Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Episode 31

Episode 31

RECAP: Radhika proposes Shivaay for marriage………Ishana’s friend is none other than Om……Rumya share few moments

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

Shivaay angrily walked into Anika’s room, Anika was shocked looking at him like this, and she tried ignoring him and his gaze,

Anika: You, what happened? You look really angry (she said in a tone as if she didn’t care)
Shivaay: As if you don’t know why I am angry.
Anika: What are you talking about…..but it’s good you came, I have work for you.

She was about to pick up the file kept on the table when Shivaay held her hand, she looked shockingly at him, he dragged her and pinned her on the wall, Anika was trapped between him and the wall,

Anika: Shivaay…….
Shivaay: Not a word more……not a single word

They share an eye-lock,
(“O Jaana……” plays in BG)

Shivaay: What do you think of yourself…..just because you are rich, you have money, power and status, you’ll do whatever you want…….no you can’t…….and if you can also…….I am not going to follow that……..who are you to decide what is right for me……..and who gave you the right to talk in my personnel matter……….why are you so much behind me marrying Radhika……. (Anika looked confused at him)……but listen to me once…….don’t think that I’ll marry her because of her money but because of the good person she is (He leaves from there)

Anika pushed him away and he was shocked, she turned him towards the wall and moved closer, Shivaay moved back and hit the wall,

Shivaay: Aap….

Anika: Sshhh……not a word more……what do you think of yourself haa……you are nothing……simply nothing to me………..and you know why………because you don’t have NAAM, KHOON and KHANDAN……you have nothing……..nothing that makes you worth………and you are right……….I have money, power and status and so……..I can do anything…….nothing can stop ANIKA SINGH OBEROI from getting what she wants………and about marrying Radhika…….I don’t care if you marry anyone……..because you……….Shivaay……..are just nothing………and dare you show this attitude and anger to me again.

Anika moves back and turns to leave.

Shivaay: One minute……..

Anika turns back to face him but before she could react Shivaay throws water on her,

Shivaay: It’ll cool down your anger.

He leaves from there while Anika fumes in anger.

Outside Anika’s room,

Ardhika see this,

Arjun: See I told you naa, this would work.
Radhika: But I am feeling bad for both of them, they are so nice. We shouldn’t hurt them.
Arjun: I know Radhika but once we get married we’ll clear things with them.
Radhika: I wish we didn’t have to do this.
Arjun: Its ok Radhika, we’ll handle everything. Don’t worry.


Shivaay was sitting in his room when Radhika enters, Shivaay looked at her and Radhika just smiled.

Radhika: I know Shivaay, you must be surprised as to why would I suddenly want to marry you but trust me, I really love you, I don’t know when I fell for you but now I truly love you.
Shivaay: I respect your feelings Radhika but I can’t marry you.
Radhika: Please don’t say like this Shivaay, if you want take some more time but don’t say no just like that.
Shivaay: But…..
Radhika: Shivaay, if you are thinking about your family BG and all don’t think like this, it really doesn’t matter to me. Anika told me that you don’t have NKK but see it really doesn’t matter to me, I can live without all that. Anika told me you are so nice and helpful and she also thinks you should marry me, please don’t say no. Anika said to me about you being an orphan but see I really don’t care, please Shivaay.
Shivaay: I’ll think (And he leaves from there)


Ishana was waiting near the painting stall, Om saw her from a distance and smiled, he took out his phone and messages her, and Ishana checked her phone,

*Omkara (For Ishu, its Mr. Stalker)* “Hi so you reached”
*Ishana* “So you are also here” “Where are you”
*Omkara* “Nearby only” “did you like the painting”
*Ishana* “of course” “it’s just amazing” “but why are you not coming in front of me”
*Omkara* “I’ll come but not today”
*Ishana* “But kyu???”
*Omkara* “Har kyu ka koi jawaab nahi hota” “Kismat mein hoga to jald hi milenge”
*Ishana* “Ok” “Can I ask you something”
*Omkara* “Sure”
*Ishana* “why have you painted me in so many paintings”
*Omkara* “Because you are my inspiration” “You have a strength within you that inspires me” “You have a completely different POV about life that inspires me” “You are not like others, your uniqueness inspires me”

Ishana was amazed by his words, how could someone know her so deeply without she knowing nothing about him, she was lost in thoughts.

