Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi (Episode 48 and 49)

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RECAP: Ishana tells Om about her meeting with his mother….Ishana promises Om that she’ll always be with him…..Soumya is sad knowing about Rudra hiding things from her……
Dadi announces that Shivaay and Anika will go to Paris……Shivaay and Anika come up with a plan to cancel this

At present,

The next day,

Anika and Shivaay are outside Oberoi Mansion,

Anika: If your plan fails, it won’t be good for you.
Shivaay: Oh please, yeh Shivaay ka plan hai, this won’t fail but you please stop thinking like that.
Anika: You don’t get fed up of praising yourself.
Shivaay: Ab what should I say, main hoo hi itna talented.
Anika: Ho gaya
Shivaay: Haa
Anika: Then let’s go.

Oberoi Mansion, Living room,

Dadi, Pinky, Jhanvi, IshSou and OmRu were talking when,

Soumya: Shivaay jiju, what happened?

Others looked at the entrance and saw Shivaay on a wheelchair with Anika walking along with him,

Pinky: Oh my mata, Shivaays what happened?
Jhanvi: Anika, when did this happen?
Anika: Badi maa…
Pinky: Anika are you okay?
Anika: Mom, I am fine. (Pinky was still worried, Anika cupped her face and said) Its okay, I am fine.
Dadi: First let them come in, then you all ask questions.

Anika makes Shivaay sit on the sofa with the help of OmRu.
Jhanvi brings water for Anika and Shivaay.

Dadi: Puttar, now tell us clearly, what happened?
Anika: Dadi, actually Shivaay and I were crossing the road when a car came and hit Shivaay and his leg got hurt. We went to the hospital and doctor said there is nothing to worry about. It will take some time for his wound to heal and so he needs three weeks bed rest.
Pinky: Oh my mata, Shivaays tu thik hai naa?
Shivaay: Don’t worry, I’m fine and I’ll get well soon.
Soumya: That means we have to cancel Paris’s plan.
Jhanvi: Of course Soumya, you heard naa Shivaay needs bed rest, he can’t go anywhere.
Anika: Sorry dadi, you planned for us but.
Dadi: Chup kar tu, nothing is important than you kids. Paris is not running anywhere, baad mein chale jana, usme kya. Now you both take rest.

Dadi leaves followed by Pinky and Jhanvi.
Shivaay and Anika smile at each other and take a sigh of relief.

Ishana: Anika, I think you both should rest.
Shivaay: Yaa
Omkara: I’ll help you Shivaay.

OmRu leave with Shivaay. Anika is about to go but IshSou stop her.

Ishana: Anika, is Shivaay really hurt?

Anika looks surprised, Anika: Haa Ishu, why are you asking like that.

Soumya: Nahi Di, actually, yesterday only you both didn’t want to go and now jiju got hurt, that’s why.
Anika: So what do you both mean, we are doing drama.
Soumya: We never said that.
Ishana: Haa naa
Anika: You both…leave it…I have an important call to make.

Anika leaves escaping the situation.

Ishana: I think, kuch to gadbad hai.
Soumya: Pakka, paneer mein kuch kala hai.
Ishana: Duffer, wo dal mein kuch kala hota hai.
Soumya: I know Ishu, but you know naa I don’t like dal, that’s why paneer.

Ishana gives her “nothing-can-happen-of-her” look.

Ishana: We have to confirm it once.
Soumya: But kaise?

Ishana tells something to Soumya and both of them share victory glances.

Anika’s room,

Anika comes in and sees Shivaay sitting relaxed on the sofa.

Anika: Are you mad? If you sit like this, our entire plan will fail. Don’t you have some brains?
Shivaay: I think you are forgetting that all this was my idea, so you don’t tell me what I should do. Anyways I was getting bored sitting in the same position.
Anika: You got tired in one day, will you even manage to keep up the act for a week?
Shivaay: Don’t you dare underestimate me?
Anika: Acha, otherwise what will you do.

Anika moved closer to Shivaay in order that he backs off. But to Anika’s surprise Shivaay held her hand and twisted it such that she landed close to him.

