Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi (Episode 46 ans 47)

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NOTE: I have decided that I won’t use ship names, i.e., Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya till the six of them don’t confess their love and accept each other. I hope you all understand.

RECAP: Shivaay promises Ishu that he’ll make everything fine…….Anika thanks Shivaay for handling the situation……..Ishana and Om share some intense moment……Soumya decided to follow Rudra

At present, some temple in Mumbai,

Soumya: What does he think of himself? He showed me attitude, now I’ll see what important work he has?

Soumya stopped her car when she saw Rudra’s car parked outside a temple, she was confused but got down and as she was walking towards the temple, she saw Rudra talking to someone, she got curious and went nearer,

Soumya: Ab dekhti hu aisa kya important kaam hai?

Soumya went further and saw Rudra and then the person who he was talking to, she was completely shocked as Rudra was talking to none other than Meera,

Soumya (thinking): Meera, but how can she be here? Meera went to London, then how can she be here and Rudra, how did he know she is here? And why didn’t Rudra tell me that he is coming here to meet Meera?

She looks on.

Rudra-Meera’s side,

Rudra: Thank you so much Meera that you came back for me.
Meera: Please Rudra, don’t say thank you. It was my duty to come.
Rudra: You know naa what we have to do.
Meera: Don’t worry Rudra, everything will be done properly.
Rudra: I hope so.
Meera: Oh ho Rudra, don’t take so much of tension, I said naa everything will be fine. Just relax. (She looked at her watch) Acha, I should leave now. See you tomorrow. Bye.
Rudra: Bye and take care.

Meera hugged Rudra and left. Rudra too leaves.
Soumya who was standing a little away was shocked and heart-broken,

Soumya: Rudra, how can he do this with me? Why did he hide such a big thing from me? I never expected this from him.

She wiped her tear and left for Oberoi Mansion.

Oberoi Mansion, Ishana’s room,

Ishana was setting her cupboard when a locket fell down, she picks it up and remembers something,


Ishana was working in her academy when Trisha came there,
Ishana: What happened Trisha?
Trisha: Ishu, some lady has come to meet you, she is saying it’s really important for her to meet you.
Ishana thinks for a while, Ishana: Send her in, I’ll see to it.

After five minutes, a lady in her fifties entered, she was simple looking, and Ishana was surprised to see her,

Ishana: Please have a seat.
Lady: Thank you.
Ishana: Who are you? And why do you want to meet me?
Lady: Om works here naa.

Ishana was surprised by her question.

Ishana: How do you know Om?
Lady: Ek maa apne bete ko nahi janegi kya.
Ishana looked at her shocked, Ishana: Aap
Lady: Haa, I am his mother.
Ishana: Why have you come here? When you didn’t remember your son in so many years, why are you remembering him today? When your son needed you the most, you left him alone to face this cruel world, ab wapas aane ka kya matlab hai.

(Om’s mother’s name will be Gayatri Sharma)

Gayatri: It’s not like that Ishana, main majboor thi.
Ishana: Aisi kya majboori jo apne hi bete ko chodkar chali gayi aap
Gayatri: Actually (She tells something to Ishana who is shocked listening to this) Now you only tell me, what would I have done?
Ishana: Are you saying the truth?
Gayatri: Haa beta
Ishana: You don’t worry, I’ll talk to Om.
Gayatri: Thank you so much beta. Haa beta, yeh tumhare liye. (She gives her a locket)
Ishana: For me.
Gayatri: For taking care of my Om. Now I should leave.

She leaves.


Ishana: I have to talk to Om.

She keeps the locket back and leaves.

Anika’s room,

Anika was getting ready when Shivaay comes,

Shivaay: Today we have two important meetings.
Anika: I know, both the deals are really important for Oberois.
Shivaay: Don’t worry, you’ll handle everything.

He smiled to which Anika replied with a smile.

Shivaay: Looks like sun has risen from west today.
Anika (confused): Why?
Shivaay: The great ASO is smiling at me rather than showing tadi.
Anika: If your drama is done, let’s leave.
Shivaay: Back to tadibaaz mode.

They leave for the office.


RECAP: Rudra meets Meera….Soumya is hurt seeing that Rudra didn’t tell her about Meera coming back….Ishana thinks about her meeting with Om’s mother……….Shivaay and Anika share some light moments

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

Soumya was sitting in her room thinking about Rudra and Meera,

Soumya (thinking): Rudra, how can you hide such a big thing from me? Last time, when I didn’t tell you about Meera going away….you were so angry on me and now you are only hiding things from me… were hurt but you didn’t even once bother to think that even I’ll be hurt…..after all this I know one thing that you don’t consider me as your friend… don’t.