Oberoi Mansion,

All except for Ishana were gathered in the living room,

Shivaay: I have made my decision.

Anika looked at him and they share an intense eye-lock.

Pinky: I hope you have well thought about it.
Shivaay: Ji aunty ji, I have well thought about it. I am going to marry Radhika.

Shinky, Tejvi, Dadi, and Ardhika are happy while Rumya and Anika are shocked.

Pinky: Then its final Shivaay and Radhika will also marry along with Arjun-Anika.
Jhanvi: Then let’s get to work, we have two weddings.
Shakti: And tomorrow is sangeet also.

Elders leave followed by Ardhika. Rumya also leave with sad faces.

Shivika look at each other,

(“O Jaana sad version plays in BG”)

Shivaay: Now you must be happy.
Anika: Of course, why wouldn’t I be?
Shivaay: yeah
Anika: Then congrats.
Shivaay: aapko bhi

They give fake smiles and leave.

Rudra’s room,

Soumya: What we thought and what is going to happen? I thought Shivaay bhaiya banenge Anika di ke saiyan but yaha to sab gadbad ho gaya hai
Rudra: I know Soumya but what can we do, it’s their decision.
Soumya: Kash kuch aisa ho jaye ki yeh shaadi cancel ho jaye
Rudra: But how’ll that happen
Soumya: We have to think about it.

PRECAP: Sangeet at Oberoi Mansion……..Rumya moments…….Om in Oberoi Mansion

So guys, I hope you all like it with our tadibaaz Shivika, intense Ishkara and cute Rumya. Please don’t hate the episode as it is similar to IB because of this tadibaazi of Shivika and please trust me Ardhika are not really bad even if they seem so. Their reason will be revealed in upcoming episodes. Please do comment and tell your views.

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  1. Shilpa

    Good update…loving the ff….loving the bonds between couples…. Though I couldn’t ever connect to Shivika in IB, they are defined well in your ff….waiting to know about the motives of Arjun and radhika…..and the bonding between ishana and om…..all the best

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

  3. Fenil

    Ji kismat ne chaha toh jald hi milenge…..You r my inspiration your view abt lifr is my inspiration
    …loved it.
    Shivika confrontation was nice…arey pani toh leti jao…hahaha.
    Rumya kya karenge…!?

  4. Hey dear as it is viceversa of our ib so i think u do remeber sso take bullet for ani so here sso is our ani so will she take bullet like sso have taken . If it wld happen hume ani ko atlat woh scene mein imagine krne ka time milega oh i wished ke us time serial me goli ani ko lagti ek hsp scene pls tumhi dedo

    1. Prajkta

      You will know in upcoming episodes…. I’ll try my best to give it a chance

  5. Ruby_MarNy

    Nice update… Loved each and every scenes… Shivika paani waala tadibaaz love… Ishkara cute and intense love… Ardhika are cute as well… Waiting for next one… Take care..


    Dear Prajkta
    ShivIka Scene Is Awesome??IshKara Phone Talk Is Soo Nice?RuMya Become ShivIka Jodi Maker??Totally The Episode Is Awesome??????Precap Is Exciting?

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  7. Alekhika20

    Superb update

  8. Dhar

    Superb yaar.. Plzz do post the next update ASAP

  9. Aarti32

    Superb one is gonna hate it, coz it was super exciting

  10. Ankita27

    Amazing update… loved tadibaaz shivika… wow ishana is omkara’s inspiration… ishkara superb… cute rumya… waiting for the next part…

  11. Banita

    Awesome update dr….. Shivika sence was Superbbb….. I like it more…

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