Anika: Shivaay…
Shivaay: Never underestimate me. If you are Anika Singh Oberoi, then even I am Shivaay.

They shared an intense eye-lock which was broken by voices coming from outside. They both became alert and Shivaay instantly sat on the wheelchair.


RECAP: Shivaay acts that his leg is hurt so that Dadi cancels the Paris trip…….Anika and Shivaay get happy as Dadi cancels the trip……IshSou doubt Anika and Shivaay and decide to confirm their doubt……Shivaay and Anika share some intense moments

At present,

Soumya’s room,

IshSou were thinking about how to confirm their doubt when Rudra comes there.

Rudra: Thank God Soumya, you are free, actually I needed your help, wo…
Soumya (interrupted Rudra): Ishu, I have to make a call, I’ll come in two minutes.

Saying so she left ignoring Rudra, both Ishana and Rudra were surprised by her behavior.

Ishana: What happened to her?
Rudra: I don’t know but I’ll find out, di, you don’t worry.
Ishana: I know that.

Ishana also leaves.

Anika’s room,

Shivaay instantly sits on the wheel chair and Anika stands beside him as they hear voices outside the room.
IshSou enter.

Anika: You all here?
Soumya: Kyun Di, did we disturb you and jiju?

Ishana laughs while Anika glares at Soumya.

Anika: Shut up Soumya
Ishana: Leave all this, Anika come with me.
Anika: Where?
Pinky: Vaishno Devi
AnIshSouShiv: What!!!
Pinky: Why are you all shouting like this?
Soumya: Choti maa, why are we going to Vaishno Devi?

Pinky and Jhanvi are confused.

Jhanvi: Who is going to Vaishno Devi?
Soumya: Choti maa ne to kaha
Pinky: Maine
Jhanvi: Oh ho Soumya, you also naa, that Pinky was telling me about her mother, your nani, she has gone to VD.
Pinky: Rights jethani ji
AnIshSouShiv: Acha
Pinky: Shivaay, take this turmeric milk, it’ll help you.
Shivaay: Thank you aunty
Pinky: Aunty, mom bolne ki aadat dal le

She slapped him lightly, smiled and left with Jhanvi.
Anika had a smile seeing the bond forming between Shivaay and her mom, she was happy.

Soumya: Di, where are you lost? Come with us.

Before Anika could say anything IshSou dragged her out.
While passing through the corridor they signaled OmRu to execute the next step.


Ishana: What should we do, how to confirm our doubt?
Omkara: I have an idea
Rumya: What?

Soumya gave a look to Rudra who was confused by her behavior.

Omkara: Ishana, you and Soumya will take Anika away from Shivaay. And then…
Soumya: And then…
Ishana: Shut up Soumya, let him say.
Soumya: What did I do?
Omkara: Girls concentrate. And then I’ll go with Rudra and tell Shivaay that Anika is not ok.
Rudra: But how’ll that help.
Ishana: Its simple, thinking Anika is not ok, Shivaay will immediately go to her. If he gets scared about Anika, he’ll get up from the wheelchair if they are lying, but if Shivaay is really hurt, he’ll tell you or Om to take him.
Omkara: Correct

Both Om and Ishana shared an understanding look to each other. After a long time something was back to normal between them.
Rudra and Soumya smile seeing this.


Seeing IshSou take Anika, OmRu entered the room.

Shivaay: Tum dono, aao naa.
Rudra: Shivaay Bhaiya…wo…
Shivaay: What happened Rudra, you look tensed?
Omkara: Shivaay, you don’t get worried….
Rudra: Haa Bhaiya, please keep calm, don’t worry too much.

Shivaay was getting more worried now.

Shivaay: If you both talk like this, I’ll really get worried. Tell me what happened?
Omkara: Wo…
Shivaay: Wo…what Om…will you say something?

Shivaay was losing patience, OmRu shared a look and decided to say it.

Rudra: Bhaiya, wo…Anika bhabhi…she fell down from the stairs and got hurt.
Shivaay: What!!

Shivaay was scared, anything happening to her was something he couldn’t let happen, something he couldn’t afford. Anika getting hurt was the last thing he would want to see on Earth.

That’s all for today.
Keep Smiling!!!

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