Om’s room,

Om was busy with a painting when Ishana comes there, he was surprised to see her but remained calm,

Omkara (still looking at the painting): Looks like you came in the wrong room.
Ishana: I know where I am. Om, I need to talk to you.
Omkara: But I don’t want to talk to you, so it’s better you leave.
Ishana: Om, I…
Omkara: Lagta hai, you won’t go then I’ll only go.

Saying so he gets upto leave but stops when he hears Ishana’s words,

Ishana: You won’t talk even if it is about your mother.

Om turned back and looked at her shocked.

Omkara: What do you mean?
Ishana: I met your mother.
Omkara: Will you care to explain?

Ishana tells him about her meeting with his mother except for the reason that why she left him.

Ishana: Om, she is really sorry for leaving you like that. She really loves you and cares for you.
Omkara: Oh really, if she cared for me she wouldn’t have walked away like that, she doesn’t love me, all she cares about is money (He hits the vase kept on the table which breaks down injuring his hand, Ishana sees blood dropping down)
Ishana (holding his hand): Om, are you mad?

She makes him sit on the bed and brings the first aid box, she cleans the wound and applies ointment.

Ishana: You don’t have to take out your anger on yourself like this. (She said blowing air on the wound)
Omkara: I was twelve years old, I was playing cricket with my friends and while playing I fell down and got hurt. When I came home crying for my injury, no one was there, I took out the medicine myself from the shelf and applied it and soothed my own pain. (He looked at Ishana with painful eyes, she had tears in her eyes) No one was there to care for me, I learnt that day that I have to take care of myself alone, no one is there to care for me, and no one will ever be there.
Ishana (placed her hand on his): You are wrong, you are not alone anymore, because now I am there for you, I’ll take care of you.

Omkara hugged her tightly, Omkara: Never leave me Ishana, please.

Ishana: No, I won’t ever leave you.

Ishana knew how hard it must have been for Om, she too faced such situations in childhood when both her mom-dad won’t be there to care for her, but she at least had Anika, who would care for her like a mother, but Om, he was alone, he had no one. She promised herself that she won’t ever let Om feel alone anymore.

In the evening,

Shivaay and Anika returned from office,

Jhanvi: So how was your meeting?
Anika: It was great Badi maa, we cracked both the deals and now Oberois are ahead of everyone in business.
Dadi: Acha yeh sab chodo, Allu, you and Shivaay freshen up, we’ll have dinner.

Shivaay and Anika go to their rooms.

At the dining table,

Everyone was having food,

Dadi: I have an announcement to make.
Soumya: What announcement Dadi?
Ishana: If you let her speak, then she’ll say naa duffer.
Anika: Tum dono chup baitho, dadi aap kaho.
Dadi: Allu, I think Shivaay and you should go on honeymoon.

Anika almost spit out the water she was drinking and Shivaay who was eating, choked the food and started coughing. Ishana patted Anika’s back while Om comforted Shivaay.

Shivaay and Anika together: That’s not needed Dadi.

They look surprised at each other.

Anika: Dadi, we have so much of work to do, I don’t think it will be right to go at this time. Right, Shivaay?
Shivaay: Yaa exactly, Dadi I don’t think that’s needed.
Soumya: Wah wah, abhi se itni understanding.
Anika: Shut up Soumya.
Ishana: Anika, that’d my dialogue, and I think what Soumya said is right.
Anika: Ishu, tu bhi.

IshSou share a hi-fi and laugh.

Dadi: My decision is final and you both are going.
Anika: But Dadi…
Soumya: Dadi, but where are they both going and when?
Dadi: After three days, they are going to Paris.
IshSou: Ooooo…..Paris…..Haaa
Anika: Shut up you both.
Jhanvi: That means we have lots of preparations to do.
Dadi: Don’t worry, I have made all the arrangements, you both just do your packing.

Dadi leaves followed by others. Now it’s only Shivaay and Anika.

Shivaay: We have to do something to cancel this plan.
Anika: You are right, we need to do something.

Both of them are thinking when Shivaay gets an idea,

Shivaay: I have a plan. (He tells something to Anika)
Anika: Are you mad? We can’t do this. What if something really happens?
Shivaay: We are not going to do it really but just a drama. If you have any other idea, then say.

Anika after thinking for a while, Anika: Ok.

That’s all for today.
Keep reading and smiling!!!!

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