Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Episode 43

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Long time, actually really long time.

Hi guys, I am really sorry for not posting since months, I was really busy with college but now that I am home for vacations, I’ll try and post regularly.
So now without wasting time, let’s start with the new episode.

RECAP: Anika and Shivaay get married……..Dadi orders them to respect their new relation…….Soumya and Rudra are happy that their plan succeeded……….Ishana finally finds Om

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

Soumya’s room,

Soumya: You don’t know Rudra, today I am so happy, finally jaise humne socha tha waise hi hua. Anika di aur Shivaay Bhaiya, oops, Shivaay jiju, I am so happy.
Rudra was completely lost in her, Soumya kept on talking while Rudra just admired her innocence.
Soumya: RUDRA
Rudra was startled,
Rudra: Why are you shouting, I am not deaf.
Soumya: Acha, then why aren’t you answering when I am talking to you?
Rudra: Wo…actually…
Soumya: Ab kya hua
Rudra: Kuch nahi

Before Soumya could say anything further Rudra left from there leaving her confused.

Soumya: What happened to him?

Ishana’s side,

Ishana was standing there looking at Om, whose eyes clearly showed how much hurt he was. Om was about to go when Ishana stopped him by holding his hand, he looked at her,

(“O Saathiya” plays in BG)

Omkara: Anything that is left, that you want to say.
Ishana: I know Om, I shouldn’t have said all that, I didn’t intend to hurt you, wo bus..
Omkara: Bas..Kya..Ishana, bas kya….You said what you felt was right, you said what was in your mind. You said what you think about me, you said what the truth that you think about me is.
Ishana: It’s not like that Om, you are misunderstanding me.
Omkara: I am not misunderstanding, in fact I was misunderstanding till now but now I have understood everything.
Ishana: Om, please don’t say like that, please. There is nothing like what you are thinking, main tumhari bare mein aisa nahi sochti, it’s not the truth.
Omkara: Then what is the truth, tell me what you think about me?

Ishana didn’t know what to say.

Omkara: Tell me Ishana, who I am to you?
Ishana: Om….wo….
Omkara: Bolo naa Ishana, what is my place in your life?

Om held her tightly by her shoulders,

Omkara: Say something Ishana, say something, keeping quiet is not gonna help today.
Ishana: Om, its hurting, please.
Omkara: Dard to mujhe bhi ho raha hai, aur wo bhi yaha (he said pointing towards his heart)

They share a deep eye-lock.

(“Saathiya…….Saathiya” Plays in BG)

Anika’s room,

Anika was happy that she didn’t get married to Arjun but showing that would mean Anika Singh Oberoi had lost and losing is what she had never learned. So to cover up all this she remained angry and cold towards Shivaay.

As Anika was lost in her thoughts, Shivaay entered the room, breaking her chain of thoughts.

Anika: What are you doing here?
Shivaay: Wo Dadi said that we have to get ready for the puja.
Anika: I am not interested in any kind of puja. And you don’t have to listen to everything that Dadi says. (She was about to go but stopped) And remember one thing, whatever you have done today, you’ll definitely pay for that. Anika Singh Oberoi se panga lekar tumne bilkul acha nahi kya hai.

Anika was about to go but stops,

Shivaay: If you think that I am afraid of your threats, then you are wrong, because I don’t care, mujhe inse farak nahi padta.
Anika: That time will say.
Shivaay: Let’s see

Anika leaves without looking back.

Rudra’s room,

Rudra was lost in thoughts,

Rudra (thinking): What is happening to me? Mujhe kya ho gaya hai. Why I am feeling like this…Kahi mujhe Soumya se…pyaar…nahi…aise nahi ho sakta. She is just my friend and nothing more, there is nothing like what I am thinking.

Ishkara’s side,

Ishana: Om…wo…
Om leaves her, Ishana looks at him in surprise,
Omkara: Leave it. I understand Ishana.

Before Ishana could say anything Om left the place.


That’s all for today.
Keep reading and smiling!!!!

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  1. Nyc one but don’t use more hindi words yaar i can’t understand ????????but ur one is cool ???

  2. Ruby_MarNy

    OMG!! Look who is back!! It’s really a long time… I missed you and your FF very much, dear…
    Finally, you came back with a bang!!
    As usual awesome update!! ShivIka, IshKara and RuMya scenes were fabulous…

  3. Wow very long time buddy ????
    How are you
    Awesome episode Yarr ????
    Waiting for your next episode

  4. Fenil

    7OMG MY Dost is back , Best Gift i received on my Birthday , Dost Birthday went Y’day 7th May !! Will read story later…Thank you so much Dost !!

  5. Banita

    Finally….. Finally…. U posted it…. Was missed this story… Hope from now u will post this story…..
    Epi was Nycc dr…. Waiting to read nxt one…

  6. Fenil


  7. ItsmePrabha

    Amazing Epi..I used to be a silent reader..Now i am so very active..So eagerly waiting for the next..

  8. Nikita_jai29

    Ahh.. You come back… Nice update dear

  9. ishanaomkarakiwife

    finalllyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are back, loved the epi, you covered all the couples, eagerly waiting for the next part, especially for ishkara, love ya girl

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