Ishqbaaz – Duniya Palat Gayi – Episode 54

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Oberoi Mansion,

All guests had arrived. Everybody wished Soumya, but she was lost in her own thoughts. She was thinking about Rudra, the entire day had passed and he hadn’t called or messaged her.

Anika: Soumya, where are you lost? Everybody is here for you.
Soumya: Nothing Di, I was just thinking about Rudra.
Shivaay: Yes, where is he? I haven’t seen him since yesterday.
Soumya: Jiju, he had some work so he went out. He didn’t say anything and he hasn’t contacted me since then.
Anika: Don’t worry Soumya, he’ll come for the party.
Shivaay: Yes. It must have been important work if he went like that. Don’t worry and enjoy.
Soumya: Yeah. Hope so. (She leaves from there)
Anika: Soumya…. (She is about to go but Shivaay stops her)
Shivaay: Don’t go, let her be alone for some time.
Anika: But….
Shivaay: She is missing her friend, best friend. Once he comes, she’ll be fine.

He smiled at her, Anika also smiled back.

Shivaay: You should smile often, you look beautiful when you smile (Shivaay realized what he said) I mean…wo….
Anika: I’ll attend the guests.

She leaves from there.

Shivaay: What is wrong with me? What did I just say? But why didn’t she say anything, did she like what I said…. Shut up Shivaay…Don’t think too much…. Its better I do some work.

Ishana’s room,

Ishana was sitting in front of the mirror, she was thinking about Om and what he had said.

Ishana (thinking): Om, he is not like Mr. Oberoi and Yash…he is so different….he cares for me….he understands me….he really loves me….then why did I say no…why can’t I marry him….why is it so difficult for me to say yes….I love him, yes I really love him a lot….but marrying him….no….if I love and trust him…..I should marry him….Yes….I need to talk to Om….now

Somewhere in Mumbai,

The entire place was decorated with lights and her favorite white flowers.

Rudra: I just hope she likes it.

Meera comes there,

Meera: This place is so beautiful.
Rudra: You like it?
Meera: I love it (Rudra smiles) and I am so sure that Soumya is also going to love it.
Rudra: Hope so. I am feeling nervous.
Meera: Don’t worry, just say whatever comes from your heart. It’ll be fine.
Rudra nods.
Rudra: I’ll text her and ask her to come here.

Oberoi Mansion,

Soumya’s phone beeped.

Soumya: Rudra’s message…now he has the time to wish me…. meet me near Shergill Road…. why is he calling me there…? what should I do…. this party…. Anika Di did it for me…. but Rudra…. I must go.

Soumya leaves escaping from everyone’s sight.

Ishana was looking for Om, but he was not in his room nor anywhere in the mansion. She tried calling him but his phone was unavailable.

Ishana: Where did he go?

She was walking in hurry and bumped into Shivaay.

Shivaay: Ishu, are you okay?
Ishana: I am sorry Shivaay. I didn’t see you.
Shivaay: Ishu, what happened? You look worried?
Ishana: Shivaay… (She tells him everything) and now I have realized my mistake and I want to make things right.
Shivaay: I am happy that you realized what you should do. Don’t worry, we’ll find Om.

They both leave.

Anika was walking through the corridor,

Anika: Where is everybody? Rudra went yesterday….Soumya is nowhere….Om and Ishana are also missing and where is this Shivaay?
Jhanvi: Anika, where is Soumya? It’s time for cake cutting.
Anika: I don’t knot badi maa.
Pinky: What do you mean by don’t know?
Anika: Mom, none of them are here.
Dadi: Matlab
Anika: Not only Soumya, but Rudra, Ishu, Om and Shivaay are also missing.
Pinky: Where did they all go?
Jhanvi: When will these children understand? All guests are waiting outside, what will we tell them that our family members are missing.
Dadi: Guests ki chodo, bache kaha gaye, yeh socho.
Anika: Badi maa, I’ll tell the guests, you don’t worry.

Anika told the guests that the party had been cancelled due to some family issue.

Anika tried calling Shivaay,

Anika: Why isn’t he answering my calls…. Let him come back and I’ll teach him a lesson…. how can he go without informing me…? I am his wife…he should tell me…. who goes without informing their wife.
Anika turns behind hearing laughing sounds, she sees Jhanvi, Pinky and Dadi,

Anika: Why are you all laughing like this?
Pinky: Hearing you say his wife, I felt happy.

Anika realized that she had said things loudly.

Anika: I didn’t say anything like that…I said his boss and not wife.
Dadi: You can lie to us…. but you said the truth to yourself.
Anika: Dadi, I think we should focus on finding them.

She leaves from there, while the ladies smile.

Pinky: Chalo, dheere hi sahi, meri beti wapas to aa rahi hai.
Jhanvi: You are right Pinky. Shivaay will bring our old Anika back.
Dadi: Bhagwaan, sabhi bacho ko khush rakhe.
Pinky: But where are these children?
Jhanvi: Don’t know but I pray they are safe.

That’s for today.
Keep reading and smiling.

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