand anything.

She is about to go but her leg gets stuck in the carpet and she is about to fall, but Shivaay quickly holds her hand, she looks at him and they share an eye-lock.

Shivaay: Nothing can happen of you, I always have to catch you, because you always keep falling like this.

Anika jerks his hand away,

Anika: Who asked you to catch me, let me fall?

She turns around and is about to go, but again her leg gets stuck in the carpet and she is about to fall, Shivaay again holds her hand, they look at each other and Shivaay smirks,

Shivaay: Should I help you or you want to fall?

Anika is irked, she frees her hand from Shivaay’s grip and calls Khanna,


Khanna comes there,

Khanna: Yes ma’am.
Anika: Khanna, who is the idiot who told you to place this carpet here? Remove it right now.
Khanna: But ma’am…
Anika: What?
Khanna: Ma’am, you only said that this carpet looks nice over here.

Anika gets even more irked and Shivaay starts laughing.

Shivaay: Khanna, you go, no need to remove this carpet.

Khanna nods and leaves.

Shivaay: So… (He starts laughing again)

Anika is irked and leaves from there, Shivaay stops laughing and follows her.

Om’s room,

Om was sitting in front of the canvas, he had the brush in his hand but was lost somewhere else, Ishana came to his room and saw him lost,

Ishana (thinking): Something is bothering him, he is lost like this since yesterday.

Ishana walks to him,

Ishana: Om….

Om came out of his thoughts and looked at her,

Omkara: Ishu, what happened?
Ishana: What has happened to you Om? You are looking lost since yesterday, is something bothering you?

Om keeps the brush aside and holds Ishana’s hand, she looks at him,

Omkara: Of course, I am lost, lost in a world, where it is only you and me.

Om smiles at her while Ishana blushes,

Ishana: Om…subah-subah romance…Leave me…I have work to do.

She turns to go, but Om pulls her back and she lands on him,

Omkara: Ishu, this is not fair. I am in a romantic mood and you care about work.
Ishana: Om, leave me. Someone will come.
Omkara: Let them come, I am romancing with my would-be wife only.
Ishana: Oh hello, we haven’t got engaged also, so officially, I am your girlfriend only.
Omkara: It doesn’t matter, if you are my girlfriend or my would-be wife, until and unless you are mine.

He tucks her hair behind her ear, Ishana looks at him with love, they are lost in each other, Om caresses her face and she looks down, he then slowly kissed her forehead, Ishana closed her eyes, Om gently placed his lips on hers, and started tasting her essence, they broke apart after few moments. Ishana was blushing and looked down, Om was just smiling.

Ishana: Om, I love you so much.
Omkara: I love you too Ishu.
Ishana: I cannot imagine my life without you.
Omkara: You don’t have to, I’ll always be there with you.

Living room,

All of them (Oberois, ShivOmRu and Om’s mother) were discussing about the wedding.

Anika: Badi maa, don’t worry, everything will be done for the engagement.
Jhanvi: Anika, engagement is tomorrow, how’ll be things done?
Pinky: Jethani ji, don’t take tension, these children will handle everything.
Dadi: Haa Jhanvi, don’t stress yourself.

They are all discussing while Om was looking at his mother, his anger was clearly visible in his eyes, Ishana noticed this.

Ishana (thinking): I know Om, you are angry but soon your anger will vanish. You just need to give time to your mother and your relation. (She is reminded Of Tej) I don’t know why but I am missing him. He has never gone for so long. He hasn’t contacted Chote Papa also this time. I hope wherever he is, he is safe.

Shivaay was looking at Jhanvi, he knew she was missing Tej.

Shivaay (thinking): I have to find Bade papa and get him back. Badi maa needs him.
Soumya (thinking): I wish Papa was also here, for Ishu’s wedding.

Rudra looks at Soumya, he could see that she was sad,

Rudra (thinking): I know Soumya, you are missing your papa. I promise I’ll get him for Om Bhaiya-Ishana Bhabhi’s wedding.
Anika (thinking): Badi maa and Ishu won’t say it, but they are missing Bade papa. He has never gone for so long, he usually returns in a week but this time he hasn’t. Even Dad doesn’t know where he is. I have to find him. And I have to find the person Tannish is working for.

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