Ishqbaaz – Duniya Palat Gayi – Episode 53

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RECAP: Rudra is surprised by Soumya’s changed behavior…. Shivaay and Anika are thinking about their relation…. Ishana rejects Om’s marriage proposal

At present,

After a few days,

Things had taken a completely different turn after the six of them returned from Paris.

Shivaay and Anika cared for each other but didn’t show it in front of others and each other. They maintained their attitude in front of each other.
Rudra tried talking to Soumya but she didn’t pay attention to him. This disturbed him a lot.
Om was heartbroken after Ishana’s rejection and started staying away from her. Ishana wanted to talk to Om about why she said no, but she didn’t have the courage to face him.

Oberoi Mansion,

The entire Oberoi Mansion was decorated beautifully, and why wouldn’t it be, after all, it was the birthday of its most loved daughter, Soumya. Anika had organized the city’s best party for her baby sister.

Anika was checking the decoration, she was busy with work. Shivaay, who was standing a little away from her, was completely lost in her, paying no attention to the manager who was showing him some files.

Anika was so engrossed in work that she did not notice that the light hanging above her was loose and could fall down any second. Shivaay who was still looking at Anika, saw up and noticed the light hanging loose.

Without wasting a second, Shivaay ran towards Anika and pulled her towards him, Anika lost balance and fell over Shivaay. At the same time, the light fell and its glass broke into pieces.

Anika and Shivaay were lost in each other.
(“O Jaana….” Plays in BG)

Anika broke the eye-lock and looked away.

Anika: Leave me, I have to get up.
Shivaay: But I haven’t held you, you are only holding me.
Anika noticed that she was holding him and that he had left her hand already.
Anika: You don’t tell me what I should do.
Shivaay: I don’t understand, what is wrong with you. You are always behind me.
Anika: I think you have some great misunderstanding, I don’t care about you. It’s you who is always behind me.

Soumya’s room,

She was busy staring at her phone. There was not a single call or message from Rudra. He had left the previous day stating that he had some important work which he had to handle immediately.
Soumya (thinking): What is so important that he didn’t even wish me? Call to dur ki baat hai, ek message tak nahi kiya. I thought I was his best friend, his priority but I
guess I was wrong. (Something struck her mind) is he with Meera? He was talking to her a lot these days, maybe it’s something related to her? But why is he hiding it from me, I am his best friend, he should have told me.

Ishana’s room,

Ishana had tried talking to Om, but nothing had worked out. She couldn’t gather up the courage to meet his eyes, the eyes showed the immense pain he was going through because of her saying no to him.

Ishana: Things should not remain like this anymore. I should talk to Om, before matters become more complicated.

Om’s room,

Om was standing near the window, he was lost somewhere, staring outside blankly. Ishana felt bad because she was somewhere responsible for putting Om through this pain.
Ishana walked and stood beside him, Om didn’t notice her, he was still staring outside at nothing.
Ishana placed her hand on his shoulder, Om’s trance was broken and he looked to his side, with Ishana looking at him with pain in her eyes. Om could see the reflection of his pain in her eyes. He moved back and wiped the tears that had just collected in his eyes.

Omkara (turned away from her): Ishana, you, what happened? Kuch kaam tha kya.
Ishana: Om, I wanted to talk to you about what happened in Paris.
Omkara: What is there to talk about it, I asked you and you said no. That matter is over now. I have moved on, you should also move ahead.

Ishana was hurt by Om’s words but she knew he had complete rights to say things like this.

Ishana: Om, I want to tell you, why I said no. At least give me a chance to explain.
Omkara (turning towards her): You don’t have to explain. I know why you said no.

Ishana was shocked hearing this.

Ishana: You know, what do you know?
Omkara: It’s because of your parents and Yash, right?

Ishana looked at him in surprised, how could he know so much about her in such short time. No one had ever understood her so much.

Ishana: Om….How do you know?
Omkara: Ishana, when I said I love you, it didn’t just mean loving you. It meant that I understand you and your pain. I know you have seen your parents’ relation suffer a lot from childhood and with whatever Yash did with you, anyone in your place would be afraid of commitments and marriage.

Tears collected in her eyes as she listened to him.

Ishana: Om, I am sorry for hurting you.
Omkara: Your no didn’t hurt me Ishana, something else did.
Ishana (looked surprised at him): Om….
Omkara: What hurt me was that even after us being through so much together, you don’t trust me enough. You think that I’d do the same thing with you. You think that I’ll be like your dad or Yash. This lack of trust, this hurt me Ishana, this hurt me.
Ishana: Om, I trust you. There is nothing like that. And you are not like Mr. Oberoi or Yash. And you’ll never become like them.
Omkara: I wish I could believe this.
Ishana: Om….

Before she could say anything, Om left the room.

Ishana sat there with tears flowing from her eyes.

(“O Saathiya…..
Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya
Pad jaye na dil par kahi
Gum ka nishaan
O Saathiya
O Saathiya….
Saathiya…..” Plays in BG)

That’s for today.
Keep reading and smiling!!

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    1. I was busy with semester exams so couldn’t write for a long time, I’ll not leave the story incomplete ?

  3. Wow! I love your every episode. It really is very good. Nice to have you back 🙂

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